Chong, Neill & Zanetti Contest Winners

Contest WinnersBefore I get to the winners of the contests that just ended, I wanted to remind everyone about the current contests going on:

Now on to the winners….

Stephanie Chong

I had the fabulous Stephanie Chong on Literary Escapism sharing an exclusive excerpt from her new release, Where Demons Fear to Tread. While she was here, we gave away a copy of Where Demons Fear to Tread.In order to enter, all anyone had to do was answer: Have you had a chance to read Where Demons Fear to Tread yet? What did you think? If not, what have you heard/seen that has made you want to read it? Now, without further ado, the winner is:

ASHLY P (from The Bibliophiles Corner) who said: I have not had a chance to read this yet, but I read a review on it a few days ago and after adding your blog to my Google Reader I saw the cover again. I’m a sucker for covers. And I’m a sucker for angels and demons.

Congratulations Ashley P!

Chloe Neill

I was a complete idiot and completely missed my deadline for talking with Chloe Neill about the events that happened in Hard Bitten and what could be happening in Drink Deep. So I’m giving away THREE fabulous novels by Chloe Neill – Hard Bitten, Hexbound and a Chicagoland novel of choice. In order to enter, all anyone had to do was answer: After the events of Hard Bitten, what are you afraid to see in Drink Deep? What are you looking forward to? If you haven’t read Hard Bitten (or the series), why not? Now, without further ado, the winners are:

Hard BittenThe Book Vixen (from The Book Vixen) who said: I haven’t read Hard Bitten yet only because I have a few books I need to read first. I actually can’t wait to read it to see what all the commotion is about.

HexboundJORDAN F who said: After Hard Bitten, I’m afraid to see how things get along without Ethan. I’m also afraid that he might not come back! I’m looking forward to more Mallory magic, and to see who owns those green eyes that aren’t Ethan’s. And I’ve read the whole CV series and love it! It’s one if my favorites.

Novel of Choice – SIDNEY who said: I’ve read the book happily thinking “THIS IS THE MOMENT” for ethan and merit,but it all shattered when ethan died, Imagine it, he DIED. I was completely Mourning for months wanting to forget the last 1/4 part of Hard Bitten. And now Drink Deep is coming, and I would really really love a copy. I wish ethan would be there , alive again, but if not my bones are hoping he will even in the next books, im afraid another close character to merit will die or change into something bad. I’m also afraid of the jonah-merit tandem, I STILL LOVE MY DEARLY GREEN EYED MONSTER… :)

Congratulations The Book Vixen, Jordan F and Sidney!

Rebecca Zanetti

I had the fabulous Rebecca Zanetti on Literary Escapism discussing Vampires and Family Ties. While she was here, we gave away two copies of either Fated or Claimed – winners choice – and I’ve only  had one winner contact me. In order to enter, all anyone had to do was answer: Is there anything your family or your close friends know about you that drives you crazy? Now, without further ado, the winner is:

PAMK who said: I’m not going to do that when it comes out of my teenage son’s mouth lol. both of them are over 6 feet and I’m a short chubby woman. But this puts my back up and I get right up in their face and as my son puts it we have “dicussion” with mom and she wins. rofl.

Congratulations Pamk!


You have until December 4th to send me an email at jackie AT literaryescapism DOT com, with the contest you won in the subject line, otherwise I’ll draw a new name when I post the current contest winners.  Sidney, make sure you let me know which novel you would like. *grin*

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