Guest Author: The NDcent Hunt with Nikki Duncan!

I am excited to welcome author Nikki Duncan, who is celebrating the release of her new Tulle & Tulips novel, Engaged in Embellishments, and getting ready for her upcoming release, Controlled Burn, with a fun scavenger hunt. Literary Escapism is just one of the many stops, so make sure you read to the end to see about the fabulous prize, a hint for the next stop, and where all you can look. *grin*

NDuncan-Engaged In EmbellishmentsLori Mullins walks a tightrope every day of her life, acutely aware that there are no guarantees. No guarantee she’s left the demons of her past behind. No guarantee that her future is assured.

Though she believes love is a powerful force, she can’t help but wonder if it is all-conquering.

Trevor Masters runs a successful business, but professional loyalties fail to fulfill his dreams. Dreams that the woman he loves forgives herself for the past. Dreams that she will finally accept his offer for a shared future.

Though some dismiss dreams as nothing more than nice pastimes, he can’t stop believing in their power.

And he finally feels like he’s close to making this one come true.

Make sure you stick around to the end. We’ll be giving away a $100 gift card.

The NDcent hunt is on! Are you game?

Give me a W!
Give me an I!
Give me a N!

Yes that’s right! You might WIN! During an awesome blogger scavenger hunt, you have several chances to WIN Amazon gift cards and a larger Amazon shopping spree. If you can count $100 as a shopping spree, that is.

I was never picked for the cheerleading squad, but sometimes I like to celebrate like I had.

I’m thrilled that an awesome group of bloggers have agreed to be a part of this hunt, and I hope take the time to play. And of course I hope you enjoy yourself along the way.

The game is simple, fill in the blank below to be entered in a drawing for a $5 gift card here. Visit and enter at every blog site and you’ll be entered in the drawing for the $100 gift card.

Fill in the blank: Lori Mullins walks a ______________________ every day of her life.

Here’s a hint for the next book you’re looking for: Care for a dip?

Meet Nikki Duncan!

Days once filled with heart stopping puppy chases and aborted hangings of vampire Barbie now resound with the high notes and low notes, the trills and vibratos, and the dynamics of two budding musicians in the hectic life of Nikki Duncan. The athletic equestrian turned creaky jointed author is drawn to the siren song of a fresh storyline.

Nikki Duncan plots tragedies over breakfast, sexual adventures over lunch and turns to sensual phrases after dinner. Every story greets her with the anticipation and pleasurable excitement of unraveling her characters’ motivation and keeps her writing well past the witching hour.

The only anxiety and apprehension tormenting this author comes from pondering a heartfelt outcome to satisfy her characters and readers.

Contact Info: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Google+ | Tsu | GoodReads | Amazon | Pinterest | Newsletter

Nikki DuncanWant to purchase Nikki’s novels?
Tulle and Tulips

  1. Tangled in Tulle
  2. Twisted in Tulips
  3. Handcuffed in Housewares
  4. Debauched in Diamonds
  5. Seduced in Sand
  6. Tangled, Twisted and Handcuffed
  7. Engaged in Embellishments

Sensory Ops

  1. Sounds to Die By
  2. Scent of Persuasion
  3. A Killing Cupid
  4. Illicit Intuitions
  5. A Killing Touch
  6. Cyber Illusions
  7. Taste Me Deadly


NDcent Hunt Details


Look for the NDcent Hunt button on participating blogs for more chances to enter, and don’t miss checking out Nikki’s Website to see what else she has to offer.

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Winners will all be announced on Saturday, August 22!

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