A New and Improved 2013-2017 Release Dates Page Coming Soon

So I’ve been a little behind on updating the Upcoming Releases page, but I’ve been having a technical issue with it. I’ve been using a straight HTML page, so I’ve had to upload the file with my code to the LE directory after making any changes. Well, I haven’t been able to access the directory. The hubby hasn’t figured out why yet, but he hasn’t been able to spend a lot of time on it either – he started a new job in February and he is THE MAN there when it comes to Linux, so I’m not the only one vying for some time. So I’m looking at other options, and I’m currently moving my old spreadsheet to Google Docs/Drive. I’ve already uploaded what I have as a PDF and you can see it below. I would NOT call this up to date, just what I have at the moment.

For those of you who are long time users of my handy list, there’s going to be a change to the formatting. For one, you’ll get to see the actual spreadsheet I work with, which means it’ll be a spreadsheet rather than a sectioned list. Google Docs/Drive also has a really convoluted (and ugly) way of adding/editing hyperlinks within spreadsheets, so instead of messing with that, the Amazon links will have their own column now.  It’ll be a little different at first, but I think once I get it to where I want it, we should be able to have fun with it. I’m hoping I’ll be able to give some basic options to anyone who opens it – ie sorting – without allowing anyone to make changes. Sorry peeps…I’m way too much of a control freak and you do not want to see what I look like after someone messes with one of my docs. *grin* This is still in the works though, so I’m not sure what the end product will look like, but I am working on it. My goal is to have it completed by September 1st, and as long as the boys cooperate with me, that shouldn’t be a problem. *grin*

And just because I dislike posts without some pictures, here’s a few covers I’ve found while I’ve been updating the list. I’ll be adding them to the FB August album tomorrow. It’s 3am and I should probably get to bed. Especially since my alarm is set to go off at 7:30a. Oh…and if you’re not seeing something listed and want to add it, you can do so here by clicking here.

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  1. I look forward to the new format. I am a spreadsheet whore and would love the option of being able to sort the list the way I want to use it (without messing it up for others). Thanks!

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