Reno’s Chance by Lora Leigh

LLeigh-Renos ChanceI still enjoy reading straight up romance, but I’ve come to realize they are no longer my preferred genre. Not unless I’m in the mood for some quick entertainment, which I was tonight.  I’ve been told I need to check out Lora Leigh for when I do get into these romance moods and since her novella, Reno’s Chance, is currently $1.99 on Amazon, I went for it.

Reno’s Chance – never before released as a standalone novella! Previously published in the anthology Honk If You Love Real Men.

Ever since she was a little girl, Raven McIntire has secretly pined and longed for her best friend’s sexy older brother, Reno, a Navy SEAL who has just returned home from duty. What she doesn’t realize is that his only true mission is to get into her heart and get her into his bed.

Reno’s Chance as a romance was fabulous. It was definitely a quick and entertaining read, with characters who smoldered the pages (or screen as the case may be).  My only real complaint was Leigh didn’t make her characters burn enough. *grin* However, considering we came into their relationship after the spark had been started, that’s not too surprising.

Honestly, the characters did intrigue me enough that I’m curious to see if Morgana and Clinton (Reno and Raven’s siblings) will have a story as well. They don’t show up a lot in Reno’s Chance, but there’s enough hints that I’m thinking there is.

There’s not a lot I can say about Reno’s Chance.  It’s a romance novella, which means any kind of plot is nonexistent since the story is focused on the romance. On top of that, it’s a romance and we should all know what that means. Like I previous said, other than the fact that I would have liked to see Raven and Reno jumped through a few more hoops, the story was good and definitely worth a read if anyone is in the mood for a light romance. In the end, Reno’s Chance did do what a novella should – it’s going to get me to read Lora Leigh again. *grin*

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Reno’s Chance
Dangerous Games
For Maggies Sake (in Real Men Do It Better)
Hidden Agendas
Killer Secrets
Atlanta Heat (in Rescue Me)

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  1. I love everything Lora Leigh writes. The seals series is fabulous. There are 6 books (3 short stories & 3 novella’s) in the Seals series and Ian’s book is my favorite. then she switches to her Elite ops series which is tied to her Seals series (some of the same characters are in these books but they take place like 5 years later). Wild Card is the first book in that series and is really the bridge between them.

    The breed books are great too.

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