Escapists Uncensored: Death of the Casual Book Discussion

Escapists Uncensored

Escapists UncensoredThere’s that saying, everyone’s a critic. One need only look at any social media form to realize how true this is. In fact, many people have become casual reviewers on everything from tv to books. Now this has its pros and cons- a topic for another rant. However, am I the only one who is tired of always answering why I don’t like something?

When did it become unacceptable to say to your friend ” I just don’t like that character because he seems like an *insert colorful insult of your choice*.”

I understand that in my work as a reviewer there needs to be a valid answer– a why if you will. Though lately it seems as if I’m not the only one who has to answer why with educated reasoning. Where did the casual discussion go?

Is it that people have become more analytical and therefore are unaccustomed to not knowing the reason behind like or dislike? Anyone who really thinks on why they do or don’t like a character will know it is not only from choices of said character but how that character resembles your personal experience. I am sure many of us have had the unfortunate experience of picking up a book only to realize the romance reminds us of an ex, making the whole book slightly off kilter.

What about you LE readers? Do you find it hard to say you don’t like a certain character ‘just because’? Or are there certain people you can leave it simply at that? Am I the only one missing out on the simplicity of ‘ that character gives me a bad vibe’?

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