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Escapists Uncensored

Escapists Uncensored“No more ebooks!  I need the feel of a real book with real pages in my hand” – I tweeted this on 3/8, and on 3/15 my Kindle died.

For a brief moment, I thought she’d be OK.  It only took 5 restarts and 2 hours of charging, but dude it gave me hope when it turned on and appeared OK.  Then I tried reading again.  5 minutes in, DEAD; she ain’t coming back.  I don’t have another device to read these books on, so I’m screwed until I can afford to replace it.

Folks, don’t mess with the ereader gods, they don’t play games.

This has me thinking though: Are ereaders really worth it in the long run?

We all know the pro’s and con’s, but do the pro’s make up for things when it dies and you have to replace it?  NO!  At least, LOL, that’s how I feel right now.  It’s a total inconvenience when one isn’t working.  You can’t do jack with them!  Books, on the other hand, never fail you.  Even if the cover is torn or missing, even if a page or two is missing, you can still read it, and still have a good time.  When an ereader is down, it’s down completely and becomes a paperweight. I don’t know about you, but I don’t find paperweights entertaining, unless it’s a snow globe with naked elves inside or something.

The pro’s don’t make up for my dead Kindle right now.  I want to chunk it out the window, drive over it a dozen times then light it on fire.  Ok so maybe not to that extent but I’m frustrated and if I didn’t need one, I’m not sure I’d get a new one.  I mean they don’t feel the same in your hand, nor do they smell as good as a real book.  Are they really that special that they can replace the beauty of a real book in your hands?!

Or is this just me being bitchy because I can’t use mine anymore and can’t get a new one today? Or this month?

Don’t misunderstand me, I enjoy the benefits of having an ereader! Since I have no room for my books anymore, any new book I buy now is an ebook.  For that alone, I miss it.  I want it back.  I NEED it back!  But if I don’t get one in the next few weeks, it won’t stop me from reading or posting reviews for LE.  I have plenty of books at home that I can review, and if I run out there is such thing as a library.  Not having my Kindle won’t stop me from enjoying a good book.  It’s just an inconvenience until I get a new one.

So, are they really worth it in the end?  Or just a waste of money?

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  1. I don’t own an ereader but that just because of personal preference…I enjoying reading a physical book too much lol. I’m curious though, how long does a Kindle/e-reader usually last for? Is it similar to laptops…I think I heard people get new one/have to replace it by the 2-3 year mark.

  2. So worth it! I have an ereader, but I can access my books on my phone and tablet as well. But I’m all for the combined approach. Dead tree books plus ebooks equals reading bliss!

  3. My Nook died about two months ago so I’m in the same boat as you. I really miss it because it was nice to be able to go somewhere for an extended period and only carry one item with you instead of a dozen books. It was also really nice for those books you want that are only in eBook format. I’m saving up for another one but it will be a long while before I can afford one.

  4. 3 years not so bad. I know I am totally missing out on all the great authors that publish their book only in e-format but every time I look at the prices it bothers me. While some ebooks have good prices of .99 – 2.99…the popular books published under big publishing houses, their regular book price (physical) and ebook counterpart is only $1-2 difference. I’d pay the $1-2 more just to get the physical book in my opinion, another reason why I probably still don’t have an e-reader is the small price differences.

  5. I’ve been reading exclusively on my e-reader for the past 3 1/2 years or so. This is my second e-reader and when they die it is very frustrating, but I do love reading this way. And it’s saving me a lot of space!

    I also agree the prices for ebooks from the major publishing houses are too high. This has meant I’m reading more new authors, buying books when they are on sale or splurging on the occasional book from a favorite author. My daughter, husband and I share an account and read some of the same books so that helps even out the costs somewhat, too.

    • @Jan: That’s cool that you and your family read the same type of books, must be fun being able to discuss about books with one another! :) I see a lot of interesting indie books, and have thought about caving and getting a ereader here and there but yeah still I gotta watch my budget, and trying hard not to buy too many books (I sometimes get over excited about a book after reading the synopsis, buy it and it’d just sit on my shelf for months lol).

  6. An ereader is totally worth it, but will never replace a real book. About 50% of my reads are ebooks. I’d be mad too if mine broke and had a bunch of stories I was looking forward to reading. Love that there are books available at an inexpensive price in ebook format. And there are some books I probably would have never bought so appreciate the benefits of the ereader. Lately I’ve been in a real book frame of mind rather than ebooks. I go through phases. Yes, my bookshelves are overflowing but I love my books.

  7. My kindle is the best thing I’ve bought and if (I refues to say when, in case I anger the e-reader Gods) it dies (I shuddered a bit in horror just typing that…) I will sob, order a new one and curl in the fetal position until my very nice postman delivers it to my door. :-)

    I totally get what you’re saying with the drawbacks, but the ereader still wins for me, although i do love a good paperback (hardbacks are too difficult to read in bed or the bath, lol). Also, I have to order most of my books online, for example, I have never seen a Jeaniene Frost of Ilona Andrews book in my local bookshop (the library have them – one more reason librarie’s are amazing) so its cheaper and quicker for me to download it on my kindle rather than order through an online retailer.

  8. I admit, I am terribly addicted to my Kindle. And yet I still prefer hard copies of books, where I can turn pages instead of pressing buttons. But my Kindle’s been a lifesaver for me, because it’s allowed me access to ebooks for ARCs, and has been the only reason that I’ve been granted access to literally hundreds of books so far that have fed my review blog. If my Kindle died (again), I’d definitely want a new one. I’m a little bit hooked on the convenience of it, I think.

  9. I have a nook and a kindle. The nook is still working like new, 3 years later. I’ve had my kindle for a year and no issues. I only buy ebooks because they don’t take up space (hubby complained about all the books and boxes of books he had to move). Ebooks also tend to be cheaper and have more sales. I don’t miss print at all.
    You can also read on your computer, phone, or tablet while you wait for a replacement ereader.

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