Dark Goddess Island

Dark EnchantmentGoddess of LegendCheck out the beautiful cover Anya Bast has for her third Dark Magick novel, Dark Enchantment, which is due out April 5, 2011.

While browsing through Amazon, I came across this snazzy cover for PC Cast’s seventh Goddess Summoning novel, Goddess of Legend. Now, I know the earlier novels have been going through some reprintings, but I’m not sure where this one falls. Goddess of Legend isn’t due to be released until December 7th, so this may be new or it may not be.

Katie MacAlister has posted the first chapter to her upcoming novel, In the Company of Vampires.

Not only will this book bring back a lot of old familiar faces, including my three most favorite Vikings–Eirik, Finnvid, and Isleif–it will start a new series of paranormal books featuring Ben’s blood brother David.


Dread IslandCheck out the cover for the newest acquisition, Dread Island by Joe R. Lansdale, at Subterranean Press.   I love the look of abject terror on Huck’s face.  You really don’t see that in a lot of covers nowadays.  Dread Island is being called a mash-up of Huck Finn, Brer Rabbit, and Lovecraftian Horrors, so it should be interesting to see how this latest classics twist is done.

Sordid Fantasy and All Things Urban Fantasy are showing off some fabulous new covers.

Joss Ware is giving away a copy of her upcoming anthology, Bespelling Jane Austen, and The Rest Falls. Contest ends tonight!

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