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At Literary Escapism, I’ve been really lucky to have a chance to interview some fabulous authors as well as have had quite a few stop by. Here’s a list of the interviews I’ve conducted (in alphabetical order):

Author Topic Date Novel
Abell, Kelly Writing About Things That Go Bump In the Night 4 Mar 10 Haunted Destiny
Accardo, Jus School’s In: Dez, Kale, and Alex 11 Sep 12 Toxic
Acosta, Marta Milagro de Los Santos 15 Oct 10 Haunted Honeymoon
Admirand, CH Black Friday: The M ulchay Sisters 1 Dec 12 A Wedding in Apple Grove
Aguirre, Ann Interview 1 Sep 10 Killbox
Aguirre, Anne RT Booklovers: Columbus 27 Apr 10 Killbox
Aiken, GA There’s a reason I don’t blog… 27 Sep 11 The Dragon Who Loved Me
Akers, Tim The Value of Failure 2 Nov 10 The Horns of Ruin
Allee, Tiffany The Importance of Fitting In 26 Jan 12 Banshee Charmer
Allee, Tiffany Black Friday: A Black Friday Encounter 12 Dec 12 Succubus Lost
Anna, Vivi The Evolution of The Valorian Chronicle 15 Jul 10 Vampire’s Kiss
Archer, Zoe Black Friday: James Sherbourne, Earl of Whitney 20 Dec 11 Devil’s Kiss
Aronica, Lou Fantasy, YA and Not Making It Cute 6 Jan 11 Blue
Arthur, Keri Interview 27 May 10 Moon Sworn
Ball, Krista D Why Do You Read? 14 Oct 10 Harvest Moon
Ballantine, Philippa School’s In: Sorcha’s First Day 18 Sep 12 Wrayth
Bardsley, Michele RT Booklovers: Columbus 27 Apr 10 Come Hell or High Water
Barnette, Abigail Authors After Dark on Bourbon Street 21 Feb 12 Beast
Bast, Anya RT Booklovers: Columbus 29 Apr 10 Cruel Enchantment
Bast, Anya Book Videos 31 Aug 10 Cruel Enchantment
Beck, JK Escape Weather 12 Oct 10 When Wicked Craves
Bell, Dana Marie RT Booklovers: Columbus 21 Apr 10 Bear Necessitie
Bennett, Jenn Authenticity in Urban Fantasy 12 Jun 12 Summoning the Night
Bennett, Jenna Black Friday: Home for the Holidays 9 Dec 12 Fortune’s Hero
Benulis, Sabrina Black Friday: Shopping and Stars 14 Dec 11 Archon
Berkley, Maggie Let Go 25 Jan 11 Behind the Throne
Berkley, Shea Falling into a Story 6 Sep 11 The Marked Son
Berry, Nina School’s In: First Day at Loser Late-Blooming Shifter School 7 Sep 12 Otherkin
Bickle, Laura Magical Places 19 Oct 10 Sparks
Bickle, Laura School’s In: Katie’s Last Day (In Sunshine) 25 Sep 12 The Hallowed Ones
Blacio, Trinity Authors After Dark on Bourbon Street 10 Feb 12 Werewolves in Love
Black, Jenna Interview 2 Jun 10 The Devil’s Playground
Blackwell, Juliet Interview 10 Jun 10 A Cast-Off Coven
Blake, Toni RT Booklovers: Columbus 21 Apr 10 Sugar Creek
Blue, Parker Writers are Influenced by the Stories They Love 4 Nov 08 Bite Me
Bonilla, Amanda Black Friday: Darian and the Doll 2 Dec 11 Shaedes of Gray
Bornikova, Phillipa School’s In: Mean Girl 30 Sep 12 This Case Is Gonna Kill Me
Brady, Kira Spectral in Seattle 7 Aug 12 Hearts of Darkness
Breaux, Kevin James The “I Don’t Want to Buy Something I Already Own” Blues 11 Jan 11 Soul Born
Breaux, Kevin James Interview 31 Jan 12 Blood Divided
Briant, Shane How The Author Identifies With Each of his Characters 26 May 09 Worst Nightmares
Brook, Meljean School’s In: Exploration for Fun and (Unfortunately Little) Profit 3 Sep 12 Riveted
Brooks, Cheryl The Escapism of The Cat Star Chronicles 24 Feb 09 Rogue
Brooks, Cheryl Interview 19 Aug 10 Hero
Brooks, Cheryl Rules of the Game 5 Jun 11 Virgin
Brothers, Marilee Daydreamers Rule! 2 Dec 08 Moonstone
Brown, Carolyn Interview 3 Nov 09 One Lucky Cowboy
Brown, Carolyn Black Friday: Gemma O’Donnell 13 Dec 12 Just a Cowboy and His Baby
Brown, Laurie What Would Jane Blog About 28 Apr 09 What Would Jane Austen Do?
