Resist by Tracey Martin

3 July 2017 Sarah 1

Just like Tracey Martin’s first RedZone book, Revive, there are so many twists and turns in Resist that the ending is utterly unpredictable. The alternating timelines got a bit confusing, but honestly, it made me turn the pages faster and faster. Picking right up where Revive left off, Resist is the continuation of a wild ride. […]

Revive by Tracey Martin

28 September 2015 Sarah 0

High-octane and adrenaline-filled, Revive by Tracey Martin is a must read.  A story of genetic manipulation, missing memories, and the awkward stages of young love, Revive is sure to captivate. What the mind forgets, the heart remembers. Alone in a train station bathroom, Sophia Hernandez has no memory of who she is or how […]

The Dunfield Terror by William Miekle

18 June 2015 Natassia 0

The eeriness of what lies beneath the ocean is the haunting core of The Dunfield Terror by William Meikle. Off the coast of Canada, we dive into parallel tales of science and nature. Meikle takes the reader on a journey where every glow makes your heart beat a bit faster. […]

Maplecroft by Cherie Priest

20 October 2014 Natassia 0

The thrill and intrigue of Lovecraftian mythos is beautifully used in Cherie Priest’s Maplecroft. The debut novel of Priest’s new Borden Dispatches series is a departure from the post apocalyptic steampunk realm we have come to know her for. Taking off with the infamous Lizzie Borden, Priest creates an amazingly […]

Snowblind by Christopher Golden

17 February 2014 Natassia 0

Christopher Golden brings us a horror book, which makes a chilly draft ominous in Snowblind. It has been a long time since I read a book which was as gripping and realistic as this. Golden entwines everyday caution with a sinister enemy which plays at everyone’s inner securities. The entire […]

Poe by J. Lincoln Fenn

2 January 2014 Natassia 0

J. Lincoln Fenn’s Poe is a shining display of humorous morbid entertainment. With a thrilling mystery, Fenn takes dark themes and gives us a witty novel with ties to history and magic. Suspense and intrigue are the name of the game and Fenn mixes this nicely with her light writing […]

Thrill Ride by Julie Ann Walker

17 August 2013 Nicole 1

I simply adore Julie Ann Walker’s BKI series. I mean, who doesn’t like some hawt, former special military ops men who ooze alpha male and smexy? Add in that Walker’s writing is simply fabulous and you have the set up for an awesome series. Thrill Ride is the latest installment of this […]


The Lives of Tao by Wesley Chu

14 August 2013 Natassia 0

A creative and thoughtful plot, bringing science fiction to the world of espionage, Wesley Chu makes his book debut in The Lives of Tao. Throughout the story, Chu creates a world that, though somewhat alien, reminds us of the world we live in. When out-of-shape IT technician Roen woke up and started […]

LFoster-Run the Risk

Run the Risk by Lori Foster

6 March 2013 Nicole 1

I’ll admit, Run the Risk is the first book by Lori Foster I’ve read. I know, I know. *hangs head* I go to her con and have a great time. Sheis a great person and part of the issue was there were so many books already out in her other […]

MBanks Shades of Gray

Shades of Gray by Maya Banks

21 February 2013 Nicole 0

I’m a huge fan of Maya Banks’ KGI series. A family full of sexy, former special ops military men? Oh yes, sign me up! Shades of Gray, though features 2 members of one of the KGI teams, not a Kelly brother. Don’t let that bother you, if you’ve read this […]


Stolen by Shiloh Walker

27 January 2013 Casey 0

I have heard nothing but good things about Shiloh Walker, so I jumped at the chance to read her romantic suspense book, Stolen. Unfortunately, I just did not connect with Stolen at all. In fact, I barely made it past page 75 before giving up simply because both the hero […]

Nexus by Ramez Naam

25 January 2013 Natassia 0

Science fiction is truly visionary in Ramez Naam’s Nexus. Throughout the journey of the characters, the technology and science of today is propelled forward to make a stunning reflection of what may come to pass. Naam brings to light the possibility of science advancements through Nexus. The story that unfolds […]

SMcKenna-One Wrong Move

One Wrong Move by Shannon McKenna

24 January 2013 Nicole 0

Normally I really enjoy romantic suspense.  I love how the sub-genre combines my prior favorite genre (mystery…I was a big John Grisham fan before law school) and my new favorite, romance.  I love the thrill factor and the love story all in one book.  One Wrong Move by Shannon McKenna […]

VDePaul-Shades of Temptation

Shades of Temptation by Virna de Paul

14 January 2013 Nicole 0

I’ve been on a really weird reading kick lately – anything from contemporary romance to dark and gritty urban fantasy.  Oh and lets don’t forget some scary romantic suspense.  Shades of Temptation by Virna DePaul falls into that last category.  It has not one but two serial killers and an […]

JAWalker-In Rides Trouble

In Rides Trouble by Julie Ann Walker

7 January 2013 Nicole 1

I usually try and read a series in order. However with Julie Ann Walker’s Black Knight series, I’m apparently going backwards.  I started with the third novel, Rev it Up, and then read the second, In Rides Trouble. Oh yeah…it ROCKED. What is it about special ops men? Oh…yeah….they’re alpha […]