Guest Author: Rowena Cory Daniells

Today, Literary Escapism is excited to welcome Rowena Cory Daniells, author of The King’s Bastard, The Uncrowned King, and The Usurper (August 31st), to the floor.

The Kingdom of Rolencia sleeps as rumours of new Affinity Seeps, places where the untamed power wells up. By royal decree all those afflicted with Affinity must serve the Abbey or face death. Sent to the Ab­bey, the King’s youngest son, Fyn, trains to become a warrior monk. Elsewhere others are tainted with Affinity and must fight to survive. Political intrigue and magic combine in this explosive first book in an exciting new fantasy trilogy.

Make sure you stick around to the end. We’ll be giving away a copy of The King’s Bastard to a lucky reader.

What do you look for in a good read?

I discovered some of the best reads by chance. When I had my bookshop, I would cruise the shelves, looking for something that took my fancy. I wanted the character to came to life for me, someone whose troubles were intriguing, someone who kept trying no matter how impossible the odds.

I’d look for an interesting premise. So the world building had to intrigue me. I wanted to be swept away to other times and places. Or, if the story was set in the contemporary world, I wanted to be taken somewhere different and quirky.

But most of all, I wanted a book that made me forget that I was reading a book. I still do. I want to feel like I’m actually there!

Not a lot to ask, is it?

That’s what I tried to create, when I sat down to write the King Rolen’s Kin trilogy. I wanted to write the kind of book that you read on a Saturday afternoon, after a hard week at work. I set out to write a Reward Yourself Read!

When I catch the train into work, I see a lot of people with their heads down, reading intently. They aren’t stuck in a crowded commuter train. They’re off on great adventures.

I must admit I can’t help myself. Without making it too obvious, I try to see what they’re reading. Romances figures prominently and fantasy books, then science fiction and autobiographies.

Over here in Australia it is unusual to see someone using an e-reader. Books are much more common but, I must admit at the rate I read, I’m leaning towards an e-reader. There is only so much space in my briefcase and these big fantasy books take up a lot of room. So if I get near the end of one and I know I’ll finish it before the return train journey then that means I’ll need to take two big fat fantasy books with me, which makes it a struggle to close my briefcase. An e-reader that let me take a dozen books – what a luxury!

My idea of the perfect holiday would be a suitcase full of books and a quiet nook where I sat and read all day. Maybe one day, I’ll take a holiday just like that.

The three books of the King Rolen’s Kin Trilogy are coming out a month apart.

Rowena Cory Daniells
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Thank you Rowena for taking the time to visit Literary Escapism!

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  1. I am a FB fan.

    For a good read, I look for a good story, interesting characters, some humor, some adventure, and a wee bit of romance.

    meredithfl at gmail dot com

  2. Looks like we are agreed the characters have to be interesting.

    I have to fall in love with the characters. And I have to be REALLY worried about them. I have to keep reading to see what will happen to them.

    Cheers, Rowena

  3. Thank you for the post here. :) I have been thinking on getting this book. And this post has helped sway me. I have to have great characters to draw me in and help articulate the world they are in. And a newly created world that is easily visualized is a great addition too. I enjoy exploring new worlds and everything that goes with it. I have to agree with Rowena, characters are top and the world along with the plot are next. Thank you!

    I would love to enter for this book.

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  4. Melissa,

    I love a well realised world. When I read a book I like to feel as if I’ve met some interesting people and gone on a journey with them. So a fascinating world is like taking a holiday in a foreign place!

  5. I look for well developed characters, interest plot, and usually a HEA or atleast HFN ending ;).


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