Brux, Boone Authors After Dark on Bourbon Street 9 Feb 12 Shield of Fire
Bryan, Deborah Interview 10 Nov 11 The Monster’s Daughter
Bryan, JL Why Horror? 30 Nov 10 Jenny Pox
Bryan, JL Green Ghost Trappers, LLC 8 Mar 11 The Haunted Ebook
Cain, Robin Plagued by Talkative Characters 23 Mar 10 When Dreams Bleed
Callender, Kristin Biggest Challenge I Have Faced in Writing 17 Mar 09 the Truth Lies in the Dark
Campbell, Lisa Schizophrenia and the Writer 13 Apr 10 Superstition’s Desire
Card, Melanie Writing In The Spaces In Between 8 Sep 11 Ward Against Death
Card, Melanie Authors After Dark on Bourbon Street 2 Feb 12 Ward Against Death
Cariou, Heather Summerhayes Siblings in Literature 10 Apr 09 Sixtyfive Roses
Carlson, Amanda School’s In: Jessica McClain 9 Sep 12 Full Blooded
Cassidy, Dakota RT Booklovers: Columbus 20 Apr 10 My Way to Hell
Castle, Kendra Leigh Interview 28 Oct 08 Dark Highland Fire
Castle, Kendra Leigh Chasing Fairy Tales 21 Apr 09 Wild Highland Magic
Castle, Kendra Leigh Writing in Hell 14 Sep 10 Renegade Angel
Ceagh, Teal Christmas Reading Really Is The Best Time of Year 10 Dec 09 Mia’s Return
Ceagh, Teal Meta-Vampire-Culture in the Real World. 4 Feb 10 Eva’s Last Dance
Chance, Karen Interview 15 Sep 08 Midnight’s Daughter
Chase, Ashlyn Shapeshifters with a Difference 24 Feb 11 The Werewolf Upstairs
Chong, Stephanie Exclusive Excerpt 8 Nov 11 Where Demons Fear to Tread
Cinsearae S Anne Boleyn – “The Most Happy” 22 Jul 10 Boleyn: Tudor Vampire
Colette, Marcia RT Booklovers: Columbus 17 Apr 10 Stripped
Cook, Kris Authors After Dark on Bourbon Street 18 Feb 12 Perfection
Cooper-Posey, Tracy Ley Lines – Lines of Power All Over the World 17 Dec 09 Masquerade
Cooper, Brenda Black Friday: Festival of Leaving 28 Nov 12 The Creative Fire
Cooper, Karina School’s In: The Mission 19 Sep 12 Sacrifice the Wicked
Cooper, Karina Black Friday: The Black Friday Affair: Dreaming of the Future 24 Dec 12 Gilded
Crane, Carolyn RT Booklovers: Columbus 25 Apr 10 Double Cross
Crane, Carolyn Paranormal Abilities Baby Test 25 Aug 10 Double Cross
Crane, Carolyn Black Friday: Justine and Shelby 12 Dec 11 Head Rush
Crane, Carolyn School’s In: Sterling Packard 17 Sep 12 Head Rush
Cready, Gwyn Inspirations About Time Travel and Painter Aspects 27 Apr 10 Flirting with Forever
Creasy, Sara Balancing the Elements 20 May 10 Song of Scarabaeus
Creasy, Sara Science Fiction: What’s in it for Urban Fantasy fans? 5 Apr 11 Children of Scarabaeus
Crilley, Paul Black Friday: A Very Steampunk Christmas 29 Nov 12 The Lazarus Machine
Cross, Kate Black Friday: A Christmas Intrigue 10 Dec 12 Touch of Steel
D’Amario, Teresa Authors After Dark on Bourbon Street 13 Feb 12 Dark Succession
Dane, Lauren RT Booklovers: Columbus 24 Apr 10 Insatiable
Dane, Lauren School’s In: Exclusive Excerpt 28 Sep 12 Once and Again
Daniells, Rowena Cory What Do You Look For In A Good Read? 10 Aug 10 The King’s Bastard
Daniels, Casey Black Friday: Pepper Martin 21 Dec 11 Wild Wild Death
Daniels, JC Exclusive Excerpt of Blade Song 1 Aug 12 Blade Song
Daniels, JC School’s In: Kit and Doyle 13 Sep 12 Blade Song
Davies, Jae Lynne Authors After Dark on Bourbon Street 5 Feb 12 Mythic
Day, Chelsey Cupid Gone Wild Reunion Tour 15 Feb 11 Cupid Gone Wild
DeStefano, Merrie Where Do Story Ideas Come From? 11 Nov 10 Afterlife
Destefano, Merrie The Dream Police 7 Jul 11 Feast: Harvest of Dreams
