Hunter’s Law of Grave Reckoning

It’s another one of those weird posts.  I haven’t had one since last week and yet I really don’t have much today.  There were a few author appearances, but for the most part, it’s been mainly new covers.  As in 33 new covers.  Obviously I’m not going to be posting them all, but you can find them in the FB album.  Here’s a sampling:

Hunters FallMysterious Lady LawGraveminder

Gotta thank all the fabulous sites who have dug them all up: All Things Urban Fantasy, Michelle’s Book Blog, Escape Between the Pages, Dark Faerie Tales and SciFiGuy.

Diana Pharaoh Francis has posted a snippet from her upcoming novel, Crimson Wind.

Strangely, this week I’ve actually showed up on two different sites.  You can find me talking about writers block on Dark Faerie Tales and my worst read on All Things Urban Fantasy.


Dead ReckoningSo…had anyone heard that the next Sookie Stackhouse had a title?  If that shocks you, check out the cover!  The next Sookie will be available May 3, 2011 and will be called Dead Reckoning.

For all you Black Friday shoppers out there, according to, Best Buy is going to have the BN Nook for $99.  For anyone wanting one, it would probably be worth hitting the store that day.  I know I’m seriously thinking about it.

Angie Fox is teasing us with a look at her story, What Slays in Vegas, which will appear in the 2011 anthology, So I Married a Demon Slayer, which is due out August 30, 2011.

Nalini Singh has announced her 2011 release schedule.  We’ll be getting two Guild Hunter novels and only one Psy-Changeling novel; but that’s fine since the second Guild Hunter novel is going to feature Dimitri!  Wooo….can’t wait to see more of that vamp.

The Smart Bitches have found out that you can now purchase Kindle books for other people.  That’s great news, but it also seems like they now also include tax when you do gift one.

For anyone hitting the Pale Demon tour, Kim Harrison announced that the tour shirts are now available.  I am totally going to be at one stop, just not sure which one yet.


Tor/Forge is giving away a set of 12 novels.  Contest ends December 16th.

Vampire Wire is giving away a copy of JF Lewis’ Staked.  Contest ends November 30th.

Patrick Rothfuss is giving away a ton of signed novels.  Contest ends at some point.

Nancy Holzner is giving away a Kindle plus books in multiple contests, with various end dates.

All Things Urban Fantasy is giving away a bunch of ARCs.  Contest ends November 27th.

Ann Aguirre is giving away four ARCs of Skin Heat.  Contest ends February 25th.

Nancy Holzner is giving away a signed copy of Hellforged.  Contest ends December 6th.

Nalini Singh is giving away four ARCs of Archangel’s Consort. Contest ends November 28th.

All Things Urban Fantasy and SciFiGuy two copies Rick Yancey’s The Monstrumologist and The Curse of the Wendigo.  Contest ends

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  1. FYI, Amazon just announced that they are going to be sell a limited number of second generation Kindles with full 3G network access for $89 on Black Friday starting at 9AM PST. That’s a fantastic deal. I have a 2nd gen Kindle and I love it. I’m thinking about trying to pick one up for my bookworm niece.

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