Peacemaker by Marianne de Pierres

21 July 2014 Natassia 0

Australia is turned into a fuse of sci-fi standards and wild west in the first installment in a new series by Marianne de Pierres. Peacemaker takes the clichés and turn them on its head. de Pierres creates a story that has the familiarity of a buddy cop dynamic with the […]

The White List by Nina D’Aleo

14 July 2014 Natassia 0

Like a dark horse in the jam-packed alternate reality subgenre, The White List by Nina D’Aleo snuck up on me and delivered an entertaining tale. With an espionage undertone, we are introduced to a reality where people are not what they seem. Nina D’Aleo brings to life an eerie premise where […]

KCollins--Death's Daughter

Death’s Daughter by Kathleen Collins

29 June 2014 Nicole 0

Ever pick up a book, not knowing it was part of a series, read a few chapters in and thought to yourself “hmm, feels like I’m missing some pieces and I *must* know because I may have missed out on something fabulous”? Well, that is how Death’s Daughter by Kathleen Collins […]

The Clockwork Wolf by Lynn Viehl

17 May 2014 Natassia 1

Bringing more investigation into her latest installment of  The Disenchanted & Co. steampunk series, Lynn Viehl creates a delightful story with The Clockwork Wolf. Romance takes a back seat to the intrigue and adventure, creating an all around amusing tale. Doing a favor for deathmage Lucien Dredmore, Kit agrees to interview […]

KFrost--Slightly Spellbound

Slightly Spellbound by Kimberly Frost

7 May 2014 Nicole 0

Oh where have I been for the past few books in this series? I thoroughly enjoyed Slightly Spellbound by Kimberly Frost and cannot wait to read more in this series (and am soooo unhappy that my local library doesn’t carry them so I can go back and read the first 3!!). If […]

The Revenant of Thraxton Hall by Vaughn Entwistle

26 March 2014 Natassia 0

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is brought to life in Vaughn Entwistle’s The Revenant of Thraxton Hall. With an ease of writing, Entwistle transports us to the man behind Holmes and creates an intriguing story. Tricksters and phantasms abound as Entwistle keeps us on the edge of our seats trying to […]

LGrimes-In a Fix

In A Fix by Linda Grimes

9 March 2014 Casey 1

Every once in a blue moon, I’ll find the perfect book. The one book that is so perfect, I can’t find any problems with it. In fact, I’d probably read it five times in a row and love every single word, every single time. You know, that book. In A […]

MBehre - Spirited

Spirited by Mary Behre

7 March 2014 Nikki R 1

If you like ghosts, with a dash of romance and topped with some murder mystery intrigue, then Spirited by Mary Behre just might be the novel for you. It is jam packed with activity from start to finish, making it a rather quick read. While, I can’t say it’s a new […]

Disenchanted & Co. by Lynn Viehl

21 February 2014 Natassia 0

Lynn Viehl twists a tale mixing paranormal, romance and steampunk in Disenchanted & Co., the first in her new series. Viehl creates a neat alternate reality where America lost the Revolutionary War and despite being past WW1, is still in a Victorian state of development. This setting makes the world […]

JWells--Dirty Magic

Dirty Magic by Jaye Wells

10 February 2014 Natassia 0

Jaye Wells brings a gritty side to Urban Fantasy in Dirty Magic, the first installment of the new Prospero Wars series. With a down and dirty attitude, Wells brings to life a world of an inner city cop who knows all too well what the other side of the tracks […]