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Author Websites:
Directory of author websites, social networks, discussion boards, etc.

New Releases
Release dates for upcoming novels from the present to 2017.

A work in progress listing of series in various genres.

A work in progress listing of all published anthologies in the Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Fantasy, Steampunk, Science Fiction, Romance and a few other genres.

Interviews & Guest Authors
A complete listing of all authors who have appeared on Literary Escapism since it’s inception in 2007.

Links of Interest
Various links to artists, magazines and anything else I found interesting.

SF/F/H Reviewers
John at Grasping for the Wind has completed the second edition of his SF/F/H Reviewer Linkup Meme. Basically, this is the list to peruse if you’re looking for the hottest and best speculative fiction review blogs on the internet. Ideally, I’m suppose to showcase it by posting all the links (and there are many), but I’m not doing that. Instead, I’m devoting an entire page to the list so it’ll always be handy in my sidebar. If you’re not on the list, why not? Head over to John’s blog and add your own website to the list if it is not already included.


  1. Wasn’t sure where to post this. I am so busy with school that I always come here to look at the New Releases page in hopes of finding titles I want to read when I find a break. I do notice that every month you get rid of the previous month of releases, and I was wondering if you could keep a page where the recent releases would be listed? That way I can backtrack in case I missed something!

    Just an idea!

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