Tempt Me Saturday!

Tempt Me Saturday

Among the Ghosts by Amber Benson

A ghost story in which a young girl’s parents ship her off to a boarding school where, after some snooping around the gothic old estate, she meets a group of similar outcasts that can finally relate to. Unfortunately, her new friends turn out to be the ghosts of students who died in a horrible dormitory fire. Things go from weird to worse when her new ghostly schoolmates start disappearing and she realizes that she is the only person, living or dead, who can help them.

Dragon Bones by Patricia Briggs (Hurog Duology #1)

Ward of Hurog has tried all his life to convince people he is just a simple, harmless fool…And it’s worked. But now, to regain his kingdom, he must ride into war-and convince them otherwise.

Dragon Bones by Lisa See (Red Princess Mysteries)

In a magnificent land where myth mixes treacherously with truth, one woman is in charge of telling them apart. Liu Hulan is the Inspector in China’s Ministry of Public Security whose tough style rousts wrongdoers and rubs her superiors the wrong way. Now her latest case finds her trapped between her country’s distant past and her own recent history.

The case starts at a rally for a controversial cult that ends suddenly in bloodshed, and leads to the apparent murder of an American archaeologist, which officials want to keep quiet. And haunting Hulan’s investigation is the possible theft of ancient dragon bones that might alter the history of civilization itself.

Getting to the bottom of ever-spiraling events, Hulan unearths more scandals, confronts more murderers, and revives tragic memories that shake her tormented marriage to its core. In the end, she solves a mystery as big, unruly, and complex as China itself.

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