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AAD Burbon StreetDid you see the latest AAD Author visiting Larissa’s Bookish Life yesterday with her own After Dark on Bourbon Street story? You should totally go read it…like now.

After Dark on Bourbon Street

Mattias Vitale dishes on NOLA and Mardi Gras.

Ah, the sweet aroma of the French Quarter. I’ve always found New Orleans intriguing, for several reasons, I assure you.

Let me begin by introducing myself. My name is Mattias Vitale and I lead the most powerful vampire coven in all of Europe, or so they say. When I need refuge from the usual dastardly deeds, New Orleans tops my list of favorite destinations. Yes friends, even the villain takes a vacation.

What’s not to love about this town? The Crescent City is rich with copious amounts of culture and history—some of which I can still recall from the days of the early settlers. Having roamed the earth for nearly six hundred years, I’ve learned to appreciate more than most people. But this celebration of Mardi Gras has surely grown into a spectacle far different from the festivities practiced in the 1700s.

Even now, as I stroll through Jackson Square, enjoying a piping hot cup of chicory coffee from the famous Café du Monde, visitors from far away cities and nations tear through the square with fistfuls of colored beads. Strangers speak in native tongues, but they all understand “bead currency”. Foolish humans and their fascination with bared breasts. If I measured every set of bare breasts I’ve seen with a strand of beads, the pile would be astounding.

Swarms of people currently approach Bourbon Street, which will soon flood with tourists spanning the globe, sampling beignets and vats of frozen alcoholic beverages while experiencing the largest pre-Lenten party in Louisiana. Elaborate floats will parade the road this evening along route to the Garden District and will stretch throughout the city, its passengers tossing coins, beads, and other trinkets symbolic of the event. Some folks will enjoy the tastes of Cajun cuisine and delicacies, while others will be seduced by the excitement of NOLA nightlife and long to explore the paranormal realm in search of evidence of my kind.

But when the crowds disappear, remnants of the celebration linger all year round. All one needs to do is look to lampposts, trees, and other nooks to see a stray strand of beads in memory of Mardi Gras festivities.

I admit to having fallen victim to the novelty of Mardi Gras and often participated in my fair share of sampling. Oh yes, blood tastes all the sweeter when laced with confections and hints of Absinthe. Apologies if you thought I might refer to the gumbo. *snicker*

One aspect of Mardi Gras that I’ve always appreciated is the donning of masks. There’s something about the mystery behind a mask that seems to heat one’s blood with excitement. You’ll find an enormous selection of these masks from simple to elaborate designs in most souvenir shops around the quarter. But be forewarned…I’ve seen how collecting these pieces could grow into an addictive hobby.

If you were wondering about the best place to experience Mardi Gras, it would truly depend on your preference. If you enjoy the crowds, brave the walk on Bourbon Street. But I prefer a spot above the masses on one of the balconies overlooking Rue Bourbon. If you’re fortunate enough to reserve accommodations in one of the few hotels lined along Bourbon, be sure to secure a room with a balcony facing the street. The view is from a comfortable distance but close enough to feel like your immersed in the party below. In fact, this is one of the only times of the year when it’s legal to toss the coveted beads from balconies. At a cost, as you’re already aware. Remember the term, “bead currency”? This would apply.

While I have little tolerance and tend to avoid the crowds as of late, I do make a point to visit sites that have become old favorites and hope you’ll also appreciate my recommendations to enhance the pleasure of your trip to this gem of a city.

One of my favorite pastimes is a fine little establishment hidden along the 700 block of Toulouse Street. If you’re not in search of Ye Olde Original Dungeon, you certainly won’t find this late night bar. Doors don’t open to the public until after 10:00 P.M. and even then, it’s dark, gothic and metal atmosphere are not for the faint of heart. Perfect for a vampire to do his bidding. However, I do recommend you visit at least once.

