To Kill A Vampire by J. Sage

To Kill A VampireJulianna Sage’s To Kill a Vampire went super slow in the beginning and at one point I really wanted to put it down. However, I am so glad that I didn’t because Julianna Sage has created a wonderfully unique twist on not only the vampire legend itself but the way romance is actually portrayed.

Angelica Gentillini’s mundane existence is thrown into chaos the night the darkly alluring Erik Kestler abducts her from a Chicago nightclub, claiming he has come to save her life. In a horrific future where humans are near extinction-bred only for food and other unimaginable torment-Vlad, leader of the vampire race, has ordered her execution before she can write her novel, To Kill A Vampire-a book containing secrets to slay the immortal monsters. Can Erik and his handful of underground vampire resistance succeed in keeping Angelica alive?

To save her from the rapidly converging evil legion, Erik plunges her into a nightmare life on the run. During their frantic escape, Angelica sustains a life-threatening vampire wound. Unable to bear losing his great love, Erik transforms her. Struggling to accept her new existence while encountering relentless pursuit, she must face the deadliest secret of all-the surest way to kill a vampire is to break his heart.

I want to start off with saying that I think the synopsis gives away way too much and wished I hadn’t known some of the stuff that happened before I read it and also want to mention that the synopsis is misleading as to how she is “transformed”, but I digress.

To Kill a Vampire starts off with Angelica in a bar with some friends of hers, and she gets swept away by a vampire named Erik, who says he’s saving her life. She is instantly plunged into this supernatural world of demons and vampires and a life on the run. So right off the bat the action starts and the plot is in full roar – something I really enjoy in a book!

The romance in To Kill a Vampire was not that believable for me, at least not in the first half of the book. Though, I have never been one for liking the “just met and fell into bed” type stories but given that this was a romance I let it slide. The characters were really likable and their progression picked up around the halfway point, and that made it much easier to get into the rest of the story. Sage’s take on vampires is yet another unique idea and it’s a bit on the morbid side, which again I really like!

The world building was outstanding. I really enjoyed how Sage put all of the elements together and her time travel bit was very creative! The romance in To Kill a Vampire was not your typical happily ever after one, and I absolutely loved how Sage put it all together.

The biggest thing that bothered me was the cover for To Kill a Vampire. Holy horrendous looking men batman! The text and blood effect on the cover are edgy and the heroine is beautiful. Then you have a very ugly scraggly looking guy on the cover that makes you go EWWW! That is NOT how I want to go into a book imagining the hero looking like!!

Overall, if you are a fan of paranormal romance then you should check out To Kill a Vampire.

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  1. Hi Tricia,

    Thanks for the nice review. I hate the cover, too. And it was worse before I raised holy h*** with the publisher. I’ll send some friends over to comment.

    Sharron AKA Julianna Sage

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