DeWylde, Saranna My Favorite Heroes 21 Aug 12 How To Lose a Demon in 10 Days
Donnelly, Gail; Robyn Mackenzie Authors After Dark on Bourbon Street 7 Feb 12 Infinite Betrayal
Doub, David Comic Books 31 Dec 09 Dusk
Doub, David Dusk – The DVD Extras 27 Aug 10 Dusk Vol 2
Douglas, Kate RT Booklovers: Columbus 19 Apr 10 Demonfire
Douglas, Kate Black Friday: Mac and Zianne 7 Dec 11 Nightshift
Drake, Jocelynn RT Booklovers: Columbus 18 Apr 10 Wait for Dusk
Drake, Jocelynn Exclusive: The Ring 6 Aug 10 Wait for Dusk
Drake, Jocelynn Seeking Asylum: Jocelynn Drake’s Adventure in Low Town Part 1 2 Jul 12 Asylum Interviews: Bronx
Drake, Jocelynn School’s In: Gage 8 Sep 12 The Asylum Interviews: Trixie
Drake, Jocelynn A Conversation with Sofie 16 Oct 12 Angel’s Ink
Duncan, JN Difference in Time Between Writing a Book and Reader Feedback 13 Sep 11 The Vengeful Dead
Duvall, Dianne Black Friday: Get to Know the Immortal Guardians Crew 4 11 Dec 11 Night Reigns
Duvall, Dianne School’s In: School’s Out 29 Sep 12 Phantom Shadows
Eden, Cynthia Black Friday: Holiday Madness 19 Dec 11 Angel of Darkness
Eden, Cynthia Black Friday: A Fallen Angel’s Guide to Surviving Black Friday 5 Dec 12 Angel In Chains
Egan, Alexa Interview 15 Jan 13 Demon’s Curse
Esri, Rose Setting a Paranormal Book in Your Own Town 5 May 09 Stolen Magic
Estep, Jennifer Interview 21 Jan 10 Spider’s Bite
Estep, Jennifer RT Booklovers: Columbus 22 Apr 10 Web of Lies
Estep, Jennifer World Building the Elemental Assassins 3 Jun 10 Web of Lies
Estep, Jennifer Interview 21 Sep 10 Venom
Estep, Jennifer The Relationship That Was: Gin and Donovan 28 Apr 11 Tangled Threads
Estep, Jennifer Exclusive Excerpt 22 Sep 11 Spider’s Revenge
Estep, Jennifer Black Friday: Black Friday Memories 17 Dec 11 Kiss of Frost
Evans, Chris Interview 22 Sep 09 A Darkness Forged in Fire
Fennell, Judi Discussing In Over Her Head 19 May 09 In Over Her Head
Fennell, Judi Writing to Trends 17 Nov 09 Wild Blue Under
Fennell, Judi Paranormal Romance – It’s What’s for Breakfast 27 Jan 11 I Dream of Genies
Flyte, Magnus Black Friday: Nicolas Pertusato’s Christmas Shopping List: 1598 23 Dec 12 City of Dark Magic
Fogtdal, Peter No Pastry Jokes, Please, I’m Danish 14 Jul 09 The Tsar’s Dwarf
Fox, Angie RT Booklovers: Columbus 23 Apr 10 The Accidental Demon Slayer
Fox, Angie Yeti Style Shocker! Blames Global Warming for Receding Hairline 28 Aug 12 Immortally Yours
Francis, Diana Pharaoh Black Friday: The Magic Apocalypse 5 Dec 11 Shadow City
Freeman, Mari Authors After Dark on Bourbon Street 22 Feb 12 Hot, Hard & Hexing
Frost, Jeaniene Beginnings 2 Sep 10 Eternal Kiss of Darkness
Frost, Kimberly Black Friday: Velvet Sting 16 Dec 11 All That Bleeeds
Garren, Jax Black Friday: How the Beast Survived an Afternoon at the Mall 7 Dec 12 How Beauty Met the Beast
Gay, Kelly Generalization and the Synopsis 8 Dec 09 The Better Part of Darkness
Gay, Kelly I Read For The Journey 12 Aug 10 The Darkest Edge of Dawn
Gay, Kelly Authors After Dark 22 May 12 Shadows Before the Sun
Gibson, Jayel Interview 17 Sep 08 Quondam
Gideon, Nancy Black Friday: Black Friday in my By Moonlight world… 29 Nov 11 Hunter of Shadows
Gideon, Nancy Black Friday: Shoppes at Canal Place 19 Dec 12 Betrayed by Shadows
Gilman, Felix Black Friday: A Letter to May 3 Dec 12 The Rise of Ransom City
Gonzales, Jerry Interview 21 Jul 09 Dusk
Grace, Sable Black Friday: December 22nd, Before Hell Broke Open 15 Dec 11 Bedeviled
