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SWalker-Book of Grimm Vol 2Quick LE Update: Are you ready for Black Friday?  I’m getting there which is why I’ve been kind of quiet the last week or so.  I’ve also been working on some great events for 2012 and it’s going to be a busy year here on LE.  So while the news posts have been kind of sporadic, they will be back once I get everything squared away.  I will be announcing the winners for the re Stephanie Chong and Chloe Neill contests this weekend.

This isn’t all the news, but I figured you guys have waited long enough.  Have I really not posted anything since the 7th?!  I’ll post even more tomorrow, so stay tune.

Diana Francis Pharaoh has posted a snippet from her fourth Horngate Witches novel, Blood Winter.

Shiloh Walker has posted a snippet from her upcoming novel, If You See Her, which releases.  Shiloh has also posted an excerpt from her newly released Hunters novel, Eli and Sarel.

Lauren Dane has posted a snippet from her next Phantom Corps novel, Captivated, which releases May 1st.

Jeaniene Frost has posted an excerpt from her story, Home for the Holidays, which appeared in the anthology, A Bite Before Christmas.

Richelle Mead has posted the first chapter to her fourth Dark Swan novel, Shadow Heir, which releases in January.

Nalini Singh has posted an excerpt from her new release, Lord of the Abyss.  In addition, Nalini has posted a bunch of deleted scenes from a few of her novels, like Kiss of Snow and Beat of Temptation (her story from the An Enchanted Season anthology).

Cynthia Eden has posted the prologue to her upcoming novel, Angel of Darkness, which releases next week.

Kelley Armstong has posted the eleventh chapter to her Online Story. Here are the first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventheighth, ninth and tenth chapters.

Yasmine Galenorn has a new Moon Daughter’s Comic up.

Author Appearances:

LIone-Lethal RiderThere are always more fabulous covers popping up. To see them all, head over to facebook, where I’ve added them to the FB album for your viewing pleasure.

I made the mistake of checking the comments on LE’s FB page while I was initially compiling this and of course I got distracted. For anyone who knows me, it doesn’t take much to distract me, especially if I’m given a project that involves formating and spreadsheets (and lately it’s been even worse). I fully admit to having a slight case of OCD when it comes to this stuff and that night was no exception. One simple question and hours later, I now have a pretty sweet looking spreadsheet with a bunch of anthologies listed. *grin* I’m still working on getting it ready for publication, but for now, if you have any you want to make sure gets included, click here.

Diana Francis Pharaoh has announced the title for her fourth Horngate Witches novel.  It’s a working title, and we’ll probably won’t get it until December 2012, but we get to look forward to Blood Winter. Oh yeah, did you see the snippet mentioned above?

GoodReads is having their annual Choice Awards and man are they making it hard.  In the Best Paranormal Fantasy category, there are 8 authors I so want to vote for.  I’m tempted just not to vote, but damn I want one of my favorites to win.  I’m not sure who to pick.  Have you voted yet?  How did you chose?

On November 24th, Tilly Greene will be kicking off her holiday celebrations with her Perfect Gift is a Book Event. Between November 25th and December 24th, a different author or blogger will be visiting her and suggesting what they think would be the perfect book to give as a gift.  I’ll be visiting her site at some point (once I have a link, I’ll share it) and I personally think I have the perfect book to give.  *grin* Curious to know what it is?  Than keep an eye on Tilly’s site as she will also be having a sweet contest going at the same time.

There are two new Snow White movies coming out soon and they both look kind of interesting.  I think they’ll be different enough that they won’t be direct competition for each other, but we’ll have to see.  What do you think? Which one interests you more – Mirror Mirror or Snow White and the Huntsman?

Sad news for fans of Shiloh Walkers’ Veil series, the third book ain’t coming.   Veil of Shadows didn’t do as well as it needed to do, so the third novel is going into hiatus for a bit.  Shiloh assures us that the story will continue, just not anytime soon.  And if you’ve been wanting to get a copy of Veil of Shadows, then I would head over to Amazon right now.  The paperback edition is bargain priced at $2.44.

Ever wondered what the physical exams would look like for our favorite superheroes?  The League of Ordinary Gentlemen is able to answer that question.  Well, not entirely, but they are sharing the latest report for our favorite caped crusader, Bruce Wayne.

Lynda Hilburn is giving away a $100 giftcard – ends December 31st.

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  1. I may end up seeing both but I’m leaning more towards the Huntsman. It looks much darker than Mirror Mirror (plus, Chris Hemsworth, hello!), despite the fact that I’m not a Kristen Stewart fan (At all. She even spells her name wrong!)

  2. Snow White and the Huntsman, though I’m not a Stewart fan at all.

    I am, however, a fan of Shiloh Walker since five minutes ago when I was checking out her books on Amazon (as you suggested) and saw that she loved Bunnicula. That was the last thing I dressed up as years ago for Halloween and no one ever knows who he is.

  3. I voted for Ilona Andrews in every category they were nominated in on the Goodreads Awards because they promised a scene from Curran’s POV if they won.

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