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Guest Author: Lisa Hendrix

27 November 2008 Jackie 1

I’m excited to say we have Lisa Hendrix stopping by again this week and just in time to give us something to ready while everyone is watching the big football game (I preferring seeing the 6-legged turkey at the end, but that’s me). Lisa is talking about reading challenges and […]

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Interview: Lisa Hendrix

18 November 2008 Jackie 8

Literary Escapism would like to welcome Lisa Hendrix, author of Immortal Warrior.  She’s here to give us a glimpse into the Immortal Warrior and we’ll even get some tidbits about her next novel in the Immortal Brotherhood series, Immortal Outlaw, which will be out June 2, 2009. Make sure you […]

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Immortal Warrior by L. Hendrix

19 October 2008 Jackie 2

The first novel in a new series, Immortal Warrior by Lisa Hendrix, takes me back to my roots.  I first started reading paranormal romances that were more historical than contemporary and this one was a treat. After arriving in England as part of a Viking crew sent to pillage, Ivar […]