A Clash of Kings by George R. R. Martin (Part One)

16 September 2014 Nikki R 0

It’s true, A Clash of Kings has been super hard for me to read, but that does not mean it’s a bad novel – or series. In fact, it’s pretty damn epic, which makes my inability to read faster even more frustrating.  However, since it, and the rest of the […]

The Blasted Lands by James A. Moore

8 September 2014 Natassia 0

Following the stellar writing of Seven Forges, James A. Moore returns to the same epic world in its follow up, The Blasted Lands. Moore paints a eerily gorgeous landscape which is ripe for mischief and adventure. Delving even deeper than the first installment, Moore tells a multi-layered tale of friend […]

The Chaos of Stars by Kiersten White

28 August 2014 Casey 0

The most prominent mythology used in young adult books is Greek Mythology. Which is fine, (there’s nothing wrong with Greek mythology) but there are other cultures/mythologies out there that can be used. It seems like Kiersten White knew this and instead of basing her story about Greek Mythology, she used Egyptian. That’s right, […]

A Game of Thrones by George R. R. Martin

19 August 2014 Nikki R 0

Since I’m not one to follow trends, when I heard that A Games of Thrones (the TV show) was based on a book series, I shrugged them both off. It probably wasn’t that good, I told myself, just like most trends tend to be. But recently the hubs and I decided to give […]

Irenicon by Aidan Harte

13 May 2014 Natassia 0

Low magic fantasy gets a new entry in Aidan Harte’s Irenicon, the first installment of the Wave Trilogy. With elements of Italy and assassins, Irenicon often is reminiscent of a dark ages Assassin’s Creed 2. Harte weaves the concept of loyalty in a unique twist on a coming of age tale. […]

Lovecraft’s Monsters edited by Ellen Datlow

2 April 2014 Natassia 0

H.P Lovecraft’s epic monsters come to new life in the anthology Lovecraft’s Monsters. With a wide range of popular and fairly unknown authors, the fare ranges from entertaining to downright boring. Even taking Lovecraft’s great talent out of the equation, many stories simply under-utilize the great beasts which should be […]


The Wicked by Douglas Nicholas

1 April 2014 Nikki R 0

Wicked by Douglas Nicholas, had a lot of promise and I was looking forward to reading it. I gave it a chance as long as I could, but it wasn’t able to capture my attention. The mesmerizing and highly anticipated sequel to Something Red transports readers to the harsh and […]

The Polaris Whisper by Ken Gregory

31 March 2014 Natassia 0

The reader is instantly transported into another time in Ken Gregory’s The Polaris Whisper. With chilling landscapes and glorious traditions, Gregory proves he has a respect for the Norse culture of old. Though he starts of slow, Gregory hits his stride in an epic journey of trials. It is a […]

The Barrow by Mark Smylie

17 March 2014 Natassia 0

The epic fantasy genre gains a new entry in The Barrow. Mark Smylie tells a story of desires, be it power, prestige or passion. With a slow pace, Smylie builds his journey through a foreign world and time. Magic and religion are expertly mixed, clashing well against instinct and brawn. […]