School’s In Begins Tomorrow (Master List)

Schools InIt’s here. The day most parents look forward to. School has returned! With all of this in mind, I’ve talked 30 authors into sharing with us all the “fun” their different characters, from their newly (or soon to be) released novels, might, or might not, have had during their own school days.

Today is the day. School’s In and so we shall begin. Listed below are the various stories and giveaways that will be occurring between now and September 30th. I hope you’ll get a chance to check them all out as we are giving away some fabulous books and sharing some fantastic stories. As the authors visit to share their tales, I’ll be adding the links here, so in case you miss any, you’ll be able to find it easy. *grin*

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Isaac Vainio by Jim C. Hines (Libromancer)
Sethie’s High School Reunion by Alyssa Sheinmel (The Stone Girl)
David Kentewess by Meljean Brook (Riveted)
Wendy, Eddie, Piotr by KD McEntire (Reaper)
Owen Palmer by Shana Swendson (Much Ado About Nothing)
School of Hard Knocks (Levet) by Alexandra Ivy (Fear the Darkness)
First Day at Loser Late-Blooming Shifter School by Nina Berry (Otherkin)
Gage by Jocelynn Drake (The Asylum Interviews: Trixie)
Jessica McClain by Amanda Carlson (Full Blooded)
Rayne McDonald by Mari Mancusi (Blood Forever)
Dez, Kale, and Alex by Jus Accardo (Toxic)
Sarah Dearly (In Her Own Words) by Michelle Rowen (Blood Bath & Beyond)
Kit and Doyle by JC Daniels (Blade Song)
Everett Singh and Sen Sixsmyth by Ian McDonald (Be My Enemy)
The Last Day of School by Clay & Susan Griffith (The Kingmakers)
Lucy-Anne by Tim Lebbon (London Eye)
Sterling Packard by Carolyn Crane (Head Rush)
Sorcha’s First Day by Philippa Ballantine (Wrayth)
The Mission by Karina Cooper (Sacrifice the Wicked)
Stanis by Anton Strout (Alchemystic)
School Days at the Guild by Alex Hughes (Clean)
Leah and Mike by Katie Porter (Hold Em)
Blade by Bec McMaster (Kiss of Steel)
No Graduation Day For Me by Karen Mahoney (Falling to Ash)
Katie’s Last Day (In Sunshine) by Laura Bickle (The Hallowed Ones)
The New Kid by Eileen Wilks (Mortal Ties)
Nathan’s World Video Blog by EC Myers (Fair Coin and Quantum Coin)
Ben, Erin & Todd by Lauren Dane (Once and Again)
School’s Out by Dianne Duvall (Phantom Shadows)
Mean Girl by Phillipa Bornikova (This Case Is Gonna Kill Me)


Check out all these fabulous books being given away during School’s In. The day the contest goes live is listed below, but all the contests will end on October 7th. Winners have been drawn and announced.

US/Canada Only
Sept 3rd – a copy of Riveted by Meljean Brook
Sept 4th – a copy of by Reaper KD McEntire
Sept 6th – a copy of Fear the Darkness by Alexandra Ivy
Sept 7th – a copy of Otherkin by Nina Berry
Sept 9th – an ecopy of Full Blooded by Amanda Carlson
Sept 11th – a Denazen swag pack by Jus Accardo
Sept 14th – copy of IntertwinedThe Darkest Secret by Gena Showalter
Sept 16th – a copy of London Eye by Tim Lebbon
Sept 17th – a copy of Head Rush by Carolyn Crane
Sept 19th – a copy of Sacrifice the Wicked by Karina Cooper
Sept 20th – a copy of Alchemystic by Anton Strout
Sept 27th – a copy of Fair Coin and Quantum Coin by EC Myers
Sept 30th – a copy of This Case Is Gonna Kill Me by Phillipa Bornikova

Sept 2nd – copy of Fury’s Kiss by Karen Chance + Dory’s Favorite Things basket
Sept 8th – an ecopy of The Asylum Interviews: Bronx and The Asylum Interviews: Trixie by Jocelynn Drake
Sept 10th – a copy of Blood Forever by Mari Mancusi
Sept 11th – a digital copy of Toxic by Jus Accardo
Sept 12th – a copy of Blood Bath & Beyond by Michelle Rowen
Sept 13th – an ecopy of Blade Song by JC Daniels
Sept 15th – 3 copies of The Kingmakers by Clay & Susan Griffith
Sept 17th – an ecopy of Head Rush by Carolyn Crane
Sept 18th – a signed set of Geist, Spectyr and Wrayth by Philippa Ballantine
Sept 21st – a copy of Clean by Alex Hughes
Sept 22nd – an ecopy of a Vegas Top Gun novel by Katie Porter
Sept 23th – a signed copy of Kiss of Steel by Bec McMaster
Sept 24th – signed copy of Falling to Ash by Karen Mahoney
Sept 25th – signed copy of The Hallowed Ones by Laura Bickle
Sept 26th – signed copy of Mortal Ties by Eileen Wilks
Sept 28th – an ecopy of Laid Open by Lauren Dane
Sept 29th – signed copy of Darkness Dawns, Night Reigns, Phantom Shadows (winners choice) by Dianne Duvall – plus Immortal Guardians swag
Sept 30th – signed copy of Angel’s Flight by Nalini Singh

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