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Escaping Reality Book ClubRecently, I mentioned that I had started Escaping Reality, a local monthly book club, on Facebook. I’ve had enough interest from those not in my area that I decided to make it a virtual book club as well.  However, while I am calling it an LE book club, everything about Escaping Reality will be handle via the Facebook group or the Google+ Community. The Community will be the main location due to the hangouts, but the idea began on Facebook, so there’s a group there as well. I’m honestly not doing this just to get more followers – I really do need to get out of the house more and away from the computer – so other than a small box in the sidebar, there won’t be much mentioned here on the site.

For that reason, I wanted to make sure that I have all the details for Escaping Reality in one place here on the site. That way if people do become curious about that small box, there is a place to find answers. So here are those answers.


Escaping Reality will be focusing on books that fall into the Fantasy category, plus all the subgenres (Science Fiction, Urban Fantasy, Steampunk, etc), and are the first in a series. For those in or around Detroit, we’ll get together once a month on the 15th and have a giant book geekgasm. For those online, we’ll have our book geekgasm via the Hangouts on the 20th. Whether we’re talking about the current book, a new movie or whatever, let’s just get our fantasy geek on.


If you’re interested in participating, there’s two ways to join: either via the Facebook group or the Google+ Community. Again, the Community will be the main location since we’ll be using the Hangouts as the way to gather each month, but we’ll be talking about books in both places, so join one or both – it’s all good. You do have to be a Google+ member in order to participate in the Hangouts, but if you already have a gmail account, all you have to do is activate it. If you don’t have a gmail account, simply to go and make an account. At least I’m fairly sure that’s all you have to do.

One of the neat features the Google+ has are hangouts, which are pretty much chatrooms with web cameras, but not everyone has to use one if they don’t want to. It’ll be like going to a coffee house, sitting in a circle and actually discussing a book. Kind of like TalkShoe, but you don’t have to call in (using cell or long distance minutes) and anyone can join in. I’m assuming there’s a limit to participation, but I think it’s around 50 people and I’m honestly not expecting that many people. So I’m thinking this will be a really fun way to do an online book club.


Since the group focuses on the Fantasy category, plus all the subgenres (Science Fiction, Urban Fantasy, Steampunk, etc), each month will be a different genre. Whatever genre we’re currently reading cannot be a choice for the following month. This way we’re not reading the same genre two months in a row and we have no excuse not to branch out to the other subcategories. For instance, in January we’re reading a paranormal, so the choice for February will be between Fantasy, Steampunk or SciFi.

To make it easier on choosing a book, I’ll list two titles from each genre eligible (on the first of the month before, so there’s 45 days to read the book) and whichever one has the highest votes will be what we’ll do. If there’s a tie, then whichever genre has the most votes will automatically win.

I’m hoping that isn’t too broad so no decisions will ever be made, but still give a little flexibility for there to be a choice. If anyone ever has a suggestion for a monthly read, simply add it to the Book Club Picks thread at the Google+ Community or to the Suggestions doc in the file tab at the Facebook group. I’ll be looking at both when picking the six titles.

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