Take a walk through the picturesque Jackson Square, passing the rows of local artists with displays for your consideration and you won’t miss the majestic Saint Louis Cathedral. Continue down the small side street along the left side of the building and you’ll find yourself in Pirate’s Alley. Stop into the Absinthe House nestled in the center of Pirate’s Alley, and sample one of the town’s signature drinks…Absinthe. Marvel at the talented bartenders as they blend this potent concoction from scratch—a true feast for the eyes.

At the corner of Bourbon and St. Phillip Streets sits the historic Jean Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop. The quaint drinking establishment removed from the noise and the crowds of Bourbon Street, is the oldest bar in America! In fact, the building utilizes natural light and when the sun sets, you’ll see mostly candlelight in this tourist attraction. If you’re looking for old world New Orleans, this is the place to visit.

Speaking of old world New Orleans, you simply can’t walk down the streets without feeling the influence of celebrated figure, Marie Laveau. A lovely woman I had the pleasure of meeting a time or two during my travels, Ms. Laveau is the renowned ‘Voodoo Queen of New Orleans’, having practiced Voodoo during the 1800s and often raised an eyebrow or two. In fact, the Marie Laveau House of Voodoo is a lovely shop on Bourbon Street dedicated to Ms. Laveau and her practices.

While it’s true that I dine on one particular source of nourishment, I occasionally acquire a taste for some of the freshest seafood in New Orleans, which you’ll find at the Acme Oyster House on Iberville Street. While oysters are the specialty, you’ll find other phenomenal dishes on the menu. Be prepared to face long lines at this tourist spot. With such a demand, it leaves one to wonder if it’s true what humans say about oysters. *wink*

How could I forget the famous Café du Monde? One simply can’t consume enough chicory coffee, Café Au Lait and beignets. Gods I look forward to bringing my lady love to New Orleans and watching her expression as the sugar covered dough graces her lips for the first time. The thought of the confection mixed with the naturally sweet taste of her lips could drive a man mad. But first, I’ll have to convince her that I’m not the prince of darkness. Sure I’ve committed a few nefarious acts to secure her position by my side, but a man in love does drastic things.

Many NOLA visitors embark upon several tours offered around the town. I’m a bit partial to the vampire tour. This roughly two hour walking tour makes frequent stops at several locations rumored to be involved in actual vampire events. Was Jacques St. Germain a vampire? His secrets will remain safe with me, so you’ll have to be the judge. If the tour doesn’t satisfy your craving for the undead, do come to see me. I have a few friends who would be thrilled to accompany you on a private tour for a small donation.

Another tour I’d recommend is the cemetery tour. For those of you unaware, New Orleans has a rather unique burial requirement. All of the dearly departed must be buried in above ground tombs due to the town’s high water table. These cemeteries are known as ‘cities of the dead’ where the tombs are so elaborate, some resemble monuments. The most famous of these sites is Lafayette Cemetery. You may have seen the landmark as the site has been used in several movies filmed in New Orleans.

Souvenirs are abundant all throughout town, but I’m somewhat partial to the charming Boutique du Vampyre on Toulouse Street. Here you’ll find exquisite pieces of gothic jewelry, breathtaking chalices, and a variety of vampire collectibles designed by local artists. In fact, I’ll be headed there shortly to purchase a new bracelet for my Gianna to replace the hideous relic she’s grown fond of. Perhaps a gift will do the trick.

It’s been my pleasure to give you a glimpse of New Orleans and the Mardi Gras festivities. I sincerely hope you have the opportunity to visit this extraordinary city. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve grown quite hungry and feel the need to taste all that New Orleans has to offer.

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  1. I’d love to see the French Quarter. (I’ve been to NO once, but it was for a 2 day conference and the person I was with was really conservative- no drinking, in bed by 9 type. So, didn’t have much opportunity to visit places. Would love, love to go again!

  2. Besides going to see the French Quarter and Bourbon Street I would want to see the Lafayette cemetary. That cemetary has been used in so many films and books. I’ve never been to New Orleans but those three places are on the top of my wish list. Of course I would have to visit all of the famous restaurants. A trip to NO wouldn’t be complete without getting good creole/cajun food.

