Waiting For Dusk by J. Drake

Could it be?! Does the amazing art on Waiting for Dusk‘s cover signify Mira and Danaus finally getting together? After four books that have been rife with sexual tension between the two characters I was praying that this was the case.

There is no sanctuary in the night . . .

Feared even by her own kind for her mastery of fire, the nightwalker Mira is summoned by the coven to take her rightful place as Elder. But with this honor comes grave responsibility—a commitment to the annihilation of the unleashed naturi. For now the foul creatures walk the earth—and neither vampire nor human will survive their horrific onslaught.

A tide of blood is sweeping relentlessly across the European continent, as Mira is dispatched to Budapest for the most devastating test yet of her astonishing powers—and falls into a well-laid trap. With the dark secrets that haunt her growing darker by the hour, she must confront the terrible truth of her past and protect her fragile sanity in the face of unanticipated treachery—a betrayal by her trusted ally, her beloved enemy, the vampire slayer Danaus.

I don’t really consider it a spoiler when I say YES! I mean come on, look at this cover. If this didn’t give it away then nothing would. I can’t stress enough how glad I was when they did decided to do something about all that tension. Especially since for a short time in Waiting for Dusk it actually looks like Mira and Danaus won’t be able to surmount their differences. Danaus is stuck on Mira’s lack of humanity, and Mira wants to be accepted for what she is.

And as a newly recognized member of the coven, Mira has a lot of people gunning for her. The naturi and Jarabi are still a thorn in her side, but there are some new baddies thrown into the mix. There’s Macarie, an ancient on the coven, Stefan, a group in Budapest, and most notably, a powerful someone who’s claiming to be a blood relation to Mira. He wants to use Mira for his own unknown reasons, and he’s holding a lot over Mira’s head if she doesn’t relent to his wishes.

I’m getting winded just thinking about every angle that Mira needs to cover. So it’s important to keep those people that Mira trusts close to her, and those people are coming in really short supply.  Not to mention that Mira’s growing powers are making her a real threat to everyone that opposes her, and with all of her enemies, is it any wonder that she’s gonna need some backup.

So when someone takes Danaus’s misgivings of Mira’s being a vampire and tries to amplify it. It comes to a point where Danaus is bent on saving someone who Mira feels needs to suffer the consequences of their actions. She thinks that Danaus is choosing a human over her simply for the fact that this particular person is a human. That betrayal is heartbreaking, most notably when she believes that he’s left her.

Waiting for Dusk by Jocelynn Drake was a fantastic read. The plot was intricate with a lot of things going on. It had action that kept me on the edge of my seat, and a great storyline. The character’s relations progressed naturally, and had me invested in their out comes. Overall,  I’m pretty much hooked, and I think that everybody that can should start reading this series as soon as possible.


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