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Queue the QuipsterAs with any new thing, sometimes things need to be tweaked and that is the case for Queue the Quipster. Nothing has changed with the concept, don’t worry, you still tell me what to read. What will be changing is the schedule and when you can look forward to seeing each aspect of the Queue the Quipster feature. The process is now streamlined so what you pick will be reviewed that month! (Note from Jackie: this was my fault. I got a little confused and this makes a little more sense to me. *grin*) The tweaked schedule is as followed:

First Saturday of the Month: Nominations & Suggestion Circle ~ Just as before this is when you share your picks of steampunk or science fiction books that are at least a year old. Can’t think of what to suggest? No problem, we will also be featuring the suggestions from the previous month that did not get the winning vote and any of them can be nominated again. If you really want me to read your choice, get your friends to comment for it.  The more nominations a book gets, the more times it’s entered into the randomizer. Then make sure everyone comes back the next week and vote for it too!

Second Saturday of the Month: Voting! ~ A new aspect of Queue the Quipster, this is how the featured novel will be chosen; and if you didn’t make a suggestion, you’ll still get a vote in what gets picked! I will be taking all the suggestions made from last week, separating them into steampunk vs science fiction, then throwing each into a randomizer to get two titles – one steampunk and one science fiction – plus a third editors pick, that will go head to head for your votes. We’ll be showing off each book, then you can decide which one sounds like the choice you want to see win. This week is crucial since the more votes your nomination gets, the more likely it is to be the choice.

Third Saturday of the Month: Author & Series Spotlight ~ This is when the chosen book will be announced in epic fashion, highlighting the author and if applicable, the series at large.

Fourth Saturday of the Month: Review! ~ The long (or not so long) awaited review. You get to know what I think of the pick of the month. Did i love it did I hate it? You’ll have to come here to find out.

This new schedule will be effective immediately so don’t forget to come back this Saturday to nominate a book!

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