A Crown for Cold Silver by Alex Marshall

16 September 2015 Natassia 0

Fantasy abounds in Alex Marshall’s A Crown for Cold Silver. Marshall creates a fully realized world that unconventionally unfolds past the prime of adventurers. This creates an amazing inter-generational dynamic wherein the old and young are sent on mutual adventures. What unfolds is a thrilling tale. Twenty years ago, feared […]

Garden of Dreams and Desires by Kristen Painter

15 July 2015 Natassia 0

The Crescent City trilogy comes to a close in Garden of Dreams and Desires by Kristen Painter. Though it lacked the finality one would expect from a closing novel, it was an entertaining ride. Painter brings the charm and amusement that she has become known for with her own dash […]

The Undead Hordes of Kangul by Jon F. Merz

13 January 2014 Natassia 0

The journey is everything in Jon F. Merz’s The Undead Hordes of Kangul. A starter to the new Shadow Warrior series, there is something classically charming within. Merz creates a world that feels familiar, like a classic warrior or fairy tale. These classic elements such as a damsel in distress […]