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Antho-A Vampire for Christmas

KMahoney-Falling to AshOne of the things we’re working on for 2013 is revamping the current Casey’s Literary Rants. While Casey has been doing a great job with them, life happens and she hasn’t been able to do them every week.  Many of us have helped where we could and we’ve kind of enjoyed it. So we’re joining her in all the ranty fun, but now we need to come up with a new name.  I mean, Casey’s Literary Rants is great, but we need to figure out a way to get Courtney, Natassia, and Nikki in there as well – plus Nicole and I will be taking the odd week and doing backup duty. *grin* We all want in on the action!

So now we need a new name and we would love some help. Can you think of a great name we could call the new and improved rants? It would have to encompass all of the Fantasy genres (as science fiction, romance, paranormal and steampunk could all be topics) and still recognizable as us.

See our trouble? We know we need something, but are having problems coming up with and agreeing on a name. Since it is the holidays, and we’re hoping for more books under the tree, we decided to use this time to kill two birds with one stone – getting some help renaming the rants and passing on some books/swag. Between Casey, Nicole and I, we’ve accumulated quite a bit of swag from the various conventions we’ve gone to this year and I had some fabulous novels donated for the Child’s Play Giveaway that still need a home. So why not combine it all!

For anybody who suggests a name for the rant, we’ll send you some fabulous swag – and I can tell you, a lot of mine is signed. Plus, whichever name the girls and I decide to use as the new name will get their choice of 3 of these novels: a signed copy of Stalking the Others by Jess Haines, Hearts of Darkness by Kira Brady, A Vampire for Christmas signed by Alexis Morgan,  a signed copy of Karen Mahoney’s Falling to Ash or Gilded by Karina Cooper. Then we’ll randomly pick two more winners who’ll receive two novels from our stash. If we end up using a name that wasn’t suggested, I’ll randomly draw three names.

JHaines-Stalking the OthersKBrady-Hearts of DarknessKCooper-GildedAntho-A Vampire for Christmas

Giveaway Details

To enter, all you have to do is suggest a name for the revamped rant. You can suggest as many names as you want, but your entry only counts once for the random drawings, so please put them in one comment. That’s it.

For the swag giveaway portion, to help save time and (quite honestly) to make life a little easier, please fill out the following form. It’ll help me get everyone their swag sooner (as well as the winners) without having to send out a bunch of emails.  If you’re not interested in the swag and just want to enter the contest, you don’t have to fill out the form – I can always email you later.  I’m all about sharing my swag bounty, so if you’re not interested in the contest, but you do want some swag, go ahead and fill it out.

The contest will remain open until a name is picked at which time the girls and I will pick our favorite names.  I’ll determine the random winners with help from the snazzy new plug-in I have.  The winners will be announced on December 31st (or there abouts).

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    I’m really big on including an exclamation point ;)
    Good luck in finding your new name!
    Happy holidays!!!

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    The stuff after the colons could move around. Good luck finding a new title for the rant!

  5. The girls and I have narrowed down our pick to two and will be revealing the new name on Wednesday (or if you’re on FB/Twitter/G+ you can see the two choices).

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