Grant, KT Authors After Dark on Bourbon Street 21 Feb 12 Xavier’s Loving Arms
Gray, Nathalie Fixation: The Villain and/or The Anti-Hero 9 Nov 10 Mammoth Book of Paranormal Romance 2
Grayson, Kristine Stealing The Show 5 Jun 12 Thoroughly Kissed
Green, Bronwyn Authors After Dark on Bourbon Street 1 Feb 12 Autumn Sacrifice
Green, Tilly Authors After Dark on Bourbon Street 15 Feb 12 Highland Heat
Gregg, LB RT Booklovers: Columbus 24 Apr 10 Catch Me If You Can
Griffith, Clay & Susan School’s In: The Last Day of School 15 Sep 12 The Kingmakers
Grimes, Linda Different Personas and/or Multiple Personalities 16 Aug 12 In a Fix
Grimson, Todd Unknown Aspects of Brand New Cherry Flavor 15 Nov 11 Brand New Cherry Flavor
Gustainis, Justin Are Quincey and Libby Ever Gonna “Do It? 18 Aug 11 Sympathy for the Devil
Haines, Jess Ordinary to Extraordinary: Writing a Human Heroine in a Paranormal World 1 Jun 10 Hunted By The Others
Haines, Jess Interview 21 Jun 11 Deceived by the Others
Haines, Jess Interview 31 May 12 Stalking The Others
Hale, Ginn When We Can’t Say “The Devil Made Me Do It” 20 Oct 09 Wicked Gentlemen
Harper, Dani Shapeshifter 101 22 Nov 11 Changeling Dawn
Harper, Molly Exclusive Excerpt: The Care and Feeding of Stray Vampires 11 Jul 12 The Care and Feeding of Stray Vampires
Hart, Angelica (and Z) Is It Real or Is It a Memory 15 Sep 09 Killer Dolls
Hayes, Erica Magical Powers – You Do the Charm, You Wear the Harm 6 Oct 09 Shadowfae
Hayes, Erica My Characters Talk to Me 9 Mar 10 Shadowglass
Hayes, Erica Escaping Into Urban Fantasy 28 Oct 10 Poison Kissed
Hayes, Erica The Little People Are Cool Too 9 Aug 11 Blood Cursed
Hayes, Erica New York City 4 Oct 12 Revelation
Heller, Ellie The Puck or Fun with Reoccurring Characters 17 Apr 12 Ginny’s Capture
Hendrix, Lisa Interview 18 Nov 08 Immortal Warrior
Hendrix, Lisa Of Gauntlets Thrown and Taken Up 27 Nov 08 Immortal Warrior
Henry, Christina Wanting What You Can’t Have 16 Dec 10 Black Wings
Henry, Mark RT Booklovers: Columbus 30 Apr 10 Battle of the Network Zombies
Henry, Mark Mark Henry vs Daniel Marks 15 May 12 Velveteen
Hieber, Leanna Renee My Vote Goes to the Ghosts… 18 Aug 09 The Strangely Beautiful Tale of Miss Percy Parker
Hieber, Leanna Renee Black Friday: From the diary of Miss Natalie Stewart 25 Nov 11 Darker Still
Hieber, Leanna Renee Black Friday: Lord Denbury Goes Shopping 24 Nov 12 The Twisted Tragedy of Miss Natalie Stewart
Hilaire, Tes Black Friday: Deliver Me a Paladin for Christmas 30 Nov 12 Deliver Me From Temptation
Hilburn, Lynda Interview 28 Jul 08 Vampire Shrink
Hill, Joey W Black Friday: Lyssa and Jacob 13 Dec 11 Bound by the Vampire Queen
Hines, Jim C. School’s In: Isaac Vainio 1 Sep 12 Libromancer
Hogan, Tamara Idea for My Alternate World 29 Mar 11 Taste Me
Hogan, Tamara What would happen if… 19 Jun 12 Chase Me
Holder, Nancy Did the Devil Make Him Do It? 26 Oct 10 Crusade
Holder, Nancy Interview 23 Aug 11 Damned
Holder, Nancy; Debbie Viguie Black Friday: Christmas List 8 Dec 11 Unleashed
Holzner, Nancy How did you know you were a writer?” 5 Jan 10 Deadtown
Holzner, Nancy The Awesome In-Between 30 Dec 10 Hellforged
Hughes, Alex School’s In: School Days at the Guild 21 Sep 12 Clean
Humphrey, Sara Taney 2nd Annual U.S. Military Family Contest 29 Apr 10 The Amoveo Legacy
Humphrey, Sara Taney Dream Walking and the Amoveo 18 Oct 11 Unleashed
Hunter, Faith interview 4 Jan 11 Mercy Blade
