Outlander in 2011?

Allan Scott-Douglas as Jamie & Sue Robertson as Claire from Outlander the Musical

Could it be?  Is it possible?  Will we have Outlander in theaters in 2011?  I haven’t seen any word on Diana Gabaldon’s website, but I did find this little tidbit on an Outlander (2011) IMDB page:

A British nurse visiting Scotland in 1945 stumbles upon a time portal that transports her to the 18th Century.

It gives the allusion we could have it next year, doesn’t it?  Sadly, there isn’t any public information available for this entry yet.  Only those with IMDB Pro are able to see it.  However, there is a “free 14-day trial” for IMDB Pro and since I had to see if there is anything else….yeah there wasn’t.

According to IMDB Pro, Outlander (2011) is still in the script process, but it is our Jamie and Claire!  At least, Diana Gabaldon is acknowledged as the writer along with the following information: Randall WallaceWriter (screenplay), Neil KaplanProducer, Jim KohlbergProducer.

Sadly, that’s it, but I have been given hope that we’ll see it sometime next year.  I’m hoping for early next year, but that is probably wishful thinking.

In October 2008, Variety was reporting that Outlander may not be the only novel in the series to be filmed.

Essential Pictures has launched development of “Outlander” as a potential franchise based on the Diana Gabaldon series of fantasy novels. The newly minted shingle’s out to directors with an adaptation from Randall Wallace (“Braveheart”); the goal is to start production next spring. Gabaldon’s series of six novels center on an 18th century Scottish Highlander and his time-traveling wife.

I’m really hoping we get more information soon. Until then, we have the wonderful music from Outlander: The Musical to tide us over.

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  1. I saw Diana Gabaldon speak at the National Book Festival last weekend, and she said that the movie is currently looking for financial backing. I think she said she should know something firm soon, and that she’d be posting it on her web site.

  2. I also saw her not too long ago give a talk at a library even in Tucson, AZ and she said the script is pretty much done, and she really hopes that the people who currently have the rights make the movie, because she really likes the direction they are going, and their ideas as to how to do it.

    She also said she LOVES the guy who plays Jamie in the musical version of Outlander.

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