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Electra EditorialHi there! This is MamaKitty, also known as Paige Prince, from Mama Kitty Reviews. The Literary Escapism team has been nice enough to let me introduce to you the fabulous team of wordsmiths that have come together to create Electra Editorial Services! We come from a bit of an eclectic background, but we all have a love for words that unites us in our common goal: to bring affordable, quality editing services to authors. Learn more ABOUT US on our website. Get to know us, check out our website, and hit-up the contest for an opportunity to win some Amazon gift cards!

Electra Editorial specializes in the romance genre. Why would a group of editors focus only on romance? Well, here’s our response to the question, What do YOU love most about the romance genre?

Mia Francis: There’s so much that I love about romance. Hunky alphas; strong, spirited heroines; almost impossible odds that the couple has to fight against to bring them to their Happily-Ever-After—all of it is a great setup for a story. My favorite thing about the genre, though, is meeting new characters. I feel the happiest when I’m reading a novel and it feels like a totally new experience because the characters are completely unique and have strong personalities. I love it when I’m reading a story and I can say to myself, “Man, it’s nice to meet these characters. I love them. I’d like to stay with them for a while.”

Paige Prince: What do I love about romance? Wow, that’s such a broad question. And my answer is probably equally so. I love the possibilities in romance. There are so many sub-genres that I could pick up one novel and read about a post-apocalyptic world where vampires are the good guys, or grab another set in Regency-era London following a thief on his quest for revenge only to stumble into love with the daughter of his nemesis.

I love the journey that the author takes you on in each book. I love watching two characters overcome what seems to be insurmountable obstacles to be together. I’m a sucker for a happily-ever-after ending in a world where real life HEAs aren’t all that common. Escaping into a good book takes me to my happy place.

Elise Hepner: My favorite thing about romance novels is their ability to soothe and comfort me on my worst day. They continue to show me that through the power of intense emotions and sometimes scrambled communication, anything is possible. Plus, sometimes it’s just nice to see two snarky people who are completely unsuited for each other find love one hilarious hijinks after another—can you tell what sub-genre of romance I’m partial to yet?

Deelylah Mullin: Mia and Elise took my answers! Really, though? When I’m reading romance, I feel that I’m able to totally escape reality for just a little while. It gives my brain the break it needs from running at break-neck pace through all the ‘things’ that are every-day life. I like exploring new authors because they’re an unknown for me. I get to learn their voice, perspective, and characters. One of my favorite things about romance genres, however, is the fact that I’ve not explored every facet, author, or category. It’s still a wild adventure for me every time I load up a new story to my e-reader. I would be the adrenaline junkie of romance readers.

Thanks for taking the time to get to know us! Be sure to check out our website, hit us up on Twitter, and enter to win an Amazon gift card! There are six cards up for grabs: 1- $20, 2-$10, and 3-$5. You can start your entry off by answering the following question in the comments below:
What do you love most about reading romance?

Meet Paige Prince!

Paige PrincePaige Prince is the Executive Editor at Electra Editorial Service and author of Second Chance at Love. She is a graduate of the San Jacinto College, where she received an associate’s of applied science in Medical Radiography and Mammography. She has been both reading and writing romance – and all its subgenres – since long before she should’ve even been allowed to look at the covers. Paige founded MamaKitty Reviews in 2009 to share her love of the written word with the world, and was published in 2013 with Secret Cravings Publishing. She has been actively editing manuscripts for the past two years. She currently works as an editor, an author, and is an x-ray technologist for a clinic in Houston, Texas. In her free time, she most loves spending time with her daughter, reading a good book, and dancing like a crazy person in her living room (where no one can see her).

Paige is accepting manuscripts in the following genres – LGBTQ, contemporary romance, erotic romance, young adult, new adult, romantic suspense, and historical romance.

Contact Info: Website | Mama Kitty Reviews | Facebook | Twitter | GoodReads


Thank you Paige for taking the time to stop by Literary Escapism and introduce us all to Electra Editorial Services!

Paige and the girls from Electra Editorial Services are giving away multiple giftcards (ends March 15th) as well as one pass developmental edit for up to 60k words for a ready to go manuscript from editor Deelylah (ends March 17th).

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