Cinder by Marissa Meyer

9 January 2018 Casey 0

Over the years, I’ve read countless fairy tales and their retellings. Some retellings would be almost identical to the fairy tale itself, while others were vastly different. I can honestly say that Cinder by Marissa Meyer is the most unique retelling of Cinderella that I’ve ever read. The biggest difference is […]

Chaos Station by Jenn Burke and Kelly Jensen 

17 August 2015 Sarah 0

I haven’t been reading much science fiction lately, so Chaos Station by Jenn Burke and Kelly Jensen was a welcome change of reading material. The first book in the Chaos Station series, Chaos Station, was so interesting that I’m still having trouble breaking down the reasons why I enjoyed it. The answer: it […]

Born of Fury by Sherrilyn Kenyon

24 September 2014 Sarah 0

Aliens, assassins, and war are (of course!) a winning combination in creating any epic love story.  Though, maybe Born of Fury by Sherrilyn Kenyon (Book 7 in The League series) could have been a little less epic in length.  It’s helpful to read each book of this series in order.  Extensive backstory […]

A Darkling Sea by James Cambias

20 February 2014 Natassia 0

Scientific exploration abounds in James Cambias’s A Darkling Sea. With a clash of intricate alien races, Cambias brings wonder and imagination to a scientific expedition. The setting is beautifully foreign as the underwater world is thirty light years from Earth. Cambias gives us a neat tale of curiosity and survival.  On […]

THarrison--Falling Light

Falling Light by Thea Harrison

19 February 2014 Nicole 0

I’ll be honest, it took me quite some time to get into Falling Light by Thea Harrison. This is mostly my fault; because of my huge book slump of 2013, I really didn’t remember much about the first novel, Rising Darkness, other than I knew I really enjoyed it and […]

The Cure by Douglas E. Richards

13 December 2013 Natassia 0

Douglas E. Richards shines in his imaginative sci fi novel The Cure. With suspense at every turn. Richards takes us on a ride which infuses many genres. A story that cannot be judged by its gruesome opening, The Cure has elements of espionage, science and even a romantic side. Erin Palmer […]


The Darwin Elevator by Jason Hough

19 August 2013 Natassia 1

The Dire Earth Cycle starts off with a bang in Jason Hough’s The Darwin Elevator. This thrilling jam-packed novel creates a world which is shockingly realistic. Hough delivers a sci fi novel which is both post apocalyptic and space dwelling with adventure at its core. In the mid-23rd century, Darwin, […]


The Lives of Tao by Wesley Chu

14 August 2013 Natassia 0

A creative and thoughtful plot, bringing science fiction to the world of espionage, Wesley Chu makes his book debut in The Lives of Tao. Throughout the story, Chu creates a world that, though somewhat alien, reminds us of the world we live in. When out-of-shape IT technician Roen woke up and started […]

GKoch-Touched by an Alien

Katherine “Kitty” Katt by G. Koch

2 July 2013 Jackie 0

I was going through my draft folder and found this unpublished review of the Katherine “Kitty” Katt series by Gini Koch. Why it was unpublished, I’m not sure, but I’m rectifying that issue now. Tease me.  Tempt me.  Barrage me with images and I will generally pick up a book.  […]

Rising Darkness by Thea Harrison

20 April 2013 Nicole 0

I really wasn’t sure what to expect with Thea Harrison’s newest adult novel, Rising Darkness. It is the first in a new series, and to be honest, I didn’t even know what genre (PNR, UF etc) Rising Darkness was classified. I just knew I really love her Elder Races series and her […]

The Best of All Possible Worlds by Karen Lord

17 March 2013 Natassia 1

A charming science fiction novel, The Best of All Possible Worlds by Karen Lord is a tale of truly alien customs. Lord writes a harmonious dance of foreign and familiar; with unique characters and a truly fascinating journey of government funded scientific research, Lord excels. A romance story unlike many, […]

SKenyon-Born of Shadows

Born of Shadows by Sherrilyn Kenyon

25 February 2013 Casey 0

I rarely read SciFi books as in there are only two authors who made me realize that aliens aren’t just slimy, gross, scary things that want to eat me. Sherrilyn Kenyon is one of them. Yep, against all odds, I am addicted to her League series. While I did enjoy […]

PLee-Deek Sky

Deep Sky by Patrick Lee

26 September 2012 Nikki R 0

What would you do if you had 24 hours to solve a mystery that’s bigger and more complex than you can imagine, with very little to go on and only a couple of people you can trust to help you, all while the government is hunting you down like a […]

No Picture

Stud by Cheryl Brooks

21 January 2012 Nikki R 1

I was told this was an interesting read and although Stud is the #8 book in the Cat Star Chronicles by Cheryl Brooks, I decided to give it a shot.  I wasn’t disappointed….exactly. Stud is eighth in the hugely popular Cat Star Chronicles, the sexy paranormal romance series featuring heroes […]

No Picture

Night Reigns by Diane Duvall

3 December 2011 Nikki R 0

Vampires, check.  Immortals who aren’t vampires but slay vampires and are bad ass fighters, check.  One tough female lead who can slaughter vamps with little effort, check.  Romance with a hottie Immortal, check.  Yup we are all on board in Night Reigns by Dianne Duvall. Ami isn’t much for trusting […]