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Casey Literary RantsIn which I rant about spoilers and say BLEEP far too often

Spoilers: You either love them, try to avoid them or act like Dr. Sheldon Cooper and think a book is completely ruined if you’re socks are knocked off before you even open the first page. Oh yeah, all of us readers are very particular about our pre-reading. While I’m not quite Sheldon crazy about spoilers, I do try to avoid them at all costs. (And there were some dark, dark costs…) Alas, I haven’t always been victorious in my avoidance. Sometimes the spoilers do sneak attacks on me and I’m left knowing far more about a series than I wanted to know pre-read. Not once, or even twice, no, it’s happened three times.

The first time, I was skimming through a review, to see if that person had the same opinion as me about a book. Right before I left the review, my eyes snagged on a line that went something like this: “I thought this was just like what BLEEP did with BLEEP in the BLEEP series.” My response would have been comical if I wasn’t completely devastated. Screaming, crying, cursing everything – I mean, I just found out that BLEEP BLEEPs! And from a review of a book from a completely different series! Now, I understand that this is a huge series, (New York Times bestselling series, and there was talk of a TV show, though I don’t think that panned out since I haven’t heard anything about it lately) but what the fudge?! After I read that dastardly review, I seemed to discover this spoiler everywhere! Comments on GoodReads and tweets on Twitter, all saying: “Can we stake BLEEP again for what happened to BLEEP?” It was even discussed at one of the panels I was went to at Authors After Dark! Okay, so it wasn’t really discussed there. They were nice to everyone who didn’t know the secret, those lucky ducks. Jess Haines just called it the BLEEP Thing (and said that even though she loves the series, it’s no longer on the top of her TBR pile). If Jess Haines is reluctant to read this series after reading that BLEEP BLEEPs, how am I supposed to pick up the next book when I know that it’s coming?!?!?!?!?! I can’t! Maybe one day I’ll be able to go back and read this series, but for right now, I just can’t do it.

The second spoiler sneak attack came from another unlikely source. As most of you knew, up until about a month ago I worked at a library (yes, it was the best job ever). One day, I was minding my own business, casually walking into the break room for my break. My former supervisor was sitting at the table, reading BLEEP BLEEP by BLEEP BLEEP. Before I even walked fully in the door, she dropped the book, all wild eyed and said, “HOLY CRAP! BLEEP just  BLEEPed!” Everything that happened after the first spoiler happened all over again (expect for the Jess Haines part, I haven’t heard her talk about this series) and it was truly depressing. But the spoilery didn’t end there! Oh no. Through the deadly devices like Twitter and GoodReads, and worse of all, from the author herself (while a group of us were hanging out in a bar), that BLEEP BLEEP BLEEP. Yep, the second big twist of the series! And just when I thought there couldn’t POSSIBLY be anymore spoilers for this series, I found out that when BLEEP and BLEEP finally get BLEEP BLEEP they get BLEEPed! ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?! INTERNET! YOU ARE WORSE THAN SPARKNOTES! I COULD WRITE A PAPER ON THIS SERIES AND HAVE ENOUGH DETAILS TO MAKE IT LOOK LIKE I’VE READ MORE THAN JUST THE FIRST BOOK! UGH! I don’t know if I can ever read this series now. I mean, I know all the big stuff. What’s the point of reading it when I know what’s going to happen? There is no point! I’ll yawn and be bored and think to myself “No, don’t do that you idiot, this is going to happen FOR REALS.”

The third and final series that’s been spoiled for me was possibly the most shocking. I told my best friend that she needed to read the BLEEP series. So she read the first book. The next time I saw her, the first words out of her mouth were, “Did you know that BLEEP BLEEPs in the second to last book?” I had my typical anger/grief/denial response when I told her that I wasn’t even close to being done with the series. Apparently, she’s one of those people who like spoilers, and after finishing book one, she immediately got online to see how the series ended. Crazy girl. Though, the difference with this spoiler/series is that I haven’t seen any other spoilers for it anywhere. I’m just waiting for them to start popping up. I bet, if I start reading the next book, that’s when the spoilers will appear.

So, that’s my story about how I’ve had three series ruined for me by spoilers. It’s like a nightmare come true, three times! Though you know that saying, bad things happen in threes. So maybe, just maybe, I’m safe for the rest of my life! *snort* Spoilers just come with the territory. What about you guys? Ever had a book or series spoiled for you? Did you ever accidentally spoil a book or series for someone else? And don’t you dare try and spoil a book for me! If you do, I’ll BLEEP BLEEP your BLEEP!

Side Note from Jackie: Does anyone else want to know which series Casey is talking about? I don’t know about anyone else, but she has me curious. *grin*

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  1. Man, I wish I knew what series you’re talking about!! LOL. That was a fun rant, even if I didn’t know what was really going on :D.

  2. Oh preach it sista!!!!

    This is why I’ve stopped reading reviews for books that I know that I want to read or have in my TBR pile. I’ve had spoilers sneak out and smack me in the forehead while I’m innocently reading a review (the most recent, Widow’s Web by Jennifer Estep in a review that promised to be spoiler free!!!! Totally ruined it for me and I was really looking forward to this book. I have it and haven’t even cracked it opened cuz such a huge plot twist was spoiled for me.). I want to reach through my screen and shake those bloggers. Not only do they flaunt being able to read the newest book months in advance but now they have to ruin the entire reading experience?!?! And ironically right after the spoilers they then gush and rave and want everyone to *gooutandbuyit*! But who needs to now? Siiiigh…

  3. @Erinf1: True! I feel the same, last spoiler I read was for Hard Bitten by Chole Neil and the review gave away the BIGGEST SPOILER ever…I ended up reading the book anyways but wasn’t shocked when the big scene came.

    I still read reviews though because they’re really helpful, I just pray I don’t stumble over a spoiler-filled one.

  4. Agh! Sorry if I gave away that BLEEP was BLEEPED in the BLEEP and BLEEP. I try not to talk about BLEEP, particularly after he was BLEEPED, because it’s so BLEEPING BLEEP BLEEPITY BLEEPED!


  5. @Van – The Chicagoland Vampires series is one of the series I was talking about! The other two series are the Riley Jensen series by Keri Arthur and The Hollows by Kim Harrison. Now see if you can guess which one is which. *grin*

    @Erin – I try to never put any kind of spoiler in any of my reviews, even the books that have been out for a few years. Nooooooooooo!! That’s terrible! You totally need to yell at that reviewer for spoiling such an amazing book!

    @Jess – It’s okay, you didn’t spoil anything for me. By the time I heard you talking about the BLEEP thing, I already knew everything. Though now I’m hearing that BLEEP and BLEEP might have a BLEEP BLEEP BLEEP. I don’t know if it was in the last book or the next one coming out but are you BLEEPING kidding me?! Now I know everything!

  6. @Casey: LOL!Are you still reading the CV series? I stopped after Hard Bitten, since you know who isn’t there. Btw, I love your rants ;)

  7. @Van – No! I only read the first book before I found out BLEEP BLEEP BLEEPs and then BLEEP BLEEP BLEEP BLEEP BLEEP. Thank you so much.:) <3

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