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LitEscMedia.300pxIf you’re a book reviewer with an active blog and love sharing all the stories and authors you’ve read, then we would love to work with you. LitEsc Media is currently building a team of tour hosts and we would love to have you join us! We do ask our tour hosts to meet specific criteria, so if you’re interested, this is what we’re looking for:

  • Your blog must be at least three months old.
  • You must post on your site frequently.
  • An active presence on social media is encouraged as is cross-posting reviews and/or tour posts.
  • International and non-book bloggers are welcome.

LitEsc Media will send out news blasts when blog tour sign-up and review copies are available. Tour hosts will be selected based on the size of the tour and each tour will not feature more than 2-3 stops per day. As such, tour hosts will be selected based on the size of your audience, social media activity, and which genres are featured.

Still interested in joining LitEsc Media’s team of tour hosts? Please fill out the form below and we’ll be contacting you soon.

If you’d like to show you’re a member of LitEsc Media’s team of tour hosts, feel free to post one of the graphics below on your site, linked to Thank you!

button.250px tourhost.300px

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