BBAW First Treasure: New Blogs

As I’ve previously mentioned, The Book Bloggers Appreciation Week 2010 (BBAW) has officially started and each day there is a new topic to discuss. Today’s discussion revolves around all those fabulous blogs that we have discovered since the last BBAW.  I’m with a lot of people, I can’t simply focus on one single blog.  Over the last year, I’ve come across a few fabulous sites that are totally worth mentioning, so I’m not going to focus on one.  Nope, I don’t know how many I’ll focus on, but here are the new additions to my Google Reader:

  1. Book Chick City: I honestly can’t remember how I stumbled upon this fabulous site, but it is definitely fabulous.  Between all the great features – Where Stories Are Made, The Blogger’s Bookshelf and Books We Love (where you’ll see me later this month) – and the fact I continuously find new books to add to the neverending TBR list…actually, that might be a reason not to stop by there.  *grin*  Screw it, I’ll never turn down a good book and there’s always one to be found at BCC. (shameless plug – BBC is here on LE today talking about five series she needs to read)
  2. Al Things Urban Fantasy:  What can I say about Abigail’s site?  There is just sooo much eye candy that I could read it all day.  There’s either another fantastic cover, a great author interview/article or a new book being reviewed and everything is there to engage the reader.  Seriously, in the past year, Abigail has really done a fantastic job with ATUF and she totally has had me in blog envy on numerous occasions.  I mean, did you see her Paranormal Summer Fest?
  3. Wicked Little Pixie: I just love Natasha’s humor.  There hasn’t been a post yet that doesn’t get me smiling or laughing at something she has said.  Well, maybe not all of them, but the vast majority are definitely entertaining to read.  Mmm…have I just inserted my foot into my mouth?  Yeah, okay, so maybe all of her posts are entertaining, but just in case there’s a serious one, I’m going with the vast majority.  *grin*  Seriously though…between seeing Synde’s new collection of jewelry, the fabulous WLP Want’s to Know posts and the reviews, it’s just a blast to stop by.
  4. Kindle Vixen: I found Tiffany’s site when I first bought my own Kindle because of her great knowledge on all things ereaders, but I keep going back because of all the fabulous articles that I find.
  5. Dark Faerie Tales: Angela is totally the person to go to for all the latest in publishing news and debut authors.  Seriously, I have been introduced to so many new authors because of her that my TBR list needs a total overhaul because it hasn’t been able to keep up.

Mmm…looks like I’m going to focus on five blogs that were new to me since I need to go get the monkey from school. There are still a ton of new sites out there that are fabulous – the Paperback Dolls, Ellz Readz, The Book Pushers, Escape Between the Pages, Rex Robot Reviews – that I could easily continue going.

So which new blogs have you found during the past year?

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  1. I just started reading blogs this year and I love all the ones you mentioned (yours is one of my favorites also), but I also want to mention The Book Smugglers – even though I’m only interested in about 1/4 of the books they review, their reviews are just so deep and insightful that I always enjoy reading them.

  2. Thank you so much for mentioning us:) I agree with Carolyn, each blog you mentioned are fabulous and offer something different to the mix!


  3. Ohh Thank you so much for the mention Jackie! I love your site too and love the headsup/news and reviews you do- especially upcoming books! Its not healthy to my wallet! :D

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