Twice Dead by K. Price

The second novel in Kalayna Price’s Haven series, Twice Dead had a bit of a problem keeping my attention.

Newly undead shifter-turned-vampire Kita Nekai is coming to grips with the reality that her cat has not awakened since her change. What she needs is a little time to adjust to her new liquid diet and the increasingly complex attraction to her sire, Nathanial. What she gets is a headless harlequin. With the body count rising, Kita is dragged into a dangerous game of vampire politics. Her involvement draws the attention of an ancient vampire known as the Collector who has a penchant for acquiring the unusual – like a pureblood shifter-turned vampire. Kita still has unfinished business of her own and finds herself deeper in magical debt. It’s a bad time to be a kitten who can’t slip her skin.

I will be honest in the fact that I haven’t really been wanting to read lately and that may have had a lot to do with my hesitation in picking up Twice Dead.  I have to say, when I did pick it up, I was absorbed into the story and I wanted to see what Kita was up to.  So take this review with a lot of prejudice.

Like I said, the story kept me interested while I was reading, but it really didn’t try to draw me back.  There really was never any moment that screamed get back here now! whenever I was interrupted.  The plot was very well thought out.  I mean, we get to see a lot of the different creatures that show up in Haven, including new vampires.  Of course, Kita stumbles into the conflict and ends up being more of an issue than she wants to be, but that actually adds to the story.  She’s not trying to be the heroine, just merely surviving.  That’s one thing about the Haven series that I’ve been enjoying.  Kita doesn’t go looking for trouble, she just wants to be left alone, but she’s never given that option.  Trouble seems to follow her and she does what she has to get out of it.    The only issue I have with the plot is the final confrontation.  No, not the confrontation itself, but what happens after.  When the secret agenda (and person) gets revealed and everything is taken care of – it just seemed to neat.  It would be a spoiler if I went into too much detail, but let’s just say considering who was behind the conflict and who meted out punishment – there should have been more emotion.  More dialog maybe.  Just more.

When it comes to the characters, maybe they were part of my problem.  The relationship between Kita and Nathaniel does get more developed and we do learn more about Bobby, but they really didn’t draw me to them.  Not as a unit.  Kita, by herself, maybe; but I do have to say I was more interested in what was going on than who was involved.  Really, that’s all I have to say about them.

Overall, Twice Dead wasn’t bad.  I wouldn’t call it a great read, but it was a good book to have continually open.  It took me a bit (about a month actually) to read, but whenever I picked it up, I was able to get right back into the action.  Enough of the story would come back to me that I didn’t feel lost or feel the need to re-read a few pages to get a sense of where I was in the story.  Thinking about this, I would say that the story does have a memorable feel to it, just not a captivating one.  If that makes sense.  So while I’m not saying rush out to get a copy of Twice Dead, I would definitely say to give it a chance when you’re looking for something.

For a quick taste of Twice Dead, check out the excerpt here.

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  1. Thanks for the enlightening review! I love paranormal romance and the blend with UF/suspense sound like it would be interesting to me, but hadn’t made up my mind on it yet. It may not make it to the top of my list to buy but will definitely still get to it.

  2. I read the first book in this series, and this was pretty much my reaction to it. I still remember it, but it just didn’t draw me in. I got the first book as a free promo on my K, and although it wasn’t a bad read, I just wasn’t interested enough in any of the characters to spend money to get the second one. Maybe if it comes down in price or I see it at the UBS sometime I’ll give it a try.

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