Wild Hunt by L. Devoti

I’m not really a fan of the Harlequin/Silhouette series of books, but I took a chance with Lori Devoti since she’s made a few comments here and I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised. Lori’s latest release, The Wild Hunt, covers a topic that I’m familiar with but I really haven’t seen before.

If you’re familiar with the fae and other mythos about the sidhe, then you’ve probably have heard the term “the wild hunt” before. Both Laurell K Hamilton (the Meredith Gentry series – Lord Sholto) and Eileen Wilks (her novella featuring Kai and Nathan that I can’t think of the name right now) have made references to it, but there really isn’t any novels based around the Wild Hunt and it’s characters. In addition to that, the heroine is part Valkyrie and that’s another new area for me. I love reading mythologies and the various takes many authors take on them, so finding this novel was actually fun.

We’re introduced to Venge and Geysa, two souls that are programed to hate each other. Venge is a hellhound who is bent on finding any means that will allow him to destroy his father. During his search, he hears the call of the horn, the signal for the Wild Hunt. Rushing to the call, he finds himself in a village where other hellhounds have gathered. There he sees Geysa, a Valkyrie in disguise, waiting tables. Geysa and her family are looking for the horn. They stole it from the Erlking years ago and now it’s gone missing.  However, they can’t hear the horn, so they must rely on the hounds for all of their information. Both Venge and Geysa want the horn, so they strike up a deal to find it together, but they discover other things along the way.

Overall, this was a good read. It wasn’t spellbinding or captivating, but it definitely kept my interest. The plot was well thought out and there were a few twists I didn’t see coming. The character development was good for the main characters, and we learned things about the supporting cast along the way. There were romantic elements spread throughout the novel, but there wasn’t as much as I have seen in the past with Harlequin or Silhouette books. In fact, the plot was the main focus of the novel and I enjoyed that.  I would recommend The Wild Hunt by Lori Devoti to anyone looking for a good story.

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  1. I’m not much of a Harlequin/Sillouette reader myself (the regular imprints by them), but I do subscribe to the Nocturne imprint and of course I buy Gena Showalter, Laura Anne Gilman, Jennifer Armintrout and Maggie Shayne books. Ok, I guess I just buy anything paranormal by HQN and Sillouette. LOL

    I too was pleasantly surprised by the quality of writing in the Nocturne books. So my hats off to Lori Devoti and her “sisters” from the HQN/Sillouette house. Please keep them coming! :)

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