Black Friday: Val and Britton by Abby Nile (+Contest)

Black Friday is here and we’re discussing the season with Abby Nile’s Val and Britton from Britton.

Half-shifter and lead SPAC agent, Val Calhoun, has listened to women gush over the Don Juan of the precinct for the last four years. Yeah, Detective Britton Townsend is hot and has stunning blue eyes, but that foul mouth he saves only for her? What a waste of good looks. And no way does Val want that mouth anywhere near hers.

When the shifter community is threatened, Val is assigned to the case…and fails. So the High Council turns to the rogue shifter they’d sentenced to twenty years as a human–that same obnoxiously sexy Detective Townsend. And sends the two arch-enemies deep into the North Carolina Mountains-—together, and alone.

Being stuck in a tiny honeymoon cabin with Miss Castration and only one bed is definitely not Britton’s idea of a good time. But the High Council doesn’t take no for an answer. After his shifter abilities are restored, Brit is once again susceptible to the dreaded, irreversible bonding instinct, the Drall. Thankfully, all he’s ever felt for Val is intense loathing, no reason to worry. Right? All he has to do is solve this case pronto, and he can go back to his footloose Casanova ways. That is, if they don’t kill each other first. Or worse…fall in love.

Make sure you stick around to the end. We’ll be giving away a $50 Amazon Giftcard.

Is it just me, or does it feel like we just went through the insanity of the holidays not a couple of months ago? LOL. I swear, the older I get the quicker the Christmas seasons seems to come each year…and the more expensive my kid’s wish list gets.

I wanted to thank Literary Escapism for letting me participate in this awesome event they put together. I really had a blast writing this blog post. The Awakening: Britton is a paranormal romance that released Monday, November 25th from Entangled Publishing’s Covet imprint. It’s the third book of The Awakening series. When Val and Britton are in a room together, sparks fly in all kinds of yummy intensity. So I loved revisiting these characters…and I couldn’t resist backtracking into the past just a bit to the initial sparks that ignited between these two. *snicker* Yes, I went there. Now just imagine all this hostility switching over to raging desire. Oh. Yeah.

Thank you for letting me share this exchange between Britton and Val with all of you. I hope you enjoy!

Happy Holidays!

Val and Britton

ANiles-BrittonHumming softly to Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas Is You, Val Calhoun strolled through the department store of the mall, thankful that she wasn’t in a mad rush like most of the people desperate to secure their will-punch-anyone-for-it Black Friday item. If she wasn’t leaving for New Jersey tomorrow morning for a late Thanksgiving/early Christmas with her family, not to mention she was due report to the PD for her shift in a few hours, she wouldn’t have even ventured out into the madness.

Unfortunately, some unrest in the shifter community lately had made free time a precious commodity and she hadn’t finished her shopping before Black Friday as usual. But she only had two presents to go: her moms and one for one of her brothers.

As she spotted a display of scarves with elegant pendants next to the perfume counter, she stopped and surveyed the assortment of silky, knitted and cotton adornments. A beautiful earth toned scarf with a paisley pattern caught her eye. Her mom loved scarves and she loved classy. This, along with a new pendant, would be perfect.

“Hey, beautiful…”

At the masculine purr directly behind her, Val stiffened and shot her head up to stare straight ahead. No.

“…it’s my understanding the Chanel is on sale today and I can’t seem to find it.”

She clenched her teeth. Really? Today, of all days?

“We’re keeping them behind the counter,” a woman responded. “Give me a moment and I’ll grab one.”

Couldn’t she go Christmas shopping without Britton Townsend ruining it somehow? Slowly, she edged to the right, hoping to disappear behind the rack of scarves without detection.

“Well, who do we have here? Has the Sniff Princess actually stepped off her throne and is mingling with the peasants?”

Dang it. No such luck.

