New Releases in May!


Here they are, all the fabulous releases that are occurring in May – and there are quite a bit, so I’m not going to reformat my list this month. Is there one you’re eagerly anticipating? Have you already gotten your hands on one? If so, how was it?

05/01/13The Testing GuideCharbonneau, Joelle
05/01/13My Big Fat Demon Slayer WeddingFox, AngieDemon Slayer #5
05/01/13DescendantGiles, Nichole
05/01/13Heart of the JaguarReus, Katie
05/02/13ValkyrieO’Hearn, Kate
05/03/13HunterJax (Jacquelyn Frank)
05/06/13The Illumine SeriesAnders, Alivia
05/07/13Sun, Sand, SexAnthology – Linda Lael Miller, Shelly Laurenston, Jennifer Apodaca
05/07/13PredatoryAnthology – Nina Bangs, Alexandra Ivy, Dianne Duvall, Hannah Jayne
05/07/13Loki’s WolvesArmstrong, KL; MA MarrBlackwell Pages #1
05/07/13The Drowned CitiesBacigalupi, Paolo
05/07/13Doll BonesBlack, Holly; Eliza Wheeler
05/07/13The Spiderwick ChroniclesBlack, Holly; Toni DiTerlizziSpiderwick Chronicles
05/07/13The Field GuideBlack, Holly; Toni DiTerlizziSpiderwick Chronicles #1
05/07/13The Seeing StoneBlack, Holly; Toni DiTerlizziSpiderwick Chronicles #2
05/07/13Lucinda’s SecretBlack, Holly; Toni DiTerlizziSpiderwick Chronicles #3
05/07/13The Ironwood TreeBlack, Holly; Toni DiTerlizziSpiderwick Chronicles #4
05/07/13The Wrath of MulgarathBlack, Holly; Toni DiTerlizziSpiderwick Chronicles #5
05/07/13DecadentBlack, ShaylaWicked Lovers #2
05/07/13Ours to LoveBlack, ShaylaWicked Lovers #7
05/07/13Hearts of ShadowBrady, KiraDeadglass #2
05/07/13Generation VBrennan, MLAmerican Vampire #1
05/07/13Cry Wolf Vol 2Briggs, PatriciaAlpha Omega GN #2
05/07/13AwakenCabot, MegAbandon #3
05/07/13Fall of NightCaine, RachelMorganville Vampires #14
05/07/13His Broken AngelCiotta, BethGlorious Victorious Darcys #1.5
05/07/1314Clines, Peter
05/07/13The Savage BlueCordova, Zoraida
05/07/13InvisibilityCremer, Andrea; David Levithan
05/07/13Serpent’s KissCruz, Melissa de laWitches of East End #3
05/07/13The CursedDay, AlyssaLeague of the Black Swan #1
05/07/13Entwined with YouDay, SylviaCrossfire #3
05/07/13Dead Man’s DealDrake, JocelynnAslyum Tales #2
05/07/13Taming the DemonDurgin, Doranna
05/07/13Ghost Knight (MMP)Funke, Cornelia
05/07/13Wednesdays in the TowerGeorge, Jessica Day
05/07/13Elminster EnragedGreenwood, EdSaga of Shadowdale #3
05/07/13The Havoc MachineHarper, StevenClockwork Empire #4
05/07/13Dead Ever AfterHarris, CharlaineSookie Stackhouse #13
05/07/13Grimoire of the LambHearne, KevinIron Druid Chronicles
05/07/13The Mist-Torn WitchesHendee, BarbMist-Torn Witches #1
05/07/13Taken by a VampireHill, Joey W.Vampire Queen
05/07/13UndoneHumphreys, SaraAmoveo Legend #4
05/07/13The TowerJohnson, JeanGuardians of Destiny #1
05/07/13AlliesKincaid, SJ
05/07/13Alien in the HouseKoch, GiniKatherine “Kitty” Katt #7
05/07/13Into the VoidLebbon, Tim
05/07/13Throne of GlassMaas, SarahThrone of Glass #1
05/07/13Time ThiefMacAlister, KatieTime Thief #1
05/07/13The End GamesMartin, T. Michael
05/07/13TrueMcCarthy, Erin
05/07/13NeverMcEntire, KDLightbringer #3
05/07/13Heart of IronMcMaster, BecLondon Steampunk #2
05/07/13Raven GirlNiffenegger, Audrey
05/07/13MysticNoël, AlysonSoul Seekers #3
05/07/13The Witch Collector Part IINyhan, LorettaPart 2
05/07/13The Flame of OlympusO’Hearn, KatePegasus #1
05/07/13Olympus at WarO’Hearn, KatePegasus #2
05/07/13BeautyOhlin, Nancy
05/07/13Thorn AbbeyOhlin, Nancy
05/07/13The OriginalsPatrick, Cat
05/07/13If I Should DiePlum, Amy
05/07/13An Army of FrogsPryce, Trevor
05/07/13TouchSagara, MichelleQueen of the Dead #2
05/07/13Silence (MMP)Sagara, Michelle
05/07/13Zenn ScarlettSchoon, Christian
05/07/13Keeper of the ShadowsSokoloff, AlexandraKeepers: LA #3
05/07/13A Highland Werewolf WeddingSpear, Terry
05/07/13Shadows of Falling NightStirling, SMShadowspawn #3
05/07/13IconsStohl, MargaretIcons #1
05/07/13RebootTintera, AmyReboot #1
05/07/13NightboundViehl, LynnLords of the Darkyn #3
