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I would love to welcome Day from the Paperback Dolls – a site I’ve just recently found – to the floor.  Day is here to talk about that all consuming search for that one read, so I will leave you in her excellent hands.

The search for the all consuming read…

Like any book lover, I thrive on books that capture my mind and enthrall me in it’s pages. I have read several books that have consumed me to the point that I abjure every other responsibility until the journey came to an end, but lately I can’t find the connection with as many books as I have in the past. Maybe it’s just me and I have somehow meandered into a summer slump, but I am still in search of that all consuming book of summer.

To be fair, I have read a few that are contenders for the title but they came from a rather unexpected genre… young adult fiction. That’s right folks, so far the most impressive books I have read this summer were written for the younger generation and truth be told the book I am anticipating most will follow suit. Are ya ready for it?

The first on my short list of must read books of summer is Linger by Maggie Stiefvater (review). My daughter read this first and convinced me to read it. I wasn’t sold on Shiver (review). I mean, it was an okay book but not the best book ever written, so it took quite a sales job from mini-me to put aside the already stacked high books that *needed* to be read in exchange for it’s sequel, Linger. Needless to say, I read it and I laughed, I cried…I literally felt this book and was so impressed that I bought the audio version of it as well!

The second book is Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare. This book is a definite contender, though it took some warming up for me to really get into it. It is set in foggy, rainy, England and for some reason, though it was an incredibly well written book I struggled letting myself get caught up in it’s adventure and I think the setting had something to do with it. Before you call me crazy, just hear me out… With it being a summer release my mind took some coaxing to forget about the blazing sun and 100+ degree weather and fall into the story. Once I finally allowed myself to let go (about chapter 4) I was hooked and genuinely sad when I came to the last page.

Next we have Raised By Wolves by Jennifer Lynn Barnes (review). This book was incredibly well imagined and the character dynamics were designed with skill and thought. Barnes created a series that surprised me and was actually the first book I read this summer that fit the bill as being a book that pulled me in and consumed me.

Now last, but not the least is the book I am most eager to read…Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins. This last installment in her Hunger Games trilogy may possibly be the reason that I’m having problems getting into every other book. See, I have *such* high expectations for this release, I almost feel bad that I’ve put it on such a pedestal. The previous books in the series are equally phenomenal in my opinion and the storyline is both plot and character driven – the perfect combination. Will it be the book that becomes my all consuming read of the summer? I certainly hope so. If not I may have sabotaged my entire summer of reading waiting for it.

On a side note… There is one adult book I am anxious about and that is Rachel Caine’s final book in her Weather Warden series, Total Eclipse. Honestly, I’m not really looking forward to reading it. It will be a bitter sweet ending to one of my favorite series and I find myself more sad to see it end than eager to read it’s ending.

Anyway – that’s my summer reading in a nutshell. No one is as shocked as I am to see that the titles I have at the top of my list of most consuming reads are young adult fiction. But, don’t let the category fool you – young adult books are being written by talented writers who weave well crafted stories. I’m still holding out hope and willing to be blown away by the next hopeful book. Any type of story will do-my only criteria is that it simply must consume me! ;-)

Day @ Paperback Dolls

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  1. Great post! I’m definitely not opposed to reading YA books, it’s nice to see other adults who can appreciate good writing even though it falls under that genre. I’m actually looking forward to reading Fat Vampire, which falls under the YA category.

    However, I’d like to suggest a book to you that I fell in love with this summer. It’s called Dark & Disorderly by Bernita Harris. I’ve only read a handful of UF books and this one got me completely hooked on the genre. I had the hardest time putting it down and was sad when it was done. LOL So maybe give that one a try? :)

  2. Dark and Disorderly? I haven’t read it yet…thank you so much! I will definitely check it out! I love new books, especially if they have potential to be consuming…;)

  3. No problem! This one definitely does! My review for it is on this site, if you’d like to read more about it! :)

  4. I feel exactly the same about Mockingjay! My whole TBR pile is arranged around this one single book. And I so hope it’s going to be worth it. Let’s face it, ANYTHING can happen…

  5. Great post Day! I think we’re all search for the all consuming read and I know what mine will be: SHADOWFEVER. I. Can. Not. Wait. People will get heads bitten off if they try to interrupt. No chores will be done. Heh, I may even take off work that day. If I had to say mine for this year? Black Magic Sanction by Kim Harrison or Magic Bleeds by Ilona Andrews.

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