Escapist Uncensored: Don’t Judge A Book By It’s Price Tag!

Escapists Uncensored

Escapists UncensoredRecently I was discussing books with a total stranger. Well the topic of ebooks came up, and I mentioned how I routinely search the free ebooks on Amazon, and I got a cringe! No joke, a cringe! Then the person says “Yeah but those are all the reject novels. They are free because they weren’t selling! I wouldn’t waste my time on crap like that” and then they laughed at me!

Excuse me, price snob, but free does not always equal a non-selling novel. Some authors just want their foot in the door and are ok with giving their work away for free for a while. Yes, sometimes it’s free because it’s not selling but that is not always the case! You know, they say not to judge a book by its cover? Well I’m adding don’t judge it by its price tag, or lack of one, either! You aren’t giving that author a chance just because they aren’t charging you a fee? Really? That’s dumb. That’s like the dumbest of dumb, from dumbtown.

I’m sorry but if the synopsis sounds good and it has good ratings, why does it matter if it’s free or $5? Price does not dictate whether or not a novel is good, writing does! Course I’m not recommending you go out and spend tons of money on one either. That’s just as bad, in my opinion, unless you are a collector. But I digress. Seeing a free ebook, is no different than a friend handing you a book you’ve never read before and saying ‘Here, it’s yours now’. You’d take it right? You’d give it a chance right? How is that any different than seeing a free ebook on Amazon?

Morale of the story, don’t be an idiot like the person I met the other day! Take a chance my friends! Grab that free ebook because you may find you a gem. Plus, you can be the person that says “Har har, I got it when it was free!” when the price tag goes up.

Have you taken a chance on a free eread and found a diamond in the rough? Tell us about it!

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  1. I got all of Nicky Charles’ books except one for free. Lately she’s been asking for a donation to your local animal shelter in.ieu of paying for the book, so that was totally a win-win for me, since I love to support animal charities. They’re good PNR books!

  2. I’ve found some great new to me authors through free books. That is how I found Zoe Winters, who writes some great PNR novels. I also got the first Vamp City Novel by Pamela Palmer free. She was new to me then, but now, I’ve read all the Vamp City books and listened to four of the Feral Warriors series.

    Yesterday, I got the Dead Witch Walking by Kim Harrison (NYT Best Selling Author) free. I’ve already read the book and listened to the audio, but it was free and now I have it on my Kindle.

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