Killing the Ur-Bar

Killing the CobraCheck out what I stumbled across over on Amazon.  It’s a new Felix Castor novel by Mario Acevedo.  At least I believe Killing the Cobra is a new story since it’s being released on November 30th.  Here’s the blurb:

Spinning out of the bestselling novel, The Nymphos of Rocky Flats, author Mario Acevedo brings his Iraq war veteran and vampire detective, Felix Gomez, to comics in this all-new tale of murderous mayhem involving the ruthless heroin merchants, the Han Cobras. But vampiric powers may not be enough to protect Felix or his lover from the vicious gangsters.

Fangirl Squee….Diana Gabaldon has posted two excerpts from the eight Outlander novel.  Let’s just say we find out Jem has grown up and something happens to Jamie.


after hours ur-barDoes anyone have a cool $100k laying around they could loan me? I want my own Stargate! Or should I go for the Atlantis Gate Room Stargate Segment, which might fit in my house better.

There’s a new anthology coming out in March 2011 called After Hours: Tales from the Ur-Bar and it seems to have a rather electic mix of authors.  Check out these out: An Alewife In Kish by Benjamin Tate, Why the Vikings Had No Bars by S, C, Butler, The Emperor’s New God by Jennifer Dunne, The Tale That Wagged the Dog by Barbara Ashford, Sake and Other Spirits by Maria Snyder, The Fortune-Teller Makes Her Will by Kari Sperring, The Tavern Fire by DB Jackson, Last Call by Patricia Bray, The Alchemy of Alcohol by Seanan McGuire, The Grand Tour by Juliet McKenna, Paris 24 by Laura Anne Gilman, Steady Hands and a Heart of Oak by Ian Tregillis, Forbidden by Avery Shade, Where We Are Is Hell by Jackie Kessler and Idzu-Bar by Anton Strout.

Some extremely sad news in the publishing world today.  Jennifer Rardin passed away on Monday at the age of 45 – she was entirely too young.  Nothing has been said as to the cause, but for fans of the Jaz Parks series, the seven novel has been completed and will still be published in June 2011.

Shiloh Walker has posted the blurb for the next Grimm Circle novel, Tarnished Knight, as well as a mini-excerpt.

Jaye Wells has fabulous news.  She’s sold the next two Sabina Kane novels to Orbit!  Book four doesn’t have a title yet, but so far it’s being known as the Blue book.  Wells is anticipating the series ending with book five, but that’s not definitely, so hopefully there’ll be more.

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  1. Killing the Cobra is a comic written by Mario Acevedo and published by IDW Publishing. The first comic was released in May 2010. Issue 4 of the comic was released on Sept. 22, 2010. Additional issues of the comic are upcoming. What you see on is a collection of the first few comic books put together in one volume. I’m not sure how many issues are included. It is a new story that is spun off from something in The Nymphos of Rocky Flats.

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