Howling at the Moon by K. MacInerney

On a recommendation from my cousin, I picked up the first book in the Tales of an Urban Werewolf series by Karen MacInerney – Howling at the Moon.

We’re introduced to Sophie Garou who is born werewolf; however, her mother is completely human so when she was born, her father had to leave them in order to protect her from his pack. Twenty-eight years later, Sophie doesn’t find the whole ordeal surrounding her birth to be at all romantic (as compared to her mother), so she really doesn’t view werewolves in a favorable light. She tries to avoid other werewolves, and she does a really good job of it, until she spies one, and he spies her, on her way to visit her mother. Did I mention her mother is in jail for killing a congressman-elect? We have the makings for an interesting plot, but personally, I’m not really sure if it worked or not.

I really wasn’t that interested in the book. It was a good story, but there were so many other things that MacInerney could have done to make it even more interesting. Sophie is an auditor with a sexy lawyer boyfriend who doesn’t know she’s a werewolf. When she meets the incredible sexy werewolf, she has all this animal lust going on and she doesn’t act on it. She remembers she has a boyfriend and she remains faithful to him. Even when the other werewolf shows up to help her out in difficult situations, still nothing happens. MacInerney alludes to so much sexual tension between Sophie and the other werewolf, that something should have happened. It was obvious the attraction wasn’t just one sided, but still it wasn’t captivating.

On top of this, the plot wasn’t that engaging either. Sophie’s mom was being charged with murder and she goes out and tries to find the real murderer. I’m sure that plot has been done numerous times and this time it didn’t seem new or fresh.

Overall, the book was a good read, but I wouldn’t say it was great. I was easily distracted from it and the relationships were kind of dull, but I’m not upset that I read it. The series actually has a lot of potential to get better, so I’ll try the second novel, On the Prowl, that comes out this fall and give it another shot.

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