Ivy, Alexandra My Own Voice and My Own World 27 Oct 09 Darkness Unleashed
Ivy, Alexandra School’s In: School of Hard Knocks (Levet) 6 Sep 12 Fear the Darkness
James, Eloisa Giving a Magical Gloss, Without Employing Actual Magic 7 Sep 10 A Kiss at Midnight
James, Syrie The Vampire as Literary Hero 2 Aug 10 Dracula, My Love
James, Victoria Black Friday: A Familiar Face 4 Dec 12 The Billionaire’s Christmas Baby
Jay, Stacey Not Another Love Triangle 1 May 12 Blood on the Bayou
Jayne, Hannah Fictional Doppelgangers 25 Oct 11 Under Attack
Johnson, Cat Authors After Dark on Bourbon Street 6 Feb 12 Cowboy Shuffle
Johnson, Jean Fantasy Romance and Military Science Fiction? 11 Aug 11 Theirs Not To Reason Why: A Soldier’s Duty
Johnson, Suzanne The New Orleans Lexicon—Talk Like a Native at AAD 8 May 12 Royal Street
Jones, Darynda Interview 3 May 12 Third Grave Dead Ahead
Jones, Darynda Interview 11 Oct 12 Fourth Grave Beneath My Feet
Jones, Darynda A Blue Christmas 27 Dec 12 Fourth Grave Beneath My Feet
Jones, Pauline Baird Steampunk? Um, what? 23 Nov 10 Tangled in Time
Jordan, Crystal RT Booklovers: Columbus 18 Apr 10 Wasteland: The Wanderer
Julian, Stephanie Black Friday: Lucy Aster 3 Dec 11 How to Worship a Goddess
Julian, Stephanie Persephone 5 Jul 12 Goddess in the Middle
Kane, Aria Black Friday: Black Friday Thoughts 18 Dec 12 A Titan for Christmas
Katherine, Anna Telling Lies 9 Jun 09 Salt and Silver
Katsu, Alma Taker & Reckoning 14 Jun 12 The Reckoning
Kaye, Robin Dr. Mike Flynn 12 May 09 Too Hot to Handle
Kellison, Erin Shadows 1 Sep 11 Shadowman
Kellison, Erin Exclusive Excerpt: Fire Kissed 24 Jul 12 Fire Kissed
Kennedy, Kathryne The Seven Magical Realms of the The Elven Lords Series 13 Jul 10 The Fire Lord’s Lover
Kennedy, Stacey Authors After Dark on Bourbon Street 4 Feb 12 Supernaturally Kissed 
Kennedy, Stacey 17 Jan 13 The Cat’s Meow
Kessler, Jackie RT Booklovers: Columbus 25 Apr 10 Shades of Gray
Kessler, Jackie Interview 17 Jun 10 Shades of Gray
Kessler, Jackie Morse Road Rage: A Memoir 1 Apr 11 Rage
Killough-Walden, Heather Exclusive Excerpt 10 Jan 13 Death’s Angel
Kimberling, Nicole Very Long Process of Selling 15 Oct 09 Turnskin
Kindred, Jane Black Friday: Demons in the Marketplace 27 Nov 11 The Fallen Queen
Klimo, Kate Discovering Malora 23 Feb 12 Daughter of the Centaurs
Koch, Gini Black Friday: A Very Alien Christmas 6 Dec 11 Alien Proliferation
Lain, Tara Confessions of a Book Convention Virgin 22 Mar 11 Genetic Attraction
Lain, Tara Mixing Genres Expands “What Works” 29 Sep 11 Volley Balls
Lario, Rosalie Authors After Dark on Bourbon Street 11 Feb 12 Blood of the Demon
Lebbon, Tim School’s In: Lucy-Anne 16 Sep 12 London Eye
Leikness, Elizabeth Why Squirrels Don’t Read 7 Jul 09 The Sinful Life of Lucy Burns
Liu, Marjorie Black Friday Eddie & Lissa 26 Nov 11 Within the Flames
Lofty, Carrie Villains to Heroes 1 Jan 10 Scoundrel’s Kiss
Lofty, Carrie RT Booklovers: Columbus 16 Apr 10 Song of Seduction
Lofty, Carrie Historical Characters 8 Jun 10 Song of Seduction
Lofty, Carrie You Want Me To Eat What?? 30 Aug 12 His Very Own Girl
London, Laurie If You Could Write Yourself in as a Character From a Book 18 Jan 11 Bonded by Blood
Lori, Rae The Paranormal Genre Boom 13 Jan 09 A Kiss of Ashen Twilight
Lyle, Anne Black Friday: Christmas Market 14 Dec 12 The Merchant of Dreams
Macallan, Jess Emotional Geometry 101—The Conflict of Love Triangles 20 Sep 11 Stone Cold Seduction
