Quick Thoughts On A Few Fabulous Novels

IAndrews-IC01.Clean SweepWhile going through my draft folder, I came across a few reviews that I started with a few thoughts, or saved a few tweets, and not much else. Now I could go back, re-read the book and write a proper review, but let’s be honest, it’s not happening. I currently have 30+ books checked out from the library, I’m not going to get to it any time soon. You know what they say about good intentions. LOL!

However, I don’t want to write these off either. So here’s a couple quick thoughts of a few books I’ve read over the last year or so.

Innkeeper Chronicles by Ilona Andrews

Spent the night reading Clean Sweep by Ilona Andrews. If you haven’t picked up a copy yet, you really should.

Coffee makes vampires drunk. o.O Oh how I love Ilona Andrews. I can always count on them for a great story full of fun times.

Yup…reading #CleanSweep as a serial…waiting for each new piece to the story…would have been torturous! OMG…so good!

Owl and the Japanese Circus by Kristi Charish

It’s been awhile since I’ve come across an urban fantasy series that has grabbed me like Owl and the Japanese Circus. I love archaeology, especially when the focus is on ancient civilizations, and to find a series that takes that interest and throws in the supernatural I’m hooked!

Owl very much reminds me of Rachel Morgan from the Hollows series. She has a talent for finding the hidden, but she just rushes in with no plan. Jump first and then figure out the rest has worked so far.

Side note, this series has become an auto-buy for me and I’m always pre-ordering the next book as soon as it’s available.

Nightwalker by Marie Lu

With all the various takes on Batman’s origin story, Lu gives a lighter enthralling perspective that shows that maybe there was more than his own tragic history that gave Bruce the courage to be Gotham’s Dark Knight.

The Black Dog Series by Hailey Edwards

HEdwards-Dog with a BoneSome time ago I came across a cover that caught my eye. Now most urban fantasy covers have the same general feel to them, but there was something about the covers for the Black Dog series by Hailey Edwards that kept me going back to them. What can I say, they intrigued me enough that I picked up the first novel, Dog with a Bone, and then promptly bought the rest of the series upon finishing it.

Wild Invitation by Nalini Singh

After the Psy-Changeling series ends, if all Nalini Singh does is write novellas like the ones in Wild Invitation, I would die happy because they were sheer perfection.

White Hot by Ilona Andrews

White Hot is just as much of a thrill ride, packed with emotion, action, and chemistry that sucks in the reader and doesn’t let them go.

Latter-Day Olympians by Lucienne Diver

To put it bluntly, I just love this series. If you want to know why Gods should be taken in small doses, than read the Latter-Day Olympians because that’s one ride I highly recommend.

LDiver-LDO01.Bad Blood

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