Hunt the Deadly Eclipsing Moon

Mona Lisa EclipsingIt’s been awhile, but check it out, Sunny has a new Monere novel coming out and there’s a cover!  Mona Lisa Eclipsing is the fourth novel and will be released April 5, 2011.

For anyone in the Metro Detroit area, there’s a fabulous new bookstore that has just opened in Farmington.  Off the Beaten Path Bookstore and Cafe caters to:

…speculative fiction works with a steampunk air; wonderment, captivation, and entertainment are just through the door! If you’re a more “hands-on” person, workshops and events will draw your attention; if you prefer the company of words, books and podcasts will be available to you soon!

The hubby doesn’t work too far from this…something tells me the boys and I are going to be making a stop in there soon.  If any steampunk authors want to send me some bookmarks or something, I’ll drop them off when I go.

Chloe Neill has posted the first chapter to Hexbound, which releases.

Author Appearances:

Tor/Forge has announced that they are putting together a newsletter that will feature news about our titles and author events, as well as what’s going on with the community, conventions, DIY projects, and more.  The first issue will be delivered (via email of course) sometime mid-December.  To sign up for the newsletter, click here.

Something Deadly This Way ComesDamn has it been a busy week. Since my last news post on the 5th, there has been 35 new covers revealed. They’ve been floating around Wicked Scribes, All Things Urban Fantasy, Escape Between the Pages, Dark Faerie Tales and SciFiGuy, but if you want to see them all in one place, I have them all up in the November Covers album on FB.

Kelley Armstrong has a free graphic novel available on her website.  Becoming gives the details on the dark time when Elena was first bitten.

Woo Hoo!  Realms of Fantasy isn’t dying.  They were just bought by Damnation Books LLC!

Rock on! Kim Harrison is going to be in Ann Arbor and Lansing for her Pale Demon tour.  I’m so excited that she is coming back to Michigan.  I’m thinking I’ll be at the Ann Arbor signing so the hubby can work from home while the monkey is in school.

In her recent newsletter, Marie Brennan announced the title to the fourth Onxy Court novel.  The Victorian-era novel will be called With Fate Conspire and everything is on track for a late summer/early fall release.

Jim C. Hines has some great news.  He just sold the first two books in a new series to DAW.  The new series has a tentative title of Magic ex Libris and will be featuring a librarian as the main heroine.  The first draft isn’t due until January 2012, so don’t expect anything on the first book for awhile.

SciFiGuy has posted another collection of fabulous Science Fiction & SFR, Fantasy and Young Adult releases.  He posted his Urban Fantasy & PNR releases earlier this month.

Wicked Scribes has a great update on some new releases.  Quite of few of these will be added to the New Releases page (which will be updated this weekend).

Dark Faerie Tales has more Reel Time and Publishing News.

Babbling About Books has the scoop on this years RT Romance Book Reviews 2010 nominations.

Stumbling Over Chaos has another MisAdventures in Stock Photography, this time featuring a guy with no name who likes leather jackets.

This just in from Dusk Comics…

After an exhaustive search for a new title to expand Dusk Comic’s line, Avell Enterprise presented their flagship title  Cesaga. Cesaga is a manga that is inspired from the folklore of South East Asia. Cesaga has been primarily published online, so this will be the first chance to see  Cesaga in print. Dusk Comics is proud to bring this culturally rich manga to US readers and hope they’ll enjoy it as much as the Malaysian readers have.

Hundreds of years ago there was a battle of two beings on earth, one who calls themselves the ‘Celestials’ and another one which is known as the ‘Darkseeds’. The Celestials won the battle but hundreds of years later the ‘Darkseeds’ who calls themselves the Puaka has started to rise again. It will be time before another battle begins. The Celestial king sent his warriors in search of the Puaka King to destroy the Puaka king before he could gather his army and rise against the Celestial King again. The story focuses on two of the warriors, the twin brother and sister Purnama and Suria in their journey to avoid another battle from starting. Inspired from the folklore of South East Asia.

Hunt the MoonKaren Chance has posted the first two chapters of the fifth Cassie Palmer novel, Hunt the Moon. I’m so excited that we’re finally getting another Cassie novel, but I especially can’t believe the fabulous cover that Hunt the Moon has. Check it out, isn’t it gorgeous? Hunt the Moon will be out June 7, 2011.

Patricia’s Vampire Notes is making sure we haven’t missed any of the great vampire novels that came out in October.

Book Chick City has a great feature called The Blogger’s Bookshelf and the current shelves being shown are those of Serena’s from Savvy Verse & Wit.  Can I just say that I love her shelves?  Seriously, she has these floor lamps that I so want.  I just need to find them now.

Gena Showalter has posted a few excerpts.  It’s tiny, but you can get a taste of The Darkest Secret, the next Lords of the Underworld novel here.  If you want to be teased about Twisted, you can read a small excerpt here. And the first chapter of Ever Night, Showalter’s novella in On the Hunt, can be read.

Tor/Forge is giving away a steampunk prize package.  Contest ends December 12th.  US only

LibraryThing has a few contests ending on November 26th:

  1. Midnight Riot by Ben Aaronovitch (50 copies)
  2. Pale Demon by Kim Harrison (50 copies)
  3. The Demon Trapper’s Daughter by Jana Oliver (48 copies)
  4. Bloodshot by Cherie Priest (20 copies)
  5. Kensei by Jon F. Merz (20 copies)
  6. Allison Hewitt Is Trapped by Madeleine Rou (15 copies)
  7. Elf Love by Josie Brown (15 copies)
  8. The Lost Gate by Orson Scott Card (15 copies)
  9. Delirium by Lauren Oliver (15 copies)

SciFiGuy is giving away a copy of Robert Kroese’s Mercury Falls.  Contest ends November 15th.

ChicaReader is giving away Melissa de la Cruz’s Blue Blood series.  Contest ends November 25th.

Dark Faerie Tales and Wicked Little Pixie are giving away copies Rick Yancey’s The Monstrumologist and The Curse of the Wendigo.  Contests end November 23rd.

Dark Faerie Tales is giving away a copy of Ally Condie’s Matched.  Contest ends November 21st.

Ellz Readz is giving away two ARC prize packs including a copy of Crescendo by Becca Kitzpatrick.  Contest ends November 12th.

Dark Faerie Tales is giving away a copy of Kersten Hamilton’s Tyger Tyger.  Contest ends November 21st.

Tor/Forge is giving away 10 copies of George RR Martin’s Songs of the Dying Earth via GoodReads.  Contest ends December 12.

Smut Vixens is giving away one registration package for Authors After Dark.  Contest ends November 30th.

Vampire Wire is giving away a copy of Chloe Neill’s Some Girls Bite.  Contest ends November 20th.

Yasmine Galenorn is giving away the first ARC of Blood Wyne.  Contest ends November 15th.

Vampire Wire is giving away a copy of Lena Meydan’s Twilight Forever Rising.  Contest ends November 24th.

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