Madison, Shawntelle Black Friday: Natalya’s Happy Holiday Hunt 27 Nov 12 Kept
Mahoney, Karen School’s In: No Graduation Day For Me 24 Sep 12 Falling to Ash
Maitland, Piper 7 Facts About Acquainted With The Night 17 Nov 11 Acquainted With The Night
Mancusi, Mari School’s In: Rayne McDonald 10 Sep 12 Blood Forever
Marco, John Fantasy of Writing 14 Oct 08 The Eyes of God
Marco, John What I’ve Learned So Far about Writing and Publishing 14 Apr 09 Starfinder
Marr, Melissa RT Booklovers: Columbus 22 Apr 10 Radiant Shadow
Martine, Hanna Stepping Stones 28 Jun 12 Liquid Lies
Martine, Hanna Black Friday: A Man’s Smile 16 Dec 12 A Taste of Ice
Massey, Heather Finding Your Significant “Other” in Science Fiction Romance 5 Jul 11 Once Upon a Time in Space
Massey, Heather Essential Steampunk Characters, Gadgets, & Accessories 6 Oct 11 Queenie’s Brigade
Mayer, Andrew Black Friday: Merry Christmas Mister Krampus 26 Dec 12 Power Under Pressure
McCleave, Annette Heroines with Drawing Power 1 Sep 09 Drawn Into Darkness
McDonald, Ian School’s In: Everett Singh and Sen Sixsmyth 14 Sep 12 Be My Enemy
McEntire, KD School’s In: Wendy, Eddie, Piotr 4 Sep 12 Reaper
McGary, Loucinda The Persistence of Memory 11 Nov 08 The Wild Sight
McGary, Loucinda Seals, Selkies and Me 6 Jul 10 The Wild Irish Sea
McKay, Emily Black Friday: The Bike 11 Dec 12 The Farm
McMaster, Bec School’s In: School’s out 23 Sep 12 Kiss of Steel
Meding, Kelly Anytown, U.S.A. 1 Dec 09 Three Days to Dead
Meding, Kelly Authors After Dark 26 Apr 12 Trance
Mennen, Rayka Writing the paranormal romance novel without vampires or werewolves 11 Oct 11 Enchanted Destiny
Meyers, Theresa Blending Steampunk and Paranormal Romance 20 Oct 11 The Hunter
Meyers, Theresa Black Friday: Rook and Cate 30 Nov 11 Shadowlander
Miller, Karen RT Booklovers: Columbus 28 Apr 10 The Prodigal Mage
Monroe, Jill Why, Oh Why, Do We Love THEM So? 28 Feb 12 Dating the Undead
Moore, ES Black Friday: A Little Shopping Amongst Weres 20 Dec 12 Blessed By a Demon’s Mark
Morel, Melina Convenient Scapegoats 19 Jan 10 Smolder
Munro, Shelly Reasons to Like Paranormal Romances 2 Feb 10 Scarlet Woman
Myers, EC School’s In: Nathan’s World Video Blog 27 Sep 12 Quantum Coin
Nagle, Pati When Ideas Happen 24 Mar 09 The Betrayal
Nation, Lacie Authors After Dark on Bourbon Street 19 Feb 12 So Beautifully Broken
Naughty Editions RT Booklovers: Columbus 16 Apr 10
Neill, Chloe I Love a Good Hero . . . But Does My Heroine? 2 Jun 09 Some Girls Bite
Neill, Chloe Interview 29 Sep 09 Friday Night Bites
Neill, Chloe A Vampire’s Anti-Holiday Wish List 22 Dec 09 Firespell
Neill, Chloe Chloe’s Top Ten – The First 5 18 Mar 10 Firespell
Neill, Chloe Chloe’s Top Ten – The Last 5 25 Mar 10 Firespell
Neill, Chloe Interview 8 Jul 10 Twice Bitten
Norris, Kris Authors After Dark on Bourbon Street 16 Feb 12 Coyote Law
O’Hara, Tracey Shapeshifters, Vampires and Werewolves – Oh My! 5 Aug 10 Night’s Cold Kiss
Oak, Sophie Authors After Dark on Bourbon Street 17 Feb 12 Bound
Palmer, Pamela Mixing It Up in the Genre Scape 11 Aug 10 Desire Untamed
Pang, Allison On Writing Fantasy 20 Jan 11 A Brush of Darkness
Pang, Allison Interview 23 Oct 12 A Trace of Moonlight
Peeler, Nicole Interview 20 Jun 10 Tracking the Tempest
Pelegrimas, Marcus Kicking the Blocks Over 16 Nov 10 Vampire Uprising
Petrucha, Stefan The Hysterically Historical Paranormal Paradigm 14 Dec 09 Blood Prophecy
