Of Bone and Thunder by Chris Evans

18 March 2015 Natassia 0

The fantastical battlefield comes to life in Of Bone and Thunder. Chris Evans brings to life a world where injustice and dragons are spoken of in the same sentence. Mix fantasy with a realistically miserable landscape and it reads like a W.E.B Griffin novel. Of Bone and Thunder is the […]

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A Darkness Forged in Fire by C. Evans

27 May 2010 Jennifer 0

The first book in the new Iron Elves series by Chris Evans, A Darkness Forged in Fire is a book that I should have enjoyed, but it was sadly lacking. In this world, Konowa Swift Dragon, former commander of the Empire’s elite Iron Elves, is looked upon as anything but […]

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Interview: Chris Evans

22 September 2009 Jackie 15

Today Literary Escapism would like to welcome Chris Evans, author of the new Iron Elves trilogy – A Darkness Forged in Fire and The Light of Burning Shadows.  I’m currently reading A Darkness Forged in Fire and I’m really enjoying what I’ve seen so far. A Darkness Forged in Fire: […]