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It comes every year. The madness, the riots, the sheer insanity that is the holiday shopping season. Considering all this, I started thinking about all the “fun” the different characters might have while doing their own holiday shopping, especially during the day that is known as Black Friday. From that thought spawn the fantastical BLACK FRIDAY event.

Beginning the day after Thanksgiving, when BLACK FRIDAY ensues, and running through Christmas Eve, the last day to do any shopping, LE features a variety of authors who has given us stories of one their own characters and what they are doing during this shopping extravaganza season.

Every year I get fabulous stories from all the participating authors and if you’ve missed any, here they are, all in one place. *grin*

The longest story to date is Christmas Past, Christmas Future by Joey W. Hill (2017) at 11,479 words; I wonder who’ll break the record next.


BlackFriday.200pxLongest Story: Christmas at the Mall with Jacob and Lyssa by Joey W. Hill
Word Count Range: 236 – 3,387
Averaged Word Count: 564

From the diary of Miss Natalie Stewart by Leanna Renee Hieber (Darker Still)
Eddie & Lissa by Marjorie Liu (Within the Flames)
Demons in the Marketplace by Jane Kindred (The Fallen Queen)
Black Friday in my By Moonlight world . . . by Nancy Gideon (Hunter of Shadows)
Cate and Rook by Theresa Meyers (Shadowlander)
Eza and Lena by Shiloh Walker (If You See Her)
Darian and the Doll by Amanda Bonilla (Shaedes of Gray)
Lucy Aster by Stephanie Julian (How to Worship a Goddess)
The Magical Apocalypse by Diana Pharaoh Francis (Shadow City)
Kitty and Martini by Gini Koch (Alien Proliferation)
Mac and Zianne by Kate Douglas (Nightshift)
The Christmas List  by Nancy Holder & Debbie Viguie (Unleashed)
When Wolves Go Holiday Shopping by Terry Spear (Dreaming of the Wolf)
Get to Know the Immortal Guardians Crew 4 by Dianne Duvall (Night Reigns)
Justine and Shelby by Carolyn Crane (Head Rush)
Christmas at the Mall with Jacob and Lyssa by Joey W. Hill (Bound by the Vampire Queen)
Shopping and Stars by Sabrina Benulis (Archon)
December 22nd: Before Hell Breaks Open by Sable Grace (Bedeviled)
Velvet Sting by Kimberly Frost (All That Bleeeds)
Black Friday Memories by Jennifer Estep (Kiss of Frost)
Shop ‘Til You Drop by James Tuck (Blood and Bullets)
Holiday Madness by Cynthia Eden (Angel of Darkness)
James Sherbourne, Earl of Whitney by Zoe Archer (Devil’s Kiss)
Pepper Martin by Casey Daniels (Wild Wild Death)


BlackFriday.2012Longest Story: Merry Christmas Mister Krampus by Andrew Mayer
Word Count Range: 104 – 3,054
Averaged Word Count: 1,204

Shopping with Lucan by Lynn Viehl (Nightbred)
Lord Denbury Goes Shopping by Leanna Renee Hieber (The Twisted Tragedy of Miss Natalie Stewart)
Nico & Priest by Julianna Stone (King of the Damned)
Natalya’s Happy Holiday Hunt by Shawntelle Madison (Kept)
Festival of Leaving by Brenda Cooper (The Creative Fire)
A Very Steampunk Christmas by Paul Crilley (The Lazarus Machine)
Deliver Me a Paladin for Christmas by Tes Hilaire (Deliver Me From Temptation)
The Mulcahy Sisters by CH Admirand (A Wedding in Apple Grove)
Evelyn Experiences Black Friday by JA Souders (Renegade)
A Letter to May by Felix Gilman (Rise of Ransom City)
A Familiar Face by Victoria James (The Billionaire’s Christmas Baby)
A Fallen Angel’s Guide to Surviving Black Friday by Cynthia Eden (Angel In Chains)
Fiendish Friday by Cathy Yardley (Temping is Hell)
How the Beast Survived an Afternoon at the Mall by Jax Garren (How Beauty Met the Beast)
Home for the Holiday by Jenna Bennett (Fortune’s Hero)
A Christmas Intrigue by Kate Cross (Touch of Steel)
The Bike by Emily McKay (The Farm)
A Black Friday Encounter by Tiffany Allee (Succubus Lost)
Gemma O’Donnell by Carolyn Brown (Just a Cowboy and His Baby)
Christmas Market by Anne Lyle (The Merchant of Dreams)
The Perfect Gift by Angela McAllister (Bad Mouth)
A Man’s Smile by Hanna Martine (A Taste of Ice)
 Black Friday Thoughts by Aria Kane (A Titan for Christmas)
Shoppes at Canal Place by Nancy Gideon (Betrayed by Shadows)
A Little Shopping Amongst Weres by ES Moore (Blessed By a Demon’s Mark)
The Law of Mistletoe by Veronica Wolff (Timber Creek)
Nicolas Pertusato’s Christmas Shopping List: 1598 by Magnus Flyte (City of Dark Magic)
The Black Friday Affair: Dreaming of the Future by Karina Cooper (Gilded)
Merry Christmas Mister Krampus by Andrew Mayer (Power Under Pressure)