  3. Obviously I would like to see the French Quarter but I would most like to see the cemeteries and go on a ghost tour.

  4. How wonderfully decadent, mysterious and fabulously alive you have made this Town sound Mattias.
    And to have lived through so much of it’s history as well.

    Seeing I’m coming in from the other side of the world, may I ask what is a beignet (is it like a do-nut?)
    It sounds like the food there is amazing… (shame I do not eat oysters)
    By your description and the little I know of History it is understandable that New Orleans is a popular tourist destination, Is there any time of year that it may not be quite soooo busy? If one wanted to visit???

    Thank you for the interesting interview Jae Lynne :)

  5. Greetings. I think I have found my next new author!

    New Orleans is such a wonderful and fantastic place. while I have been several times, I want to explore more abut the jazz scene. I have been to the traditional places and everyone needs to go to Preservation Hall.

  6. Wonderful descriptions of New Orleans! I can’t wait to go there in Ausgust!!
    I’m dying to see the cemeteries myself actually…go on one of the tours maybe??
    The French Quarter is a must. The food sounds absolutely fabulous over there and the drinks even more so ;)I’ll have to be adventurous and try new things.
    I think Bourbon Street is going to keep me fairly occupied while I’m there too :)
    Oh, and if Mattias is available at any stage during AAD for a tour….;)

  7. I love New Orleans and everything about it. Being there is like being at home. What I would love to do more of the plantation tours. I know this is outside of the city but the one plantation I have not been able to get to Oak Alley Plantation. But will do of a bunch of city stuff once I go back this year. I cannot wait. Great interview…it make me want to book a flight for next weekend. Hahahaha…thanks again :-)

  8. The coffee, would love to go to Cafe du Monde, Have Cafe au Lait and Beingets. The Vampire tour sounds like fun.

  9. I would love to see the French Quarter and would also love to do the cemetary tours. The vampire tour also sounds like a lot of fun. Also want to try Beingets and any of the other famous New Orleans Cusine.
    Big fan of your books and would love to win.

  10. I would like to see the French Quarter, do the cementery tour and try out some restaurants. You probably should go on the ghost tour with the people from the AAD Conference :)

  11. I would like to visit New Orleans period! Frech Quarter, is on the top of my list to visit and after Moira’s suggestion Cafe du Monde. :)

    The ghost tour sounds interesting for the AAD group.

  12. I was in NOLA 2 years ago. We asked around on that Sunday night for a good recommendation for music and for the life of me I cant remember exactly where we were but it was between teh French quarter and the Cafe du Mundo/river..not exactly the safest place to be but wow..the music was awesome that night. I even bought a CD of one of the bands..The Palmetto Bug Stompers.

    I already have this book so I just wanted to comment!
    Thanks..counting down to NOLA this year.

  13. August is going to be a great month it will be my first time to New Orleans and my first Authors After Dark Con. Can’t wait to meet you and everyone else attending. Definately want to tour the cemeteries.

    Not sure yet about my feelings for Mattias. Although I would give him the chance to show me why he is the man for Gianna. *wink wink*

  14. I’m love to see the cemeteries. I’ve heard they are cool- I especially love looking at old tombstones. It sounds weird to some people, but old tombstones are often very ornate and interesting. While at the conference, eat some seafood!

  15. I would like to visit the French Quarter and Preservation Hall, a lot of the tours sound good as well, I would do them for with the AAD group if I were you.

  16. Wow, great interview! I’m still waiting for Blood Moon and I’m so excited for NOLA! Cafe Du Monde is definitely on my list of places to see, as well as Bourbon St. and the French Quarter! Vampire and ghost tours sound like a lot of fun! See ya in NOLA! Are we going to have Blood Moon by then so I can get an autograph?

  17. Cafe du Monde was recommended often enough, that I’d love to give it a go. French Quarter sound good as well, I’d go there withe on the AAD Conference if I were you. ;)

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