Pariah (Vol 2) by Aron Warner

Pariah.Vol2With the monkey going nuts over superheroes and watching a ton of Justice League, Superman, Batman, etc, I’ve started reading more graphic novels/comic books and I’m wondering why I waited so long. They are a really quick and easy read (which the hubby is really enjoying right now), so when I was given the chance to read the second issue of Aron Warner’s new Pariah series, I took it. I have to say, without having read the first issue, I’m definitely intrigued.

From what I can gather from this issue, it’s 2025 and the world’s geniuses are actually known as Vitros. This may have been explained in the first issue, but for some reason, the Vitros are not exactly welcome by the rest of the population and we catch this crew of Vitros, lead by one Lila Ellerman, during their first week on the run from the authorities. The one thing I’m enjoying about graphic novels is that they don’t have to focus on the descriptive element of the story since they can just show you, so there’s really no lag time in getting into the story. Even though this is the second issue, and it’s only 25 pages, I’m hooked. I’m curious to see what is going to happen in issue 3. I’m curious to know why the Vitros are hunted rather than allowed their scientific explorations. I will say that I’m curious to know more about the Vitro background – what are they exactly, where they came from, etc etc.

Pariah.Vol2.Sc1The other thing I’m enjoying about Pariah Vol 2 is that even though this is a young adult series (did I mention that?), it doesn’t read as a YA. I’m not exactly sure what age the kids are, and maybe this is due to their IQ, but their interactions are more mature, with a little childish fun thrown in. The only real clue you get as to how young they could be is when Sam, Lila’s love interest, is talking with her about her altercation with one of the other members of their crew. It’s amusing to read while still reminding you that this is a young adult graphic novel.

Speaking of Sam, I have to say the relationship aspect of the series is intriguing. Lila and Sam are already together, but even Lila doesn’t really know what they are doing. Are they dating or just having fun? Lila doesn’t know, and while she’s curious to know, so far she doesn’t try finding out.  This dynamic is going to be interesting later on I think.  I can see all sort of problems popping up because neither of them know what the other is thinking (at least that’s my impression, I have no clue what Sam is thinking) and situations that will depend on what they think they know.  I don’t know.

With only 25 pages, there’s a lot that’s said, but there’s a lot that isn’t as well.  Without reading that first issue, I’m not sure what has happened that Lila doesn’t tell us and there’s still a lot more to happen, so anything is possible.  Especially with the appearance of a new character at the very end.  I have to say, I am still curious about this graphic series, especially considering the end and now I want to know what happens in issue 3.  Pariah is currently available at your local comic book store.

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