BlackFriday.2013Longest Story: Gifts Fit for a Queen by RJ Blain
Word Count Range: 404 – 2,359
Averaged Word Count: 1,104

Holiday Shopping Bloodsucker Style with Eli Dupre and Noah Miles by Elle Jasper (Darklove)
Val and Britton by Abby Niles (The Awakening: Britton)
Nadia Stafford’s Black Friday by Kelley Armstrong (Wild Justice)
Corey and Averie by Heather Lire (A Holiday Christmas)
Shopping for Baby Vampires with Synjon and Lucian by Laura Wright (Eternal Sin)
The 12 Days of Christmas aka My Personal Hell by Dakota Cassidy (Something About Harry)
The Black Friday of Sister Mary-Agnes’s Soul by Mark Henry (Parts & Wreck)
I Was Thirteen My First Time by Kelly Meding (Chimera)
The Lost, The Found by Devon Monk (Hell Bent)
The Many Colors Of Black Friday by JA Souders (Revelations)
Christmas Shopping During the Regency by Ella Quinn (The Secret Life of Miss Anna Marsh)
O Come, All Ye Horsemen (and Angels) by Larissa Ione (Reaver)
An Elf for the Holidays by Felicity Heaton (Kissed by a Dark Prince)
The Island of Manhattan, New York, 1881 by Leanna Renee Hieber (The Double Life of Incorporate Things)
The Yuletide Spirit by Nancy Collins (Magic and Loss)
Gifts Fit for a Queen by RJ Blain (Storm Without End)
First Time for Everything… by Nina Croft (Bittersweet Magic)
The Angel Ehron by Candace Blackburn (Tristan’s Redemption)
Jewel of the Aisle by Jamie Wyman (Wild Card)
Shock Me Black Friday by Ashley C Harris (Shock Me)
Arran’s Shopping List by Jessica Lee (Undying Embrace)
Black Friday on Ladies’ Mile: 1911 by Carol Goodman (Blythewood)
A Gift Fit for a Queen by Joseph Nassise (Watcher of the Dark)
Alternative Christmas Gifts by Lisa Kessler (Beg Me To Slay)


Black Friday.2014Longest Story: Cruddy Christmas by Kenny Soward
Word Count Range: 112 – 4,551
Averaged Word Count: 1,589

A Black Friday for Mike McCauley by Marie Harte (What to Do with a Bad Boy)
Holiday Recipe: Love Me to Death by Marissa Clarke (Love Me To Death)
A New Experience For Reggie by Isabel Cooper (The Highland Dragon’s Lady)
Black Friday Bites by Mandy Roth (Hunted Holiday)
Dashing Through the Snow by Marina Myles (Christmas at Thorncliff Towers)
Last Chance Shop by Nina Croft (Temporal Shift)
Black Friday by Rane Sjodin (Red Lady)
Christmas Memories by Rachel Leigh Smith (The King’s Mistress)
A Baba Yaga Goes Shopping by Deborah Blake (Wickedly Wonderful)
Second Hand Diamond by KD Wood (Unwilling)
A First Christmas Together by Corrina Lawson (Ghosts of Christmas Past)
Bargain Basement Imp by EJ Frost (Neon Blue)
Some Gifts Come In Twos by Lia Davis (A Vampire Christmas)
Black Friday by Kate Corcino (Spark Rising)
If You Stop Believing in Santa, All You’ll Get is Panties! by Randi Cooley Wilson (Redemption)
Princess Amelia’s Shopping List by Jeffe Kennedy (The Tears of the Rose)
Cruddy Christmas by Kenny Soward (Tinkermage)
Season’s Bleatings by Cynthia St. Aubin (Unexpecting)
Black Friday by Eric Asher (This Broken World)
Ava and Liam by Tawdra Kandle (I Chose You)
In My Mind’s Eye by Alex Hughes (Vacant)
I Hate Black Friday by Lashell Collins (Secrets of Lunar Falls)
Clayne Goes Shopping by Paige Tyler (Her Lone Wolf)
A Christmas Wish by RB Wood (The Prodigal’s Foole)


Black Friday.2015Longest Story: Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue by Trillian Anderson
Word Count Range: 250 – 5,678
Averaged Word Count: 1,894

