Cat’s Tale by Bettie Sharpe

BSharpe-Cats TaleI absolutely love fairy tales. I love seeing each author’s different take on a classic tale and how they make it their own story. With her latest novel, Cat’s Tale, Bettie Sharpe has instantly become one of my new favorite authors with her clever yet hilarious retelling of Puss in Boots.

Once the peerlessly beautiful Lady Catriona, consort to the king, Cat’s fortunes fall far when her aged husband dies. The king’s wizard turns her into a cat and tries to drown her in the mill pond. Fortunately Cat is a clever survivor and enlists the help of Julian, the miller’s youngest son, in her plan for revenge.

She originally sees Julian as a mere pawn for her plans to break her curse, but as they work together Cat comes to know and care for him. Even if the curse can be broken, can a good-hearted man love a woman who has been as vain and selfish as Cat?

Unlike the classic telling of Puss in Boots, Cat was a woman before being turned into a cat. Cat was one of the most flawed, egotistical, cynical heroines I’ve ever read about. Yet, I could not stop laughing at her antics. Everything from her saying that every good plan starts with a new pair of shoes to her honest belief that no man could ever say no to her beautiful face or perky breasts.

Julian was the complete opposite of Cat, always wanting to believe the best of everyone, even his evil step-brothers. While Cat was jaded, Julian was almost naive in his optimism. It was a refreshing twist from the typical tall, dark and brooding personalties that the heroes in fairy tales have.

The plot moved along fairly quickly, infused with humor and action. The dialogue was just as witty as the rest of the story.  In fact, I read through Cat’s Tale so quickly that it was over before I wanted it to end, which was my only complaint.

Cat’s Tale is a short, sweet, wonderfully unique take on the fairy tale of Puss in Boots for adults.

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