Not even bothering to hide her annoyance, she turned to face the jackass with an icy expression to match his own. She’d had many years to perfect the mask she used only with this man. And like always, his blue eyes breamed with cold loathing. His firm lips twisted into a familiar sneer and she immediately bristled at the unwarranted hostility he pulsated at her.

She crossed her arms. “Black Friday shopping, Townsend? I guess you have to cut corners somewhere with all the women you have to buy for.” She nodded toward his street cop uniform. “The demotion had to really cut into your seduction budget, right?”

At the reminder that she currently held his old job, his nostrils flared. “For someone who supposedly dug her way straight from hell to lord over her peons, who could you be shopping for?”

She placed a hand over her heart. “Oh, Townsend,” she exaggerated a touched tone. “Did you just call me Satan? That’s the sweetest thing you’ve ever said to me.”

A quiver started to shake his muscular body. Oh, she was really starting to get to him. Served him right. All she’d wanted was to enjoy her shopping and avoid any encounter with the jerk.

“Sir, I have your perfume.” Britton glanced over at the young lady and just like that his face softened and a cocky, but genuine smile stretched his lips.

“Thanks, beautiful.” Again with that stupid seductive purr.

The young woman giggled and Val has to stop from rolling her eyes. The Casanova hard at work.

“Who’s the lucky lady?” the woman asked after Britton handed over some bills.

“The most important woman in my life.” As he took the bag, he sent Val a cold glare. “My mother.”

She pressed her lips together and silently cursed. God, she hated it when he made her look like an idiot and right now she looked like the leader of the doofus pack.

He arched a brow at her, his jaw taunt, as if daring her to say anything. For once, she stayed silent and could’ve gladly punched the smug hostility that turned up his lips.

“See you around, Calhoun.” He strode out of the store.

Blowing out a breath, she went back to looking at the scarves. A week in Jersey with her family was needed. A week away from that…that man was welcome.

Thankfully they worked in separate departments. If they were ever alone together…

She shook her head. Britton had already ruined enough of her day, she wouldn’t spend any more time thinking of how many ways she’d kill that man. She grabbed the earth-toned scarf and a circular silver pendant entrenched with amber stones. Next: find her brother a new military game for his Play Station 3. Then home, where she’d relax for the first time since she last visited six months ago. Oh, she couldn’t wait.

Meet Abby Nile!

Ever since Abby Niles picked up her first Sweet Valley High book in sixth grade and fell in love with Elizabeth and Todd, she’s been hooked on romance. By the time she reached high school, she was devouring meatier romances with pirates, cowboys and knights. She never imagined that those years of reading would one day lead to her becoming a published author.

In her late twenties, after having twins and becoming a stay-at-home mom, she started doodling stories to keep her sanity. Next thing she knew, she was actually submitting to publishing houses. And was immediately rejected. That didn’t stop her though. She found some kickass critique partners, honed her craft, and continued submitting.

And eventually sold.

Today, she juggles work, being a single mom, and writing. It’s not always easy, but hey, who said life was easy?

Abby is the author of the contemporary MMA romance, Extreme Love, the first book in her Love to the Extreme series. Fighting Love is scheduled to release in December of 2013 and Winning Love isscheduled for 2014. She is also the author of the dark paranormal romance series The Awakening: Aidanand the The Awakening: Liam. The Awakening: Britton is scheduled to release in November 2013.Both series are with Entangled Publishing. She also has a geeky romantic comedy, Defying Convention, with Carina Press.

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  1. I love this little story of Val and Britton’s black friday shopping. I haven’t read this book yet but I’m guessing Britton is Val’s ex? It’s always a bummer to bump into an ex- anywhere but especially around the holiday season.

  2. I enjoyed the story, both Val and Britton sound like very interesting characters and I’d love to read more about them.

  3. I have never read this series but now I am excited to check it out. Thank LE for another great author suggestion.

  4. Really enjoyed that little taste of your work Abby – I love the supernatural “Mills & Boon” feel to it.

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