Pettersson, Vicki Interview 25 May 10 Cheat the Grave
Pettersson, Vicki Interview 23 Aug 10 Cheat the Grave
Phoenix, Adrian Interview 20 Jul 10 Black Dust Mambo
Poitevin, Linda My Magical Muse 24 Nov 11 Sins of the Angels
Poitevin, Linda Excerpt: An Archangel’s Defiance 24 Apr 12 Sins of the Son
Porter, Katie School’s In: Leah and Mike 22 Sep 12 Hold Em
Price, Kalayna Writers and Real Life Research 23 Feb 10 Twice Dead
Price, Kalayna On the Grave Witch Cover 28 Sep 10 Grave Witch
Quinn, Devyn RT Booklovers: Columbus 17 Apr 10 Siren’s Call
Rainey, Jennifer Worrying About Research and the Real World 22 Feb 11 These Hellish Happenings
Regan, Jack Writing Away Your Demons 4 Aug 09 T’Aragam
Reus, Katie Authors After Dark 17 May 12 Alpha Instinct
Richardson, Kat RT Booklovers: Columbus 26 Apr 10 Labyrinth
Richardson, Kat Things In the Dark 13 Aug 10 Labyrinth
Riekki, RA The Evil Doctor. Yup, the Evil Doctor. 24 Nov 09 u.p.
Ritchey, Aaron Michael Doubting Aaron – Did I Write a Heavy-Hearted Romance? 3 Jul 12 The Never Prayer
Rockwell, Marsheila Tie-In Fiction 4 Oct 11 The Shard Axe
Rose, Amanda Interview 4 Nov 10 the Vessel
Rose, Jordan Where did you get that idea? 12 Jan 12 Perpetual Light
Rose, MJ A Writers Inspiration… 30 Sep 10 The Hypnotist
Rowen, Michelle RT Booklovers: Columbus 26 Apr 10 The Demon in Me
Rowen, Michelle School’s In: Sarah Dearly (In Her Own Words) 12 Sep 12 Blood Bath & Beyond
Rush, Jaime Roller Derby saved my book! 4 May 10 Touching Darkness
Sadler, Robert The Details 30 Jul 10 Secrets of Blood and Bone
Saknussemm, Kris Noir’s Finest Hours (and Moments Too) 31 Mar 09 Private Midnight
Salo, Carrie Exclusive Excerpt 10 Jan 12 The Sounding
Santiago, Isabella Series Allure 7 Jan 10 Zerah’s Chosen
Schroeder, Melissa Authors After Dark on Bourbon Street 20 Feb 12 Callum
Scott, Erika A History of the Yule Log 24 Dec 09 CrissCross
Scott, Inara Café Cubano and A Writer’s Life 13 Oct 11 Radiant Desire
Scott, Jess Blending Fantasy and Sci-Fi 7 Dec 09 The Devilin Fey
Scott, Kathryn Leigh Dark Shadows 10 May 12 Dark Shadows: Return to Collinwood
Sharon, Rona The Rise of Vampires in Pop Culture 28 Jul 09 Royal Blood
Sheinmel, Alyssa School’s In: Sethie’s High School Reunion 2 Sep 12 The Stone Girl
Shortt, Emma When You Have To ‘Up’ The Heat 9 Dec 09 Twas a Dark and Delicious Christmas
Showalter, Gena Why, Oh Why, Do We Love THEM So? 28 Feb 12 Dating the Undead
Singh, Nalini Sympathetic Characters 28 Jan 10 Archangel’s Kiss
Singh, Nalini Interview 10 Jul 12 Tangle of Need
Skye, Arianna Authors After Dark on Bourbon Street 3 Feb 12 Wings of Desire
Slade, Jessa The Runway Behind You is Useless 1 Jul 10 Forged of Shadows
Smith-Ready, Jeri Q goes Paranormal – Way Cool Toys for (Kickass) Girls and Boys 18 Feb 10 Bad to the Bone
Smith-Ready, Jeri RT Booklovers: Columbus 29 Apr 10 Bad to the Bone
Sniegoski, Thomas Interview 31 Jul 12 In the House of the Wicked
Souders, JA Black Friday: Evelyn Experiences Black Friday 2 Dec 12 Renegade
Soule, Sherry Chapter One of Beautifully Broken in Trent’s POV 14 Aug 12 Moonlight Mayhem
Spear, Terry Making a Setting Real 10 Mar 09 Destiny of the Wolf
Spear, Terry Love of Wolves 26 Jan 10 Legend of the White Wolf
Spear, Terry Black Friday: When Wolves Go Holiday Shopping 9 Dec 11 Dreaming of the Wolf
Springer, Nancy Mayzie, Let My Pepsi Alone 13 Nov 12 Dark Lie
Staab, Elisabeth When Bad Heroes Go Good 2 Jan 13 Prince of Power