05/07/13Unclean SpiritsWendig, ChuckGods & Monsters #1
05/07/13A Captain Can Never Be Too BoldWine, Mary
05/07/13Eternal DemonWright, LauraMark of the Vampire #5
05/07/13The 5th WaveYancey, RickFifth Wave #1
05/07/13Down London RoadYoung, SamanthaOn Dublin St #2
05/08/13Forbidden FruitAguirre, Ann
05/08/13NightmaresMcDunn, Donna Jean
05/09/13Regency WitchesHarvey, Alyxandra
05/12/13The Dresden Files: Fool Moon Vol 2Butcher, Jim
05/13/13How Beauty Loved the BeastGarren, JaxTales of the Underlight #3
05/14/13TrembleAccardo, Jus
05/14/13Destined to FlyBloome, IndigoAvalon
05/14/13House of Night: The BeginningCast, PCHouse of Night
05/14/13Spirit and DustClement-Moore, Rosemary
05/14/13Tempest UnleashedDeebs, TracyTempest
05/14/13DivaFlinn, Alex
05/14/13ToweringFlinn, Alex
05/14/13Make Good ArtGaiman, Neil
05/14/13The Seven Year KingHamilton, KikiFaerie Ring #3
05/14/13The Rose ThroneHarrison, Mette Ivie
05/14/13School SpiritsHawkins, RachelHex Hall spin-off #1
05/14/13Precious BloodHurley, TonyaBlessed #2
05/14/13The Beautiful and the CursedMorgan, PageDispossessed #1
05/14/13The RithmatistSanderson, Brandon
05/14/13The Human DivisionScalzi, John
05/14/13Under the LightWhitcomb, LauraLight #2
05/15/13Novellas & StoriesAnthology – Meljean Brook, Carolyn Crane, Jessica Sims
05/15/13Wicked Nursery Rhymes IIIGrimly, Gris
05/20/13How to Talk to Girls at PartiesGaiman, Neil
05/20/13Journey of DominionThomas, ShawnaTriune Stones #2
05/20/13RunesWalters, Ednah
05/21/13Rocky Mountain RebelArend, VivianSix Pack Ranch #5
05/21/13The Runaway QueenClare, Cassandra; Maureen JohnsonBane Chronicles #2
05/21/13WreckedDavies, AnnaDeath Collectors #2
05/21/13The Dark ShoreEmerson, KevinAtlanteans #2
05/21/13Blood and BoneEsslemont, IanMalazan Empire
05/21/13TarnishedHeld, Rhiannon
05/21/13The Planet ThievesKrokos, Dan
05/21/13The Sword DancerLin, Jennie
05/21/13September GirlsMadison, Bennett
05/21/13PraefatioMcBride, GeorgiaPraefatio #1
05/21/13Fathomless (MMP)Pearce, JacksonRetold Fairy Tales #3
05/21/13The Red Plague AffairSaintcrow, LilithBannon & Clare #2
05/21/13TransparentWhipple, Natalie
05/21/13AbsentWilliams, Katie
05/23/13Doctor Who: Tip Of The TongueNess, Patrick
05/23/13The Fall of ArthurTolkein, JRR
05/27/13Wounded AngelGail, Stacey
05/28/13GoddessAngelini, JosephineStarcrossed #3
05/28/13Fiery Edge of SteelArcher, JillNoon Onyx #2
05/28/13Of TritonBanks, AnnaPoseidon #2
05/28/13Binding the ShadowsBennett, JennArcadia Bell #3
05/28/13The Daughter StarBigelow, Susan Jane
05/28/13Darkness BredCameron, StellaChimney Rock #2
05/28/13The Girl with the Iron TouchCross, KadySteampunk Chronicles #3
05/28/13Undead and Unstable (MMP)Davidson, MaryJanice
05/28/13Pride and PleasureDay, Sylvia
05/28/13Avenging AngelEden, CynthiaFallen Angels of Death #4
05/28/13Leopard’s PreyFeehan, ChristineLeopard
05/28/13ForeverFrank, JacquelynWorld of Nightwalkers
05/28/13Prince of ShadowsGideon, NancyMoonlight #8
05/28/13A Witch’s Handbook of Kisses and CursesHarper, Molly
05/28/13Handbook for Dragon SlayersHaskell, Merrie
05/28/13The Princess CurseHaskell, Merrie
05/28/13Darkness AvengedIvy, AlexandraGuardians of Eternity #10
05/28/13South of SurrenderKaye, Laura
05/28/13SpiritKemmerer, BrigidElemental
05/28/13Deeply OddKoontz, DeanOdd Thomas
05/28/13The Shambling Guide to New York CityLafferty, MurShambling Guides #1
05/28/13Sky on FireLaybourne, EmmyMonument 14 #2
05/28/13HorizonLittlefield, SophieAftertime #3
05/28/13Dare You ToMcGarry, Katie
05/28/13Antiagon FireModesitt, LEImager Portfolio
05/28/13Streets of BloodNapier, BarryDead Man
05/28/13Any Other NameNewman, EmmaSplit Worlds #2
05/28/13Tempest RebornPeeler, NicoleJane True
05/28/13Rebel SpiritsRuby, Lois
05/28/13The Eighth CourtShevdon, MikeCourts of the Feyre #4
05/28/13Faerie AfterSimner, Janni LeeBones of Faerie #3
05/28/13The Blue BlazesWendig, Chuck
05/30/13Lightning RiderGreyson, Jen
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