An Irish Vamp Walks into Macy’s… by Lauren Smith (The Bite of Winter)
Unconsume by Erica Hayes (Scarred)
Black Friday Target by Zoe Forward (His Witch to Keep)
Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue by Trillian Anderson (The Dawn of Dae)
Yarn Shopping – Jamie Schmidt (The Queen’s Flight)
Black Friday Shopping with a Dragon – Lia Davis (Dragon’s Web)
Danger at the Black Friday Super Sale – Paige Tyler (In the Company of Wolves)
Black Friday, Cougar Style – Terry Spear (Covert Cougar Christmas in the Alphas Unwrapped anthology)
Memories of Christmas by Alyssa Richards (Somewhere in Time)
Shopping with a Little Werewolf by Lisa Kessler (Ice Moon)
The Lost Christmas – Mia Marlowe (The Lost Soul of Lord Badewyn)
April and Nolan by JK Coi (Protecting His Assets)
Yule Season in a Roman Camp by Lizzie Ashworth (Caerwin and the Roman Dog)
Jolly Old Elf by Lucienne Diver (Blood Hunt)
Death on Friday – Lissa Sloan (Death in Winter as part of the Frozen Fairy Tales anthology)
Unleashed in the Mall by Nancy Gideon (Unleashed by Shadows)
Panties on Sale by MK Meredith (Malibu Secrets)
Frozen Friday by Gavin Bradley (How Jack Frost Stole Winter as part of the Frozen Fairy Talesanthology)
And I Thought Gladiators Were Bad by Killian McRae (Hung by the Fireplace)
The Magpie and the Pomegranate by Christina Ruth Johnson (The Stolen Heart as part of the Frozen Fairy Tales anthology)
Of Baubles and Boudoir Sets by Josie Kerr (The Best Ever)
When a Navy SEAL Goes…Shopping? by Anne Elizabeth (A SEAL Forever)
Excuse Me by AJ Norris (Healing Hearts)
Naughty and Nice by Cindy Spencer Pape (Sea Change)
A Bonus Marriage Contract Bonus Scene by Katee Robert (The Marriage Contract)
Boys of Winter by Jennifer Bernard (Caught by You)
Christmas Eve in Cricket Bend by Marie Piper (Haven’s Flame)
Spirits by Laura Bickle (Mercury Retrograde)
Burning For Brains by Adrian Phoenix (Thinning the Herd)
Adele and Gareth Visit the Bazaar by Clay & Susan Griffith (The Geomancer)


Black Friday 2016Longest Story: Saint Nicholas and the Krampus Incantation by Steven Grimm
Word Count Range: 722 – 11,162
Averaged Word Count: 3,601

Saint Nicholas and the Krampus Incantation by Steven Grimm (He Sees You When He’s Creepin’: Tales of Krampus)
A God Who Has Everything? by Nicki J. Markus (The Ragnarök Chronicles)
Brice and Cassie’s Black Friday by Kristal Hollis (Awakened by the Wolf)
This Terran Halloween Thing by Jean Johnson (The Blockade)
Balulalow by Barbara Barnett (The Apothecary’s Curse)
A Friday So Black by Brad Christy (He Sees You When He’s Creepin’: Tales of Krampus)
Alex’s Black Friday Story by Paige Tyler (A Wolf Unleashed)


Longest Story: Christmas Past, Christmas Future by Joey W. Hill
Word Count Range: 212 – 11,479
Averaged Word Count: 2,788

The Dangerously Delightful Book Emporium by Deborah Blake
Bittersweet Christmas Shopping… by Nina Croft
The Way to a Girl’s Heart by Nancy Gideon
Gifted by Sharon Ashwood
Shopping for Shifters by Lisa Kessler
Loose Change by Tracy Townsend
Black Friday Shopping with Nell and Occam by Faith Hunter
What Can A Bear Buy A Cat For Christmas? by Kathy Lyon
Ramiro Fights the Darkness by Black Friday Shopping by Michelle Hauck
Felix by Mario Acevedo
Christmas Presence by Kat Richardson
Christmas Past, Christmas Future by Joey W. Hill
The Holidays Come To Magical Brews by Irene Radford
Performing for the Masses by Amy Lane
Black Friday by Karen Chance


Longest Story:
Word Count Range:
Averaged Word Count:

Zunoato’s Market by Erika Cameron
Bargain Hunt by Chris Cannon


  1. A SWAT Story – Black Friday Edition WAS look for the next book and found this on goodread. Is it still available or like everything now on amazon is deleted.

  2. It comes each 12 months. The madness, the riots, the sheer madness that is the vacation purchasing season. thinking about all this, I started out thinking about all of the “fun” the one of a kind characters might have at the same time as doing their very own excursion buying, specially at some point of the day this is called Black Friday. From that thought spawn the fantastical BLACK FRIDAY event.

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