I used to do write a lot of poetry and for some reason I went back through and reread what I had.  Since I do have them, I thought I would share some of my work.  They are not the greatest, and they are a little old (this was during my high school years), but they’re mine.  I’ll be posting them periodically over the next month or so, that way I don’t flood the site.  If I find some of my older stuff, I’ll post them at some point as well.

This is one of my favorite poems. I also ended up with a weird reaction from my mother. For some reason, she didn’t like the tone of it and pulled me from school after lunch for some mother/daughter bonding time. It worried her for some reason.

I am no longer here.
I am no longer able to fulfill my promise.
For the time of day is going on without me,
and I can’t seem to catch up.
The sky turns from blue to red
changing with my mood.
With the leaving of clear skies
comes the ever present clouds,
the same ones that are cursed to sail with me forever.
My promise has been forfeited
with the ever changing time.
For all promises are forfeited
when one no longer cares.
For the world can easily turn against me,
and with no one to turn to
I can easily fall in the times wake.
For the times are ever changing,
and I am still caught in the past,
with old memories to keep me company
and past hurts to bring me sorrow.
When will I realize that I can’t bring back the past,
with the happy times I had,
and start living in the present
with all the sorrow it has to bring.
For I am alone in this cursed world,
with no one around but my sorrow
to keep me company.
For everyone has gone to the promised land
where the angels have resigned
and left this cursed earth
with smoldering fires
left from their anger.
Everyone is gone.
I am alone.
Human life has perished
by their own hands and minds.
For knowledge has killed them
and left me alone.
When will I be gone from this cursed earth
and follow in the wake of every one else.
For I am alone,
and this earth is no longer alive.
Everyone’s gone from their own hands of fate

Written by J. Morgan 1997

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