Stamps, Laura Interview 5 Oct 10 Sex Magick
Stevens, Gabi Finding the Magic 22 Apr 10 The Wish List
Stevens, Melissa Kitsune 7 Jun 12 Change
Stone, Juliana Black Friday: Nico and Priest 26 Nov 12 King of the Damned
Strong, Jory Interview 25 Aug 09 Spider-Touched
Strout, Anton School’s In: Stanis 20 Sep 12 Alchemystic
Swendson, Shana School’s In: Owen Palmer 5 Sep 12 Much Ado About Nothing
Swift, Ziggy Interview 1 Apr 10
Talbot, Julia Authors After Dark on Bourbon Street 8 Feb 12 Acting Out
Talmadge, CL Past Lives = Future Fiction 9 Dec 08 The Scorpions Strike
Tan, Cecilia Writing “Mind Games” 25 Nov 08 White Flames: Erotic Dreams
Titus, Lori Love Meets Horror 13 Jan 11 Lazarus
Tortuga, BA Authors After Dark on Bourbon Street 24 Feb 12 Just Like Cats and Dogs
Treanor, Marie Vampire Escapism 15 Apr 11 Blood Sin
Tuck, James Two Different Ends of the Same Dark Alley 15 Sep 11 Blood and Bullets
Tuck, James Black Friday: Shop ‘Til You Drop 18 Dec 11 Blood and Bullets
Tuck, James The Nature Of Heroism 17 Jan 12 Blood and Bullets
Two & Twenty Authors (Antho) Interview 18 Oct 12 Two and Twenty Dark Tales: Dark Retellings of Mother Goose Rhymes
Vespia, Cynthia Genetic Attraction 17 Mar 11 Life, Death, and Back
Viehl, Lynn Black Friday: Shopping with Lucan 23 Nov 12 Nightbred
Viguie, Debbie Interview 23 Aug 11 Damned
Vincent, Rachel Interview 23 Jun 09 My Soul to Take
Vincent, Rachel RT Booklovers: Columbus 30 Apr 10 Shift
Walker, Shiloh Excited 16 Jun 09 Through the Veil
Walker, Shiloh RT Booklovers: Columbus 19 Apr 10 Broken
Walker, Shiloh Black Friday: Eza and Lena 1 Dec 11 If You See Her
White, Skyler Interview 2 Mar 11 and Falling, Fly
Wilks, Eileen School’s In: The New Kid 26 Sep 12 Mortal Ties
Williamson, Beth Authors After Dark on Bourbon Street 14 Feb 12 Gideon
Winters, Ben H. The Fine Art of Making Sense and Sensibility Totally Ridiculous 12 Jan 10 Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters
Wisdom, Linda Witch’s Night Out 3 Mar 09 Wicked By Any Other Name
Wisdom, Linda Interview 13 Oct 09 Hex in High Heels
Wisdom, Linda Witches Rule! Demons Drool! 7 Apr 11 Demons Are a Girl’s Best Friend
Wisdom, Linda A Magickal Fusion 19 Jan 12 A Demon Does It Better
Wolffe, Veronica Black Friday: The Law of Mistletoe 22 Dec 12 Timber Creek
Yardley, Cathy Black Friday: Fiendish Friday 6 Dec 12 Temping is Hell
York, Rebecca RT Booklovers: Columbus 20 Apr 10 The Man from Texas
Zanetti, Rebecca Vampires and Family Ties 27 Oct 11 Claimed

Blogger Guests

I’m not the only blogger out there (obviously) and I love having others stop by LE to share their love of novels. Here’s a list of the bloggers posts that have appeared (in date order):

Author Topic Date Site
Tez Miller Shortening My Ever-Lengthening Reading Wishlist 21 Oct 08 Tez Says
JT Oldfield On Why I Do Not Read Series Until They Have Been Completed 16 Sep 09 BiblioFreak
Natasha Oh Why Must We Wait So Long? 19 Oct 09 Wickied Lil Pixie
Rachel Dimond I Love Books 20 Oct 09 Enchanted by Books
Wendy The YA Novel 21 Oct 09 The Book Lush
Angela Leonard It’s Not Easy Being Bad 22 Oct 09 Dark Faerie Tales
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LE Guest Articles

I love talking about books and I’ve had the chance to do so at a few other sites. Here’s a list of sites that LE has appeared at (in date order):

Blog Article Date
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