Black Friday: The Angel Ehron by Candace Blackburn

Black Friday 2013Black Friday is here and we’re discussing the season with Candace Blackburn’s Tristan and Ehron from Tristan’s Redemption.

David has everything going for him—a successful career and marriage to the love of his life—until one act of carelessness leads to his death. Luckily for him, an angel gives him the opportunity for a second chance. The only catch is that Abby, his grieving widow, has to fall in love with him in his new body, before she gives birth to their son.

Abby’s husband cheated on her, and died, all on the day she found out she was pregnant. Still in pain over his betrayal, Abby meets Tristan in a survivor’s group and finds herself inexplicably attracted to this stranger. Despite questions over the similarities between Tristan and David, she can’t help falling in love. What Abby doesn’t know is that she is the key, the only way Tristan will ever get over his own hurt and find his redemption.


The Angel Ehron

CBlackburn-Tristans Redemption

Ehron had existed since the beginning of time – literally, Long enough to witness some of history’s most catastrophic events.

The crucifixion of God’s Son.

Genocide, many times over.

Boy bands.

Yet nothing he ever encountered could compare to what he was seeing now. Black Friday. The name was perfect. For the most part, the mood here was black. Void of anything other than the selfish nature of humans.

So far, in this suburban mall, the angel had witnessed an elderly man on a motorized scooter attempting to beat someone with a cane so he could steal an XBox. Another woman tried to pass off a suitcase as a purse as she went from store to store, trying to rack up as much shoplifted merchandise as possible. The thing that disgusted him the most was the people walking in and out of the door, past the long line of families waiting to meet Santa. So far, children had been cussed, glared at and flipped off, all because they held up the process of people getting to a sale for just a few seconds.

Sometimes, Ehron wondered if humans were worth the effort.

A child’s jubilant laughter caught his attention. The boy, no more than five, was excitedly chattering to his mother, because he finally got to tell Santa what he wanted. He halted his mom, dug chubby little fingers into his blue jean pockets, and pulled out two dollars.

“Here Mama, I want to give this to the lady ringing the bell.”

The mom smiled and walked with her son outside, stopping so the boy could drop his money into the red kettle. The worker nodded, thanked the boy and offered him a piece of candy. With a dimpled grin, the boy happily accepted and started to unwrap the lollipop, only for it to be knocked to the ground by a woman yelling for him to get out of her way.

The woman ranted as she continued to her vehicle. It took every bit of restraint Ehron had not to cast a biblical-sized plague on the woman. The child’s mom checked to make sure he was okay. The Salvation Army worker handed him another piece of candy, and they went to their car without further incident.

This, Ehron decided, is what made his job worth doing. The innocence of children, the kind acts of strangers and the kind of love that only a parent could have for a child were just a few examples of the worthiness of redemption among humans. For a moment, the angel smiled.

Then he turned his attention to the woman, loaded down with presents, with little or no regard for others. The biblical plague idea had some merit and Ehron flicked his fingers as he made sure the woman had a little bit of payback for her poor attitude.

With a thought, Ehron transported away. He had things to do in the month before Abby Daniels, David Daniels and Tristan Ramirez became his assignments. He needed to have things in order for everything to fall into place, just as it needed to be.

Later that day, security at the mall scanned the footage from the parking lot. Nothing showed how the skunks got inside the Escalade. No, the only thing the security camera picked up was the woman fainting. No one ever discovered that there was an angel involved.

Meet Candace Blackburn!

Mom, wife, daughter, sister, author, music addict, rabid Duke University Blue Devils fan, equally rabid Boston Red Sox fan. Scared of driving through the mountains, but not scared of making dreams come true. Lifelong resident of North Carolina where I make my home with my high school sweetheart and our two sons. Often found with a book, my Kindle and most definitely coffee. I write about angels, heroes that need a little guidance in their alpha ways and heroines that love them regardless.

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