Hot for the Holidays (Anthology)

Hot for the HolidaysAfter reading Anya Basts’s Wicked Enchantment, I felt like a couple of the characters had already had their story told (aka Bella and Ronan). Come to find out, I was right – Sweet Enchantment is the prequel story to the Dark Magick universe and it was released as part of the Hot for the Holidays anthology. Since I love anthologies, I totally had to pick this up. Sadly, Sweet Enchantment is probably the only story that has really stuck with me. The others were good, just not enough to make me sit up and run for the next novel in their respective series.

Angela Knight’s Vampire’s Ball was a great return to the Mageverse, but haven’t we seen a Champion before? I’m a little behind on the series, but I do remember something about Champion being off. As in we’ve already seen one, why are we seeing him again? I’m not sure.

I also have to say that A Little Night Magic by Allyson James was my first foray into her Stormwalker series and I did enjoy it. It does make me curious about Stormwalker and I’m glad I picked it up at the used bookstore when I was there last.

Lora Leigh’s Christmas Kiss was Hawke and Jessica’s story from her Breed series and while it was also good, it has completely slipped from my mind. I can remember bits and pieces – good flow, nice plot arc, kept me interested – but any specific is gone.

Overall, the anthology was good, just not too memorable. I’m glad I picked it up and read it, but it’s a good thing I have it for my Kindle because it probably wouldn’t survive the great purging I’m currently doing to my print collection.

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