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I teach Special Education and have three demented dogs. Between my students all day and my dogs all night my stress relief is reading. It is the only thing that keeps me from going crazy. Or should I say from going crazier? I read anything but I prefer fantasy, sci-fi and steampunk. I also love urban fantasy and historical romances. If it has dragons and magic, vampires and werewolves, crazy machines and corsets or aliens and spaceships then I’m happy. Mix in a Scotland laird or two every once in a while and I’m ecstatic!

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Psy-Changeling Readalong.2013

Psy/Changling Read-along: Play of Passion (+Contest)

16 June 2013 Courtney 2

We finally get to back to the changelings we love in Play of Passion. I’m so glad that Drew finally gets his own novel! I love him and his relationships with his siblings. And his place in the pack is unique, and to this point hasn’t been really explained, so […]

Escapists Uncensored

Escapists Uncensored: A Book for Every Mood

4 June 2013 Courtney 0

So this past week I had a pinched nerve in my back. If you’ve had one then you know how painful it is. If you haven’t…well consider yourself lucky. Anyway, I had a pinched nerve and I was basically bed ridden for 3 days. Not fun. I did get to […]

NSingh-Blaze of Memory

Psy/Changeling Read-Along: Blaze of Memory (+Contest)

10 May 2013 Courtney 5

And here’s Blaze of Memory!  The first non-changeling pairing. And our first look into the Forgotten and their history (and a bit of the Psy’s history too). Exciting! We hope you’ve been enjoying the Read-Along so far and that you’ll join us for the last few discussions. -Casey and Courtney […]

Escapists Uncensored

Escapists Uncensored: Back in the Day

24 April 2013 Courtney 2

We’ve been cleaning out my grandmother’s house these past couple of weeks and I found a huge tub of books I loved in Jr. high school. I had forgotten about so many of them! And I started to re-read them. Which brings me to today’s rant. A lot of the […]

Psy-Changeling Readalong.2013

Psy/Changeling Read-a-Long Update

9 April 2013 Courtney 0

Hey guys. I am so sorry we’re so behind on the Read-a-Long. Real life here was crazy and sad all at once and I didn’t have time to get the posts written. Things are finally starting to even out so we’re about to start up again. We’ll start next Thursday […]

NSingh-Mine to Possess

Psy-Changeling Read-Along: Mine to Possess (+Contest)

25 March 2013 Courtney 5

And here’s Mine to Possess! Aren’t you excited? Our first real look at some of the humans who make up the world Nalini Singh as so elegantly created. Remember we’re assuming you’ve read up to Mine to Possess so there will be spoilers. But please no spoilers for any books beyond […]

NSingh-Wild Invitation

Wild Invitation by Nalini Singh

16 March 2013 Courtney 0

Wild Invitation is the perfect example of why I read Nalini Singh. With only four short stories, Singh is able to make me lose touch with reality and completely immerse myself in her Psy-Changling world. These four stories are placed in between the full length novels and give us a […]

Escapists Uncensored

Escapists Uncensored with Courtney

13 March 2013 Courtney 7

I had trouble deciding what I was going to rant about today. Nothing has really caught my eye or made me think twice. Until I got sick this week. I don’t know about you but when I’m sick I like to read. And I read fast. So that means I […]