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ConFusion 2015This weekend I will be attending Confusion in Dearborn, Michigan. If you’re going to be in the area, you should really swing by the Doubletree Hotel and check out all the fantastically geeky fun that will be happening. If you haven’t registered, no worries, registration will be available at the door for only $50 – that’s for the whole weekend. That’s a steal in my opinion, especially once you see all the events going on.

While I’m there, I am getting the chance to interview some fabulous authors.

  • Urban Fantasy Authors Interview (Friday at 8p in Southfield) – Jackie interviews Urban Fantasy Authors Susan Dennard, Michael R. Underwood, and Diana Rowland.
  • Fantasy Authors Interview (Saturday at 12p in Southfield) – Jackie interviews Fantasy Authors Brian McClellan, J.C. Daniels, and Wesley Chu

If you’re unable to make it to Confusion, and have a (or a few) burning questions you want to ask one of these fabulous authors, let me know in the comments below.

In addition to the interviews, I’m also sitting on five panels, and being a moderator for the first time (I’m a little nervous about that one). If you’re looking to meet up, here’s where you’ll be able to find me:

  • What We’re Reading Now (Friday at 6p in Southfield) – Writers are almost always avid readers, and being in the business sometimes allows more insight into new and exciting authors, series, or just ideas that different people are playing with. If you’ve looked around and wondered what’s good that’s out now and in the near future, this panel may give you a new slew of books to track down.
  • Tropes We’re Over (Saturday at 1p in Allen Park) – Dead parents in children’s lit, daddy issues, women who exist only to be killed… what other tropes are we done with?
  • Writers as Fans, Fans as Critics, Critics as Writers and Fans (Saturday at 7p in Southfield) – Reviews are not for authors, they’re for fans. But many authors are engaged, critical fans. How can authors engage with fans without creating a chilling effect on criticism?
  • Book Reviewing 101 (Sunday at 12p in Warren) – Starting and running your book review blog, how to get ARCs, and more.
  • The Kids Are All Right (Sunday at 1p in Dearborn) – Blah, blah, greying of fandom, we’ve all heard it. But why are we still talking about it as an inevitability? What are kids into these days? YA and Middle Grade literature is filled with SF/F, as are tv shows and movies aimed at kids, while things like Tabletop encourages families to play more games. The kids are here, and they’re doing just fine.

This is just a glimpse of everything that’s going on. There’s panels on Anime, Art, Comics, Costuming, Gaming, Literature, Music, and Science – essentially something for everyone. Last year, the Monkey even went with me and participated in KidFusion – a track specifically designed for the 12yo and under crowd. At times he felt like it was a little young for him (okay, honestly, most of the time and he was 7yo at the time), but he was all about going again this year as long as he could check out the gaming room at some point. *grin*

I’m especially excited for the signing that will be taking place Saturday afternoon. There’s a ton of great authors making an appearances and roaming the halls this weekend. Plus it’ll be a great chance to meet a few artists and musicians too.

  • Session One (Saturday at 3p in Huron-Ontario-Erie) – Joe Abercrombie, Scott H. Andrews, Leah Bobet, Rowena Cherry, Ted Chiang, Myke Cole, Brigid Collins, Ron Collins, Heather Dale, J.C. Daniels, Tom Doyle, Steven Erikson, Carrie Harris, Jim C. Hines, Kameron Hurley, Philip Kaldon, Karen Lord, Brian McClellan, Cindy Spencer Pape, Cherie Priest, Christine Purcell, Diana Rowland, Ferrett Steinmetz, Amy Sundberg, Lara Zielin
  • Session One (Saturday at 4p in Huron-Ontario-Erie) – Saladin Ahmed, Bradley P. Beaulieu, Robert J. Bennett, Tobias Buckell, Cinda Williams Chima, Wesley Chu, Monte Cook, Delilah S. Dawson, Seleste deLaney, Michael J. DeLuca, Susan Dennard, Shanna Germain, Merrie Haskell, Douglas Hulick, Christian Klaver, Mary Robinette Kowal, Courtney Allison Moulton, Laura Resnick, Jason Sanford, John Scalzi, Catherine Shaffer, Patrick S. Tomlinson, Michael R. Underwood, Doselle Young

There’s going to be a lot of fun going on this weekend. Hope to see you at Confusion!

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